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Miscellaneous Quests are added to your journal as objectives rather than by title.  All objectives begin by talking to people, finding a special item or exploring a particular location.  Locations that offer Miscellaneous Quests are listed alphabetically, below.  Also included are notable events that do not appear anywhere in your journal (for example, collecting Dragon Priest Masks for the Labyrinthian shrine).  This list does not include miscellaneous quests offered by factions (Companions, Thieves Guild, etc.) - those are covered in the individual faction guides.

A N C I E N T ‘ S   A S C E N T

  • Find the “source of power”

ANCIENT’S ASCENT is a remote dragon peak in the mountains south of Falkreath.  To reach the top, scale the cliffs near Angi’s Camp or go through BONECHILL PASSAGE.  On your way there, explore a shack below the cave entrance to find two burnt corpses and the Pickpocket SKILLBOOK, “Purloined Shadows”.

Inside Bonechill Passage, fight frost-based creatures as you look for treasure.  You’ll find the Heavy Armor SKILLBOOK, “2920, MidYear, v6”, near a skeleton along with a knapsack that contains minor loot.  Cross the ice bridge and kill a Frost Troll before exiting the cave.  Climb to Ancient’s Ascent and defeat the dragon guarding the word wall above.  Learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “ANIMAL ALLEGIANCE” and open the nearby boss chest.

A N G A ‘ S   M I L L

  • Deliver a letter for Aeri

ANGA’S MILL is located on the banks of the river west of Windhelm.  Speak with the mill’s owner, Aeri, and agree to deliver a letter for her.  She’ll mark a radiant location on your map.  Go there and give the letter to Aeri’s associate who will pay you for your good deed. Note that Anga's Mill is also the site of a Dark Brotherhood contract.


  • Get “Medresi Dran” quest
  • Find the “source of power”

To get this quest, travel to ANGARVUNDE, which is southeast of Ivarstead.  Inside the ruins, you'll meet a treasure hunter named Medresi Dran, who explains that her workers fled upon seeing Draugr.  Agree to help her and she will offer to share the treasure.  This adds the first objective: “Destroy the Draugr in Angarvunde.”

Medresi will not help you fight enemies.  Instead she tells you which area needs to be cleared and you report back to her after doing so.  Start by walking down the ramp into a large chamber with three leveled Draugrs.  After killing them, report to Medresi and she’ll dash into the chamber and stop at the barred gate.  Talk to her there to get a key that opens two side doors.  The left door leads to the Catacombs and the right door leads to the Ruins.  A new objective is added: “Find a way to open the gate.”

Start by exploring the Angarvunde Catacombs.  Walk up the ramp and open the southeast door.  Fight Draugr as you descend into the crypt.  When you reach the broken spiral staircase, drop down.  Kill a Draugr in the wide corridor then go upstairs.  There’s a trapped chest on the left and another Draugr around the corner.  Pass through the burial halls, killing any Draugr that awaken.  Unlock a chest before entering the overgrown cavern.  Look for another chest near the Canis Root on the left and kill the lone Draugr.  Continue veering left to return to the catacombs.

Watch out for dart traps as you head upstairs.  Kill the Draugr patrolling above and two more in the next area.  Loot urns and explore alcoves as you continue upstairs into a burial room.  Fight Draugrs that awaken as you pass through.  Enter the door to reach the upper level of the main chamber.  At the end of the corridor, you’ll find a chest and a lever.  Pull it to open part of the gate below.  Go down and explore the other side now.

From the main chamber, enter the door on the northwest end to access Angarvunde Ruins.  Follow the winding corridor down two flights of stairs.  Below, avoid floor plates that trigger swinging blades and continue into a room with a single Draugr.  Explore the room to find a locked chest as well as the Illusion SKILLBOOK, “Before the Ages of Man”.  Since the gates here are barred, take the available path into a two-tiered room.  Kill two Draugrs inside then follow the upper path over to a broken bridge.  If you jump across to get the potion on a pedestal, you’ll release a spiked ceiling trap so be careful.

Head downstairs and fight past Draugrs until you reach the back of the barred gate seen earlier.  Pull the lever to lower the bars and go inside to collect a chest.  Pass through to the first room to see that the other barred gate has also opened.  Follow the new path down a set of stairs and watch out for the battering ram below.  Kill Draugr as they emerge from coffins and proceed to a large, multi-leveled chamber.  Fight more Draugr on the first floor, grab potions, and open a chest near the urns.  Go up to the third level and kill the Draugr guarding the bridge.  Loot the room on the other side then kill more Draugrs as you proceed to the door leading back to Angarvunde’s main chamber.  Open a chest on the left then continue to the end where you’ll find another chest and a lever.  Pull it to open the gate below.

Jump down and approach Medresi, who claims the treasure is all hers and dashes ahead, only to be crushed by a spike trap.  Lucky for you, the trap opens the way forward.  Loot her body if you wish then head down to collect the treasure.  Open a chest and grab a coin purse before entering the final chamber.  Once inside, you’ll find a boss chest, an enchanted weapon, and a word wall.  Read it to learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “ANIMAL ALLEGIANCE”.

A N G I ‘ S   C A M P

  • Get archery lessons from Angi

ANGI’S CAMP is located high in the mountains south of Falkreath.  Along the way, look for a tent on the trail that contains the Alteration SKILLBOOK, “The Lunar Lorkan”.  Follow the winding trail up to a small house.  Speak with the reclusive owner, Angi, about archery lessons.  Follow her down to the target range, where she’ll give you some PRACTICE ARROWS.  Equip them and watch her tutorial.  When it’s your turn, stand by the rail and hit three distant targets in the allotted time.

Angi offers three practice sessions, each one increasing in difficulty.  If you successfully complete all three, the huntress will give you ANGI’S BOW as a reward.  Check out her cabin to find the Archery SKILLBOOK, “The Gold Ribbon of Merit” as well as TREASURE MAP V.  The landmark it pictures is Bard’s Leap Summit, which is southeast of Morthal.


  • Get “Fjori and Holgeir” quest

To initiate this quest, travel to ANSILVUND, which is located northeast of Shor’s Stone.  Once there, you’ll find a hostile mage working outside a ruined tower.  After killing her, grab the book on the table: “Of Fjori and Holgeir”.  Though it’s not immediately evident, this quest relates to the book’s doomed lovers.  Explore the outer tower then enter the cave on the mountainside to reach Ansilvund Excavation Site.

Inside the trap-filled dungeon, you’ll encounter a slew of mages as well as enslaved Draugrs.  Up ahead, two Draugr are mining in an oil-soaked area.  Igniting the oil alerts mages in the next room, so prepare for a nasty battle.  After looting the dead, move forward to a door.  Upon entering, a disembodied female voice warns you to turn back and your journal adds the miscellaneous objective: “Kill Lu’ah Al-Skaven.” 

Continue forward to scaffolding being patrolled by a warlock.  Kill him and walk up the planks into the next room.  Take out three mages seated near an arcane enchanter and loot the room.  Moving on, Lu’ah Al-Skaven produces a blue light that reanimates corpses. Fight Draugr as they rise and watch out for a ceiling trap as you head into the next room.  Proceed to the upper level, moving through the western tunnel until you reach a room with a conjurer and a Flame Atronach.  Defeat both then head north to find four rotating pillars and a handle.  The table below the pillars holds Lu-ah’s Journal and another copy of the book, “Of Fjori and Holgeir”, which contains the solution to the puzzle.  Match symbols on the pillars to those described in the book.  From left to right, rotate the pillars so that they show:  EAGLE / SNAKE / WHALE / SNAKE

Once set, pull the handle to open the door to Ansilvund Burial Chambers.  Navigate past many floor traps to an intersection.  Pick the gate to access a boss chest (also locked), as well as a wall chain.  Pulling it turns off the floor traps but activates others.  Heading south, dash through the swinging blades tunnel and proceed to a large, two-tiered chamber.  There’s an Illusion SKILLBOOK, “2920, Sun’s Dawn, v2” on a pedestal at the far end of the room, but taking it activates another trap.  Heading southeast, you’ll find another trapped pedestal holding the ANSILVUND KEY.  Take it and Lu’ah speaks to you once again – this time causing five Draugr to rise from their tombs.  After defeating the enemies, go upstairs.

Use the key to unlock several gates and you’ll eventually arrive at a wooden door.  Follow the path to a Draugr mining ore with his warlock taskmaster.  Eliminate both of them then make your way up to a door.  Take care when crossing the narrow bridge, as it is filled with traps designed to knock you off.  Kill the Draugr guarding the other side then continue into the crypts. As you pass through, Lu’ah reanimates more corpses with her blue light.  Fight through them and avoid more traps as you head towards the iron door.

Enter the large burial chamber and approach the Draugr on the altar.  As you get closer, Lu’ah emerges from the shadows to fight you.  At the same time, she reanimates the skeleton on the floor and two coffins burst open, containing the enslaved Draugr forms of Fjori and Holgeir.  If you kill either Draugr, Lu’ah will just revive them so focus on taking her out.  Lu’ah uses an array of ice-based spells and can heal herself but she isn’t that hard to beat so long as you keep your own health up. 

After killing Lu’ah, the Draugr versions of Fjori and Holgeir turn into friendly blue spirits.  The couple thanks you and offers a unique gift, the GHOSTBLADE.  Take the sword off the table behind them and pick up the “unusual gem” (STONE OF BARENZIAH) related to the Thieves Guild quest, “No Stone Unturned”.  Loot Lu’ah’s body to obtain a key and use it to unlock the northern door.  Inside, you’ll find a boss chest, many soul gems, and a useful spell tome called “Transmute Mineral Ore”.  Take the shortcut out to Skyrim afterwards.

A U T U M N W A T C H   T O W E R

  • Find the “source of power”

AUTUMNWATCH TOWER is a dragon lair located south of Ivarstead.  Climb to the top and defeat the dragon (sometimes two) guarding the word wall.  Reading the wall teaches you all three words in the Dragon Shout, “MARKED FOR DEATH”.  A boss chest is on top of the large tower and the Light Armor SKILLBOOK, “Jornibret’s Last Dance”, is on top of the smaller tower.

B A R D ‘S   L E A P   S U M M I T

  • Find the “source of power”
  • Speak to the ghost of Azzadel

BARD’S LEAP SUMMIT is located at the top of a waterfall southeast of Markarth.  To reach it, one must travel through the Forsworn camp, LOST VALLEY REDOUBT.

At the top of the Redoubt, defeat two powerful Hagravens guarding a word wall.  Read it to learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “BECOME ETHEREAL”.  Having found the “source of power”, go across the stone bridge to the waterfall overlook.  Jump off and land in the small pool below.  Using the “Become Ethereal” Shout beforehand will assure that you survive the fall.  Optionally, reach the pool by sliding down the rock face behind the waterfall.  As you emerge from the water, a ghost named Azzadel will appear.  Talk to the spectral bard to increase your SPEECH SKILL by at least one level.

If you obtained “Treasure Map V” during your travels, head left to where the waterfall meets the river.  You’ll find the chest it depicts partially submerged in the water near a large rock.

B L I N D   C L I F F   C A V E

  • Get “Melka and Petra” quest

To get this quest, travel to BLIND CLIFF CAVE, which is southwest of Karthwasten near the riverbank.  The cave leads to a ruined fort; both are heavily occupied by Forsworn enemies.  Enter the cave and follow the narrow gorge to an enemy standing below fire pots.  Shoot the pots down to ignite the foe then proceed through a flooded tunnel into an overgrown cavern with ruined structures.  Fight Forsworn as you make your way to the other end, looting as you go.

Climb ramps to get to the top where you’ll find a couple of doorways.  The second one contains a chest and the Light Armor SKILLBOOK, “The Refugees”.  Returning to the first opening, use beams to climb up a collapsed tower and defeat the Forsworn ice mage that appears on the landing.  Cross more beams to get higher.  Ascend the winding staircase to reach a pair of wooden doors leading to Blind Cliff Towers.

Look for a chest near the barred gate.  Pull the nearby lever to get outside.  Take the wooden ramp up to the next level, killing any Forsworn that impede your progress.  Use the wooden plank to get across the gap and fight a Forsworn mage on the other side.  After looting the area, continue to the top of the tower.  Fight enemies guarding the stone bridge and go across to the next tower.  Enter the door and look for a chest on the right.  Ascend more stairs to reach an iron door.  The ramp above leads to a blocked gate that you’ll access later.  For now, enter Blind Cliff Bastion.

Follow the corridor to a room where a non-hostile hagraven is locked in a cell.  Speak with Melka to learn that her sister, Petra, imprisoned her so that she could take over the tower.  Pull the chain to open the cell and agree to help Melka reclaim her tower.  The hagraven joins you now and she’s quite an asset in battle.  Melka mostly uses frost spells and can heal herself.  Plus her dialog is hilarious.  Follow the corridor to a flight of stairs.  On top, you’ll find a barred gate with three handles next to it.  Pull the center handle to lower the bars; the other two activate poison dart traps.

Moving on, kill Forsworn in the next room then consider your options.  To the west is a caged walkway filled with swinging blades.  Instead of dashing through, head east and look for a floor switch that opens a hidden alcove.  Pull the lever inside to stop the blades.  Safely navigate the caged walkway and ascend the staircase.  On top, enter a dimly lit room.  Look for a handle that opens a concealed passageway.  Enter the tunnel, which runs parallel to the caged walkway, gathering loose ingots and a chest as you pass through. 

Explore an alchemy room then enter the iron door on the right.  Kill some Forsworn miners and proceed to a set of wooden doors.  Sneak inside to face Petra and her team of archers, all of whom are gathered on the balcony.  Melka will combat her sister’s fire spells with ice magic, creating an interesting standoff.  Remain in sneak mode and attack Petra with ranged weapons to avoid the blast zone.  Kill the archers before they notice you.

After defeating Petra, loot her body to get the Conjuration SKILLBOOK, “2920, Rain’s Hand, v4”.  On the balcony, you’ll find the Illusion SKILLBOOK, “Mystery of Talara, v4” and a chain that opens a small sleeping area containing loose ingredients.  Open a boss chest near the barred door on the right then speak with Melka.  For your help, the overjoyed hagraven gives you her unique fireball staff, THE EYE OF MELKA.  Unbar the door to get outside and jump down to the previously inaccessible area two find two more chests.  Activate a lever to lower the barred gate you passed earlier and take the shortcut out.

B O N E S T R E W N   C R E S T

  • Find the “source of power”

BONESTREWN CREST is a dragon lair south of Windhelm, overlooking the hot springs near Eldergleam Sanctuary.  Defeat the dragon (sometimes two) guarding the word wall above.  Learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “FROST BREATH” and open the nearby boss chest.

C R A G S L A N E    C A V E R N

  • Clear skooma dealers for the Jarl of Riften

CRAGSLANE CAVERN is a gambler’s den located north of Shor’s Stone.  Kill the Bouncer camped out at the entrance before he unlocks two cages with pit wolves.  Sneak inside and snipe the unnamed bandit stationed on the path below.  Follow the tunnel down to a balcony where you can spy on the gamblers and barkeep conversing near animal cages.  Try to take out as many as you can from this vantage point and jump onto the cages for a quick escape when they rush up the stairs.

After clearing the area, loot the Barkeep to get a key that opens a chest near the bar.  Under the counter you’ll find lots of skooma bottles and moon sugar, plus the Lockpicking SKILLBOOK, “The Wolf Queen, v1”.  A chest near the wooden ramp can also be opened with the Barkeep’s key.

The tunnels behind the wolf pit lead to the Butcher’s room.  Sneak inside and get a good hit on the boss before he turns around.  Don’t underestimate his strength; a couple of blows from his weapon can kill you.  After defeating the Butcher, loot his body to obtain a key that unlocks the dog cages on the right.  Pick the expert-locked strongbox and gather items on the table (ingredients, coin purse, skooma, etc.)  Backtrack through the cavern to exit. Reporting to Riften's Jarl gets you one step closer to Thaneship.

D A R K W A T E R   C R O S S I N G

  • Kill a bandit leader for Annekke Crag-Jumper
  • Deliver a package for Sondas Drenim
  • Mine ore for Verner Rock-Chucker

DARKWATER CROSSING is a mining village located northeast of Ivarstead and just south of Eldergleam Sanctuary.  Dragons frequent the adjacent hot springs; don’t be surprised if one attacks during your visit.  The residents all work at Goldenrock Mine and there’s a smelter on site.  If you agree to kill a bandit leader for Annekke, she’ll send you to a radiant location.  Upon returning, you can recruit Annekke as a follower. 

Some of the miners hint that an Argonian named Derkeethus may have been kidnapped by a group of Falmers.  To find out what happened to the fisherman, go to Darkwater Pass.

D A R K W A T E R   P A S S

  • Rescue Derkeethus

DARKWATER PASS is in the mountains southwest of Darkwater Crossing.  To reach the remote cave, head south from the mining village, following the river down towards Fort Amol.  Look for a dusty path leading west into the mountains.  Follow the cliff’s edge through the trees and you’ll eventually emerge in front of three waterfalls.  Jump into the pool and swim north to a platform with a pair of iron doors.  Sneak inside the Falmer-infested grotto.

Follow the misty tunnel to a chest and continue into a cavern where Falmer pop out of wall holes.  Kill them and head up to a tent.  After ridding two Falmers there, head north and open a chest near the waterfall.  To the left is a silver ore vein.  Follow the tunnel into a room supported by pillars.  Defeat Chaurus insects that nest here.  Be careful when fighting these roach-like creatures; they can easily kill you.  Look for an apprentice-locked chest near urns on the other side.

Go upstairs to reach a circular room with a grated trap in the center.  Looking down, you’ll see an Argonian pacing in the pit below.  Before dealing with the prisoner, sneak into the southern room and kill Falmers that drop down from the ceiling.  Locate a chest behind the arcane enchanter and read the Enchanting SKILLBOOK, “Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments”.  Now return to the grated trap room and look for a lever in an alcove.  Pull it to open a secret panel.  Walk down the spiral stairs and speak with Deerkthus.  Agree to help him escape.  Before going back up, open a wooden chest and unlock a gate to reach another one.  One of the burial urns contains a useless Darkwater Pit Key.

Although there is much more to explore within Darkwater Pass, the easiest way to get Derkeethus out safely is to go back the way you came.  You can return after completing the objective.  Note that Derkeethus will only follow if you stay very close to him – otherwise, he’ll inexplicably return to his pit.  Retrace your steps and exit to the waterfall area.  Once there, Derkeethus will thank you and start walking back home.  The next time you visit Darkwater Crossing, you can recruit the Argonian as a follower.


  • Become Thane of the Pale
  • Get bounty quests from the Jarl’s steward (radiant, unlimited)
  • Get bounty quests from the innkeeper (radiant, unlimited)
  • Bring a copy of “Night Falls on Sentinel” to Rustleif
  • Find the Ring of Pure Mixtures for Frida
  • Find Fine-Cut Void Salts for Captain Wayfinder
  • Give beggar Karl a coin
  • Mine ore for Beitild

DAWNSTAR is one of the capital cities in Skyrim, governing the Pale.  Prior to engaging in the Civil War, the city is aligned with the Stormcloaks and is controlled by Jarl Skald the Elder.  To become THANE OF THE PALE, do the following tasks for the Jarl:

        - Complete the Daedric quest, “Waking Nightmare”
        - Kill a giant for the Jarl after reaching level 22
        - Assist 3 people in the Pale

Once you become Thane, the Jarl gives you a special weapon and guards will more likely ignore minor crimes. You cannot get a personal housecarl or a house in the Pale unless "Hearthfire" is installed.

The city features two mines (Iron-Breaker Mine and Quicksilver Mine), as well as the Windpeak Inn and Mortar and Pestle alchemy shop.  Dawnstar citizens offer a few miscellaneous quests; most count towards helping people of the hold. Note that Beitild is associated with a Dark Brotherhood contract. To start the Daedric quest, "Waking Nightmare", speak with the priest (Erandur) inside Windpeak Inn and agree to accompany him to Nightcaller Temple.

D R A G O N   B R I D G E

  • Get bounty quests from the innkeeper (radiant, unlimited)
  • Steal Dragon’s Breath Mead for Olda
  • Chop wood for Horgeir
  • Gather wheat for Azzada Lylvieve

DRAGON BRIDGE sits on the river between Solitude and Markarth.  The settlement features a tavern where you can rest and pick up rumors.  Olda runs the lumber mill.  Talk to her and agree to steal a bottle of mead that her drunken husband stashed in a nearby wolf den.  If you bring her the mead, she’ll reward you with gold – however, her husband, Horgeir, will increase your Block SKILL by a point if you give him the mead instead.

The Pentius Oculatus Outpost is associated with the Dark Brotherhood questline. If you found “Treasure Map VIII” during your travels, you’ll find the related chest in the water under the bridge.  You’ll also find a knapsack near a tree that contains a key to unlock it.

D R A G O N T O O T H   C R A T E R

  • Find the “source of power”

DRAGONTOOTH CRATER is a dragon lair northwest of Karthwasten, near the Shrine to Peryite.  On top you’ll face as many as three dragons, so save your game before approaching the word wall they guard.  Once cleared, read the wall to learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “ELEMENTAL FURY” and open the nearby boss chest.  There’s also an expert-locked chest in the broken tower directly north of the word wall.

D U S H N I K H   Y A L

  • Deliver Gharol’s sword to Lash
  • Brawl Chief Burguk
  • Become “blood kin” by finding the Forgemaster’s Fingers (conditional)

DUSHNIKH YAL is an Orc stronghold located southeast of Markarth.  If you’ve already gained favor with the Orcs (or your character is an Orc), the guard will allow you to enter.  If not, ask the guard what you need to do to get inside and he/she will tell you to return the “Forgemaster’s Fingers”.  Go to the radiant location marked on your map and retrieve the item.  Bring it back to the stronghold to gain entry.  The “Forgemaster” quest is only offered once and can be started at any Orc stronghold.  Once completed, all Orc strongholds can be entered without difficulty.

Inside Dushnikh Yal, you’ll find an Orichalcum mine, and a copy of the Heavy Armor SKILLBOOK “Orsinium and the Orcs”.  If you beat Chief Burguk in a brawl, he’ll offer master training in One-Handed.  The blacksmith, Gharol, sells armor/weapons, and offers Heavy Armor training.  Murbul sells alchemy ingredients and has a lab you can use.  Ghorbash the Iron Hand can be recruited as a follower if your Speech skill is high enough.

E L D E R S B L O O D   P E A K

  • Find the “source of power”

ELDERSBLOOD PEAK is a dragon lair located southwest of Morthal.  The easiest way to reach the icy peak is to go through North Cold Rock Pass or South Cold Rock Pass.  Defeat the dragon guarding the word wall above.  Learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “DISARM” and open the nearby boss chest.  You’ll also find an Amulet of Mara near the wall and several potions on the table below.


  • Become Thane of Falkreath
  • Get bounty quests from the Jarl’s steward (radiant, unlimited)
  • Get bounty quests from the innkeeper (radiant, unlimited)
  • Find a missing journal for Runil
  • Deliver Berit’s ashes for Thaddgeir
  • Steal a Private Letter for Denngeir of Stuhn
  • Kill a vampire leader for Denngeir of Stuhn
  • Gather wheat for Mathias

Known for its graveyards, FALKREATH is one of the capital cities in Skyrim, governing Falkreath hold.  Prior to engaging in the Civil War, the city is aligned with the Imperials and is controlled by Jarl Siddgeir.  To become THANE OF FALKREATH, do the following tasks for the Jarl:

        - Bring one bottle of Black-Briar Mead to the Jarl
        - Kill a bandit leader or giant for the Jarl
        - Assist 3 people in Falkreath hold

Once you become Thane, the Jarl gives you a special weapon and guards are more likely to ignore minor crimes. You cannot get a personal housecarl or a house in Falkreath hold unless "Hearthfire" is installed. Black-Briar Mead is sold in Riften, by the way.

City services include Dead Man’s Drink inn, Grave Concoctions alchemy shop, Lod the blacksmith, and Gray Pine Goods general store.  Falkreath citizens offer a few miscellaneous quests; most count towards helping people of the hold.  Falkreath tends to attract dragons so if you want to become Thane, help citizens sooner rather than later.

Two Daedric quests can be started in Falkreath: “Ill Met By Moonlight” (involving a jailed werewolf) and “A Daedra’s Best Friend” (involving a talking dog).

F R O S T F L O W   L I G H T H O U S E

  • Get “What Lies Beneath” quest

To get this quest, visit FROSTFLOW LIGHTHOUSE located west of Winterhold.  The lighthouse sits in the snow overlooking the coast.  At the entrance, you’ll see a dead horse and find a locked shed on the side.  Pick it to access some loose items.  Upon entering the lighthouse, you’ll hear scratching sounds and find evidence of a bloody struggle.  Examine Ramati’s corpse to obtain HABD’S JOURNAL.  Reading the journal initiates the quest; your main objective is to find the source of the murders.

Explore the parent’s bedroom to find RAMATI’S JOURNAL as well as the Restoration SKILLBOOK, “Mystery of Talara, v2”.  In the children’s bedroom, look for a knapsack under the bed.  Loot it to acquire MANI’S LETTER and get SUDI’S JOURNAL off the table.  Reading the family’s texts tells you where the cellar key is hidden – in an urn on the fireplace mantle.  Unlock the cellar door and avoid bear traps as you head downstairs.  Follow the trail of blood into a snowy chamber where two Chaurus insects attack, presumably the ones you heard scratching earlier.  Enter the hole in the wall to reach Frostflow Abyss.

Sneak down the slope and kill Falmer enemies in their tents, as well as another Chaurus.  The blood trail resumes here and leads to Mani’s remains.  Continue through the southeast gate and climb up the slope to face more Falmer and Chaurus.  After killing them, enter the narrow tunnel and avoid a tripwire that causes blades to drop from the ceiling.  Kill Frostbite Spiders and Falmer in a web-filled cave then continue through the tunnel to reach a multi-tiered chamber.

Stealthily eliminate Falmers on the ground level as well as archers patrolling the ledge above.  In a cage to the west, you’ll find Sudi’s dead body along with a suicide note. Head up the slope and kill any Falmer that remain on the ledge.  There’s a drop-off on the western end.  Before jumping down, use ranged weapons to kill the Chaurus and Falmer near the tent below.  Hop down and sneak through the tunnel to reach another ledge overlooking a large Chaurus hive.  Take out as many as you can from this vantage point before jumping down.  The insects will continually spit poison at you so chug health potions to stay alive.

Climb down the rocks and sneak through the tunnel to reach another Chaurus-filled cave.  Eliminate them and head up the slope to find yet another Chaurus lair.  Save your game before sneaking into the final room, where a huge Chaurus Reaper awaits.  Several smaller Chaurus will join the fight so keep your health up at all times.  After killing the group, the quest ends even though there’s more to do.  Loot the giant Reaper to find HABD’S REMAINS along with his Lighthouse Key.  Take the remains and the key then walk up the slope to find a boss chest.  Follow the nearby tunnel until you can hop down into the room near the cellar door.  Return to Frostflow Lighthouse.

Once there, unlock the opposite door and climb up the ladder.  Use Habd’s key to open a chest then climb another ladder to reach the brazier.  Place Habd’s Remains in the brazier to acquire a permanent boost called SAILOR’S REPOSE, which makes all healing spells 10% stronger.

H A L I D I R ‘ S   C A I R N

  • Find Rjorn’s Drum

HALIDIR’S CAIRN is southwest of Falkreath.  The cave is populated with Draugr and ghosts. Once inside, collect tons of mushrooms as you descend to the first room.  There you will find some dead bandits and a journal explaining what happened to them. Take the key off the pedestal and use it to open Halidir’s Crypt.   

Follow the corridor to a spiral staircase.  Grab a random shield from the bottom then climb to the top.  Continue past a flooded section and kill two ghosts guarding the wooden door.  After defeating enemies inside a large throne room, proceed until you reach a fork.  The northern route has a spiked wall trap and the southern route leads to a room with bone chimes.  Kill the ghost on the other side.  Fight Draugrs that awaken as you move through, as well as some ghostly archers at the top of the stairs.

Moving ahead, snipe the seated Draugr then pull a lever behind the throne to open the eastern gate.  Walk downstairs, noting the inaccessible treasure room on the left.  To reach it, you need to get through a series of small burial chambers, each containing stone totems that need to be set.  Rotate the stones to match symbols shown on nearby walls:  EAGLE / WHALE / SNAKE.  Be aware that enemies inhabit the small burial rooms.  Loot alcoves as you pass through.  To the south is an iron door that can be picked to reach an adept-locked chest and some random loot.  Once the three totems are set, pull the lever in the first room to open the way forward. 

Enter a natural cavern and clear the area of ghosts.  The left path leads to the treasure room you passed earlier.  Avoid the tripwire that activates a battering ram as you head towards the room.  The chest inside is also trapped.  Deactivate the cable at its base to avoid getting blasted with fire.  After looting the room, backtrack to the stairs and head north.  Save your game before opening the gate on top. 

As soon as you enter the chamber, the gate locks behind you and the Draugr wizard, Halidir, attacks.  The boss casts powerful Destruction spells and when his health dips by half, he’ll split into three different elemental parts.  Keep your health up as you fight each incarnation.  Once the three clones are defeated, Halidir re-appears for the final round.  Celebrate your victory by taking HALIDIR’S STAFF (either off the floor or on his body) and open the chest near the throne to get RJORN’S DRUM, requested by one of the bards in Solitude.  Explore the rest of the room for treasure then use the floor hole in the center to drop down to the exit.

H E A R T W O O D   M I L L

  • Find Grosta’s missing husband

HEARTWOOD MILL operates on the shores of Lake Honrich, directly west of Riften.  Speak with the owner, Grosta, to learn that her husband, Leifnarr, is missing.  Agree to help find him. 

Follow the quest marker to BROKEN HELM HOLLOW, which is next to a large waterfall southeast of Riften.  If you acquired “Treasure Map IX” during your travels, you’ll find the chest it refers to on the left side of the waterfall.  Two bandits guard the entrance.  After killing them, go inside and kill the rest of the bandits, including their leader.  Look for a chain on the far end that opens a secret torture room.  There, you will find Leifnarr’s corpse (named “Nord”).  Pull the arrow from his heart to update your journal. 

Return to Grosta and give her the bad news.  As a reward, the mill owner allows you to take pretty much anything from her house.  This quest is buggy – after finding Leifnarr’s remains, Grosta may not give you a dialog choice to turn in the quest.

H O B ‘ S   F A L L   C A V E

  • Find Pantea’s Flute
  • Locate Ranmir’s lost love

HOB’S FALL CAVE is located on the frozen coast between Dawnstar and Winterhold.  Follow the ice crevasse to the entrance.  If you spoke to Ranmir in Winterhold’s inn, you’ll find his lost love, Isabelle, dead inside.  Take ISABELLE’S LETTER from her body, which you’ll want to bring to Ranmir eventually.

Proceed through the ice tunnel, killing skeletons and necromancers as you go.  When the path turns west, open a chest near the bookshelf and grab loose items off the table.  Head up the steep incline to a wooden bridge that spans a deep cavern.  Below, is an alchemist’s room occupied by a mage.  Feel free to snipe the enemy from the bridge and drop down, or cross the bridge and enter the tunnel on the left to reach the lower chamber. 

Inside the alchemy room, read the Restoration SKILLBOOK, “The Exodus” and take the “unusual gem” (STONE OF BARENZIAH) for the Thieves Guild quest, “No Stone Unturned”.  Ascend the stone ramp to get back to the top and proceed through the ice tunnel.  Kill two necromancers and a skeleton in the next room and look for an apprentice-locked chest on the raised section to the northeast.  On top of the arcane enchanter you’ll find a copy of the Enchanting SKILLBOOK, “Enchanting Primer”.

Pull a wall chain to lower the barred gate to the east.  Be careful of soul gem traps as you pass through.  Knock the gems off their stands to stop the ice bolts, or just rush in and grab them.  Kill a mage patrolling the tunnel beyond and sneak into the tiered chamber at the end.  Kill three necromancers on top, as well as bodies they raise from the altar.

Once cleared, open the boss chest to obtain PANTEA’S FLUTE, requested by one of the bards in Solitude, along with other goodies.  The ledge near the western cages provides a shortcut out of the cave.

I R O N B I N D   B A R R O W

  • Get “Salma and Beem-Ja” quest
  • Find the “source of power”

To get this quest, travel to IRONBIND BARROW, a Nordic ruin located in the mountains between Alftand and Nightgate Inn.  When you reach it, pass under the stone arch and go upstairs.  Walk across the arch to find a chest and a random potion.  After getting the loot, approach the nearby campsite to hear two Khajiits (Salma and Beem-Ja) debating whether they are strong enough to explore on their own.  Talk to the adventurers and agree to accompany them inside.  Enter Ironbind Barrow to begin the quest.

Salma and Beem-Ja will rush ahead but never stray too far.  Both are capable fighters (one is melee and the other is a mage) but don’t expect either one of them to sneak.  Kill several Frostbite Spiders as you make your way through the tunnels, including a giant one at the end.  Cut through webbing to reach a ruined tomb.  Navigate through the rubble and walk upstairs to a closed gate.  Empty a chest in the alcove on the right then pull the handle on the left to open the gate.

Pass through and fight Draugrs that emerge from coffins.  Loot the room, including a chest near the western wall.  Proceed until you reach a trapped chest guarded by a skeever.  Stand to the side when opening it to avoid getting speared.  Kill more skeevers on the right and fight Draugrs in the next room.  Cross the bridge and look for an adept-locked chest on the right before heading downstairs.  Beyond the gate is a room with a large fire.  Kill the Draugrs inside then loot the room.  There’s a wall chain near the fire that opens the floor grate, but nothing of interest below.  When ready, enter the double doors.

Ahead you’ll find a helmet sitting on a pedestal.  Grabbing it causes spears to shoot out from the floor and ceiling, but also opens the nearby gate.  There’s also a chain that opens the gate if you want to ignore the helmet.  After passing through, you’ll find a lever that closes the gate, though I’m not sure what the purpose is.  Proceed to the iron door, which leads to the boss chamber.  Sneak inside and fight Warlord Gathrik along with his skeleton army.

After defeating the boss, Beem-Ja double-crosses you and attacks.  Kill Beem-Ja quickly, before he has a chance to reanimate Warlord Gathrik and absorb his power.  Upon defeating the traitor, Salma expresses her disbelief and leaves you alone to collect the treasure.  Read the word wall to learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “BECOME ETHEREAL”.  Open the boss chest and look behind the throne to collect a unique weapon, STEEL BATTLEAXE OF FIERY SOULS, as well as other goodies. 

Go down the eastern stairs and pull a chain to open the gate.  As you pass through, pick up loose items on the right (soul gem, satchel, etc.) then ascend the spiral staircase.  At the very top, unbar the door leading to Ironbind Overlook.

Once, outside, look for a chest on the left.  If you head east up the mountain path, you’ll come to a small Dwemer ruin guarded by ice wraiths.  Defeat them to access two chests and collect potions on top of the middle pillar.  Beyond this ruin is the Mount Anthor dragon lair.


  • Investigate Shroud Hearth Barrow for Wilhelm
  • Get bounty quests from Wilhelm (radiant, unlimited)
  • Gather 10 bear pelts for Temba Wide-Arms
  • Deliver Klimmek’s Supplies to High Hrothgar
  • Discover what is plaguing Narfi’s mind

The town of IVARSTEAD is east of Whiterun at the base of a huge mountain, with steps leading up to the Greybeards of High Hrothgar.  Apart from Vilemyr Inn, there are no shops in town.  Narfi lives in a shack across the river and Temba Wide-Arms runs the lumber mill.  If you're going up to High Hrothgar, agree to deliver a package for Klimmek.

Ask the innkeeper, Wilhelm, if he’s heard any rumors to trigger the SHROUD HEARTH BARROW quest.  Wilhelm also provides more information on Narfi, the deranged beggar. To discover what happened to Narfi's sister, Reyda, search the bottom of the river southeast of Ivarstead (near a bridge). Loot the waterlogged corpse to get REYDA'S NECKLACE. Give the necklace to Narfi and either lie about his sister or tell him the truth. Either way, you'll receive some nice potions. Note that Narfi is also associated with a Dark Brotherhood contract.

Three Riften quests can be advanced in Ivarstead: Sibbi Black-Briar's ex-fiancee is working as a bard in Vilemyr Inn and Fastred is associated with "The Book of Love" side quest. If you spoke to Riften’s court wizard, Wylandriah, about her missing objects, you’ll find WYLANDRIAH’S SPOON in a satchel inside Boti’s house.


  • Settle a mining dispute for Ainethach

KARTHWASTEN is a mining village northeast of Markarth.  The first time you visit, you’ll see two men arguing about the nearby silver mine.  Both men (Atar and Ainethach) want control of SANUARACH MINE and you can speak to either one to begin the quest. 

If you speak with Ainethach first, he’ll ask you to convince Atar to leave with his Silver-Blood mercenaries.  If you speak with Atar first, he’ll ask you to convince Ainethach to sell the mine.  Persuade, bribe, or intimidate one of the men into complying.  However you manage to settle the dispute, you receive leveled gold as a reward.  To get both rewards, initially help Atar then betray him by killing everyone in Sanuarach Mine. 

While here, explore Fenn’s Gulch Mine on the opposite side of town. Karthwasten is also featured in "The Heart of Dibella" side quest.

K H A J I I T   C A R A V A N S

  • Find Kharjo’s Moon Amulet

The KHAJIIT CARAVANS travel all over Skyrim.  They set up trading camps outside major cities and usually stay for a couple of days before moving on.  The caravan led by Ri’saad travels between Markarth and Whiterun.  One of its members (Khayla) offers Sneak training.  Ma’dran’s caravan travels between Solitude and Windhelm.  One of its members (Ma'jhad) offers Lockpicking training. Note that Marandru-Jo is associated with a Dark Brotherhood contract and Ri'saad is associated with a miscellaneous Thieves Guild quest involving Moon Sugar.

The Khajiit Caravan led by Ahkari makes regular stops outside Riften and Dawnstar.  Ahkari offers Pickpocket training and Dro'marash offers Speech training.  A heavy-armor clad feline, Kharjo, protects the caravan.  Speak with Kharjo to learn that bandits stole a family heirloom.  Agree to retrieve Kharjo’s MOON AMULET for him.  Go to the radiant location marked on your map and clear the hideout.  The Moon Amulet will be in a boss chest near the bandit leader.  Track down the Khajiit Caravan afterwards and give the amulet to Kharjo.  The grateful cat rewards you with a leveled amount of gold and can now be recruited as a follower.


  • Give frost salts to Dravynea the Stoneweaver
  • Find an ancestral shield for Roggi Knot-Beard
  • Help Iddra deal with Roggi
  • Chop wood for Ganna Uriel
  • Mine ore for Kjeld
  • Get bounty quests from the innkeeper (radiant, unlimited)

KYNESGROVE is a small village south of Windhelm that features an inn and a malachite ore mine.   On a table inside Steamscorch Mine, you’ll find the Enchanting SKILLBOOK, “Catalogue of Armor Enchantments”.  Speak to the locals to start any/all of the minor quests listed above.  Roggi Knot-Beard can be recruited as a follower after finding his shield, and Dravynea offers Alteration training after you give her frost salts.

The dragon mound just outside of Kynesgrove is unearthed during the Main Quest, "A Blade in the Dark".


  • Solve the puzzle in Shalidor’s Maze
  • Collect Dragon Priest Masks for the Bromjunaar Sanctuary

To reach the massive ruins of LABYRINTHIAN, head southeast from Morthal.  The exterior courtyard houses many Frost Trolls, so stay sharp when exploring the grounds.  The main part of Labyrinthian can only be accessed during the College of Winterhold quest, “The Staff of Magnus”, but two optional areas can be explored at any time – Shalidor’s Maze and Bromjunaar Sanctuary.

Bromjunaar Sanctuary:

In the center of the snowy courtyard, there’s a raised mound with an opening on the bottom. Inside you’ll find a small altar containing a WOODEN MASK and a HIRED THUG’S MISSIVE.  The missive provides clues on what happened here – specifically, that the Thug’s boss vanished after putting on the Wooden Mask and eventually reappeared stating that he needed time to collect more masks.  The skeleton sitting below the altar with a dagger in his heart suggests that the Thug got tired of waiting for his boss to return. 

Though there is no official quest associated with the mysterious altar, the location is mentioned in a note carried by Captain Valmir during the side quest “Siege on the Dragon Cult”.  To start this unofficial quest, put on the Wooden Mask to be transported back in time.  You’ll arrive at a point when the Sanctuary was intact.  Standing before you, is a shrine displaying the empty busts of eight Dragon Priests.  The goal is to return all Dragon Priest Masks to their respective busts.  You can place them one at a time or wait until you’ve collected all eight.  Defeat the Dragon Priests listed below to acquire their unique Masks:

VOLSUNG         Appears in Volskyge, a ruined peak northwest of Dragon Bridge
VOKUN              Appears in High Gate Ruins during the side quest, “A Scroll for Anska”
OTAR                 Appears in Rangvald, a tomb northeast of Markarth
MOROKEI         Appears during the College of Winterhold quest, “The Staff of Magnus”
RAHGOT           Appears in Forelhost during the side quest “Siege on the Dragon Cult”
NAHKRIIN          Appears during the main quest, “The World Eater’s Eyrie”
HEVNORAAK     Appears in Valthume, a tomb southeast of Markarth
KROSIS              Appears at Shearpoint, a dragon lair west of Windhelm

Once the eight masks are in place, a ninth bust reveals itself.  Take KONAHRIK’S MASK and retrieve the others.  Note that the Wooden Mask will only send you back in time when standing next to the Labyrinthian altar.   Simply remove (un-equip) the Wooden Mask to return to present day.  

Shalidor’s Maze:

In the eastern corner of Labyrinthian are some steps leading down to the Shalidor’s Maze entrance.  Go inside and approach the charred corpse up ahead.  As you get closer, four staves rise out of slots in the ground.  Loot the corpse to acquire a soul gem and a TATTERED NOTE.  The note offers clues on how to get through the maze using the four staves.  Each staff relates to a different school of magic: Alteration, Destruction, Illusion, and Restoration.

Take all four staves and walk over to the sigil on the gate.  Use the STAFF OF MAGELIGHT or cast any ranged Alteration spell on the sigil to open the gate.  Inside the maze, you’ll find several shutters that can be opened.  They act as markers to help you identify which corridors have already been explored and most contain treasure.  Apart from a few skeevers, the maze is free of drama.  In one corner, there’s a Conjuration SKILLBOOK titled “Luminal Bridges” sitting next to a skeleton.

Navigate the corridors until you reach a hatch marked with a Destruction sigil.  Use the STAFF OF FIREBOLTS or cast any ranged Destruction spell on the sigil to open it.  Drop down into a small chamber.  On the left you’ll see a Conjuration sigil that can’t be opened yet, so move forward to a staircase-like elevator.  Slide down to get back outside near where the four staves were.

Paths on the left and right lead to the back of the maze.  Follow either one to discover a word wall that teaches a new word in the Dragon Shout, “DISMAY”.  Turn around and enter the back of the maze to find a gate with another sigil.  Use the STAFF OF FEAR or cast any ranged Illusion spell on the sigil to open the gate.  Navigate through the maze, using shutters to mark your path, until another sigil is reached.  Use the STAFF OF REPULSION or cast a ranged Restoration spell on the sigil to open the hatch. 

Inside you’ll find a portal to the “Trials of Conjuration” if all four sigils were activated.  When ready, enter the portal to face Dremora Kynval, who attacks on site.  Once hit, the two of you teleport back to where the staves were, and two Atronachs join the fight.  Kill the boss and his conjured sidekicks.  Loot Kynval’s body to get the unique DIADEM OF THE SAVANT crown and end the quest.

L E F T   H A N D   M I N E

  • Clear out Kolskegger Mine for Pavo or Skaggi

LEFT HAND MINE is a small mining community next door to Markarth.  Speak with Pavo Attius or Skaggi Scar-Face to learn that Forsworn raiders have invaded nearby KOLSKEGGR MINE.  Note that Kolskeggr Mine is filled with gold ore deposits and has a smelter on site.  Agree to clear out the mine and pick up your reward afterwards.  Helping the Left Hand Miners also grants you access to all Orc strongholds, courtesy of Gat gro-Shargakh.

L O S T   T O N G U E   O V E R L O O K

  • Find the “source of power”

LOST TONGUE OVERLOOK is a dragon lair located south of Riften.  As you climb stairs to the top, beware of a soul gem trap that shoots ice bolts at you.  Knock the gem out of its holder to stop the effects.  Defeat the dragon (sometimes two) guarding the word wall above.  Learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “DISMAY” and open the nearby boss chest.


  • Become Thane of the Reach
  • Get bounty quests from the Jarl’s steward (radiant, unlimited)
  • Get bounty quests from the innkeeper (radiant, unlimited)
  • Bring a Daedra Heart to Moth gro-Bagol
  • Bring a copy of “The Last Scabbard of Akrash” to Ghorza gra-Bagol
  • Negotiate better working conditions for Omluag
  • Steal a statue from the Temple of Dibella for Degaine
  • Steal evidence of Talos worship for Ondolemar
  • Kill Nimhe the spider for Calcelmo
  • Retrieve a stolen statue for Lisbet
  • Deliver a ring for Kerah
  • Deliver a potion for Bothela
  • Brawl Cosnach

MARKARTH is one of the capital cities in Skyrim, governing the Reach.  Prior to engaging in the Civil War, the city is aligned with the Imperials and is controlled by Jarl Igmund.  The Jarl resides in UNDERSTONE KEEP, which can be fast-traveled to once it’s discovered.  To become THANE OF THE REACH, do the following tasks for the Jarl:

        - Kill a Forsworn leader for the Jarl
        - Find Hrolfdir’s Shield for the Jarl after reaching level 20
        - Assist 5 people in the Reach
        - Purchase a house in Markarth (Vindrell Hall = 8000 gold)

Once you become Thane, the Jarl gives you a special weapon and appoints a personal housecarl to serve your every need.  Housecarls wait in the Jarl’s keep until you buy property in the hold.  They can never die and will follow you anywhere.  As Thane, you can bribe guards into ignoring minor crimes, though one particular city-related quest will automatically send you to prison ("No One Escapes Cidhna Mine").

When you enter Markarth for the first time, you’ll witness an attack near the vendor stalls, which starts the side quest "The Forsworn Conspiracy".  Other side quests initiated in Markarth include "The Lost Expedition" and "The Heart of Dibella". Two Daedric quests ("The House of Horrors" and "The Taste of Death") are also started in Markarth.

City services are numerous and include the Cidhna silver mines, a blacksmith, a general store, an alchemy shop, a tavern, and an open-air marketplace.  Understone Keep has its own blacksmith.  Do favors for the court wizard, Calcelmo, if you want to access the Nchuand-Zel Excavation Site or the Dwemer Museum.  Calcelmo is also associated with a major Thieves Guild quest and "The Book of Love" side quest. If you are collecting STONES OF BARENZIAH for the Thieves Guild quest, "No Stone Unturned" you'll find two in Markarth - one inside the Treasury House and one inside the Dwemer Museum.

Markarth citizens offer many miscellaneous quests; most count towards helping people of the hold.  The blacksmith, Ghorza gro-Bagol, will boost your SMITHING SKILL by a point if you bring her a copy of the book, "The Last Scabbard of Akrash". Helping Ghorza (or her husband, Moth) grants you free access to all Orc strongholds. Other SKILL TRAINERS in Markarth include Garvey (Sneak), Hamal (Enchanting), and Ogmund the Skald (Speech).

M A R K A R T H   S T A B L E S

  • Deliver a package for Banning
  • Purchase an animal follower (Vigilance the dog)

The MARKARTH STABLES are right next door to the city.  Agree to deliver a package for the proprietor, Banning, and ask about his dog.  If your Speech skill is high enough, you can persuade Banning to sell you Vigilance for 500 gold.  The loyal canine will join your party as an extra follower.

M E E K O ‘ S   S H A C K

  • Gain an animal follower (Meeko the dog)

If you head west from Morthal, you may encounter a stray dog named Meeko just off the road.  Approach him and he’ll bark, hoping that you’ll follow him back to his master’s home.  Run after the dog and you’ll soon arrive at MEEKO’S SHACK.  Go inside and read the journal next to his dead master’s bed, specifically the page that mentions Meeko.  Reading it allows you to recruit Meeko as a follower, even if you already have a human follower with you.  If you tell the dog to return home, he’ll simply whimper away.  Before leaving the shack, read the Speech SKILLBOOK, “A Dance in Fire, Book VI”.

M E R R Y F A I R   F A R M

  • Agree to retrieve Dravin’s Bow
  • Gather wheat for Synda Llanith

MERRYFAIR FARM is near Riften Stables, just to the west.  Speak with Dravin Llanith and agree to retrieve his stolen bow.  DRAVIN’S BOW is located in the Ratway Vaults below the city of Riften.  Enter the sewers and pass through the Ragged Flagon, headquarters of the Thieves Guild.  You’ll find the entrance to the Ratway Vaults in the hall next to the bar.  Fight Lowlifes, Vagrants, and skeevers as you navigate the heavily trapped tunnel system.  The chest containing Dravin's Bow is in a room at the bottom of a short staircase.  After getting the bow, leave the way you came in and return to Dravin to receive a small reward.


  • Get “Christer and Fjola” quest

To get the quest, visit MISTWATCH, a bandit-infested fort that sits on the edge of the hot springs east of Darkwater Crossing.  Defeat bandits in the courtyard then walk up the steps on the left.  To access the interior of the fort, look for a lever that drops the drawbridge.  Go across and enter Mistwatch North Tower.

As you follow the curved hallway you’ll hear a voice calling out.  Open the door on the left to find a farmer named Christer hiding in the closet.  He believes bandits kidnapped his wife, Fjola, and asks for your help in finding her.  Agree to locate Christer’s wife to begin the quest, and he’ll give you the MISTWATCH KEY.  There’s a locked chest in the closet as well as loose items on the shelves.  After grabbing the goods, enter the wooden door at the end of the hall.

Explore side rooms and kill bandits as you ascend to the top of the tower.  Once there, open a chest near the bed then climb the ladder in the alcove.  Use the ceiling hatch to reach the Lower Balcony.  Walk over to Mistwatch West Tower.  Before entering, pick an adept-locked chest just past the door.

Once again, fight bandits and explore side rooms as you head through the second tower.  In the holding room, look for a chest near the left cell.  Keep climbing the spiral staircases until you reach the top.  Exit to the Higher Balcony and proceed to Mistwatch East Tower.  Use the key Christer gave you to unlock the door.

At the end of the corridor, you’ll encounter a friendly bandit leader, who asks what you’re doing in her tower.  Tell her you’re looking for Fjola to discover that she is, indeed, Christer’s wife.  Fjola has no interest in returning to dull farm life; she just wants Christer to go away.  If you remain friendly, you’ll be given FJOLA’S WEDDING BAND.  The bandit leader asks you to bring it to Christer, hoping it’ll cause him to stop looking for her.  Another option is to kill Fjola and loot the ring.  Before returning to Christer, explore Fjola’s room on top.  Among other things, you’ll find the Heavy Armor SKILLBOOK, “Hallegerd’s Tale”.

Return to the closet where Christer is waiting and give him Fjola’s Wedding Band.  When Christer asks how you found it, lie to him (if you spared Fjola) or tell him the truth (if you killed Fjola).  If you lie, the distraught farmer lets you keep the ring and leaves the fort.  Return to Fjola with news of her husband’s departure.  The grateful bandit leader says she’s in your debt and hints that she’ll repay it one day.  If you killed Fjola, Christer will become enraged, forcing you to kill him, too.   Either way, the quest ends.

M O R   K H A Z G U R

  • Brawl Chief Larak
  • Persuade Borgakh the Steel Heart to follow you
  • Mine ore for Shuftharz
  • Find the Forgemaster’s Fingers (if applicable)

MOR KHAZGUR in an Orc stronghold west of Solitude and north of Karthwasten.  If you’ve already gained favor with the Orcs (or your character is an Orc), the guard will allow you to enter.  If not, ask the guard what you need to do to get inside and he/she will tell you to return the “Forgemaster’s Fingers”.  Go to the radiant location marked on your map and retrieve the item.  Bring it back to the stronghold to gain entry.  The “Forgemaster” quest is only offered once and can be started at any Orc stronghold.  Once completed, all Orc strongholds can be entered without difficulty.

Mor Khazgur has its own mine and offers standard services (blacksmith, alchemist, etc.).  If you brawl Chief Larak and win, he’ll offer master-level Block training.  A Smithing SKILLBOOK, “The Armorer’s Challenge” can be found on a shelf near the forge.


  • Become Thane of Hjaalmarch
  • Get bounty quests from the Jarl’s steward (radiant, unlimited)
  • Get bounty quests from the innkeeper (radiant, unlimited)
  • Deliver a letter for Gorm
  • Deliver a note for Idgrod the Younger
  • Bring a copy of “Song of the Alchemists” to Lami
  • Investigate Falion’s curious activities
  • Chop wood for Jorgen or Hroggar
  • Brawl Benor

MORTHAL is one of the capital cities in Skyrim, governing Hjaalmarch hold.  Prior to engaging in the Civil War, the city is aligned with the Imperials and is controlled by Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone.  She resides in Highmoon Hall. To become THANE OF HJAALMARCH, do the following tasks for the Jarl:

        - Complete “Laid To Rest” side quest
        - Assist 3 people in Hjaalmarch Hold

Once you become Thane, the Jarl gives you a special weapon and guards will be more likely to ignore minor crimes. You cannot get a personal housecarl or a house in Hjaalmarch hold, unless you have "Hearthfire" installed.

City services include Moorside Inn and the Thaumaturgist’s Hut, an alchemy shop.  The resident wizard, Falion, sells magical items out of his house and offers Conjuration lessons.  Morthal citizens offer a few simple quests; most count towards helping people of the hold.  If you brawl Benor and win, you can recruit him as a follower. If you bring Lami the book she requests, she'll offer Alchemy training and allow you to take ingedients from her shop. If you started the Daedric Quest "Pieces of the Past" in Dawnstar, persuade Jorgen to give you MEHRUNES HILT.

Ask the innkeeper for rumors to start the "Laid to Rest" side quest. Note that Moorside Inn's bard (Lurbuk) is associated with a Dark Brotherhood contract.

M O S S   M O T H E R   C A V E R N

  • Get “Valdr” quest

To get this quest, visit MOSS MOTHER CAVERN, located in the hills southeast of Rorikstead.  When you first approach the cave, you’ll hear an injured man calling out for help.  Talk to Valdr outside the entrance to learn that Spriggans attacked his hunting party and he barely made it out alive.  Offer him a healing potion or cast Healing Hands to cure him.  If you ignore him, he’ll die.  Once he’s feeling better, Valdr will ask you to help him clear the cave.  Agree to help to begin the quest.  You can tell Valdr to wait outside or ideally let him join you.

Enter the lush cave and fight the bear up ahead.  Moving forward, you’ll find Ari, one of the hunters, dead on the ground.  The other fallen hunter, Niels, is lying near the pond.  A buzzing sound tells you that Spriggans are nearby.  The swift creatures camouflage themselves in trees and pounce when they spot you.  Kill all three as you move through the cave.  Speak with Valdr afterwards to complete the quest and receive VALDR’S LUCKY DAGGER.  The unique, speedy weapon increases your critical hit rate by 25%.

Before leaving, thoroughly explore the cavern.  On the southern end of the pond, look for a large chest on a ledge.  There’s also a chest behind a tree and some loose items in a hollow trunk on the ledge near the entrance.  Gold and iron ore veins are inside as well.

M O U N T   A N T H O R

  • Find the “source of power”

MOUNT ANTHOR is a dragon lair southwest of Winterhold.  As you climb to the summit, look for a small Dwemer shrine inhabited by Ice Wraiths.  After killing the foes, loot two chests as well as a Dwarven weapon and several potions.  There are plenty of ore veins on the mountainside, too. Defeat the dragon guarding the word wall above.  Learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “ICE FORM” and use the nearby alchemy station if you wish.


  • Find Grimsever for Mjoll the Lioness in Riften
  • Complete a Dark Brotherhood contract: Kill Maluril

MZINCHALEFT is a large Dwemer ruin located southwest of Dawnstar.  Bandits have taken over the exterior; fight them or sneak by as you head up to the entrance.  Along the way, look for an adept-locked chest near barrels in a covered passageway.

Once inside, follow the corridor around to a campfire where you’ll overhear bandits talking.  Snipe them and loot the area.  To the left is an open gate leading to a sleeping area with a chest.  Continue clearing bandits and picking up loose treasure as you head down the ramp. When you reach the second campfire, open a chest near the archery target.

At the next junction, kill a bandit guarding the door on the right.  Loot his body to get a key that unlocks the door.  If you are here to complete the Dark Brotherhood contract, you’ll find your target, Maluril inside.  Collect a chest on the far end of the room and get the Speech SKILLBOOK, “A Dance in Fire, v7” off the stone table.

Back at the junction, head left and take the ramp down to a closed gate.  Bandits are fighting Dwarven automatons inside.  Defeat any remaining enemies before exploring the large chamber.  Dwarven Spiders may ambush you as you pass through.  When the corridor turns north, open a gate to find the remains of a Dwarven Centurion that you can loot.  The giant constructs always carry great stuff, including rare CENTURION DYNAMO CORES used to create Daedric armor in the College of Winterhold’s Atronach Forge.

Head west past the broken pipe and unlock two side gates to retrieve treasure.  The left one contains a Dwemer chest.  Proceed through the ruins, killing mechanical foes on patrol, until you arrive at a staircase with a door on top.  Kill Dwarven Spheres and Spiders roaming inside and look for a chest behind the pipes on the left.  Continue down the stairs and head east to reach a puzzle room.

Ahead of you are six gated cells.  Five contain levers that lower spears and the sixth cell has a red steam valve.  Starting in the lower right corner, number the cells as follows:

Top = 6 / 5
Middle = 4 / 3
Bottom = 2 /1

To get to the red valve, pull levers in this sequence: 1, 2, 4, 2, 3, 5, 3, 2, 6.  When you reach the 6th cell, open two chests then rotate the valve to simultaneously lower all spear gates.  Pass through and ride the elevator down to Mzinchaleft Depths.

Now in Falmer territory, follow the corridor into a flooded chamber with raised walkways.  Use bows to snipe at enemies as you sneak across.  Near the tents, Falmers will emerge from wall hives so stay alert.  After clearing the enemies, follow the northern ledge over to a chest, or use Whirlwind Sprint to reach it from the raised walkway.  Dive into the water below this chest to find a sunken one.  So long as your breath holds out, search the water for additional chests.

Back on dry land, descend the southern stairs.  At the bottom, head left and collect two chests from the Dwemer bedrooms.  Now head east, killing any Falmer that get in your way, as you emerge in a big meeting room with rows of benches.  Defeat the Falmers inside and loot anything of value.  Exit behind the wall in the northeast corner and proceed through Falmer-infested corridors to a cave opening. De-activate a claw trap before passing through.

Chaurus insects accompany Falmer in this area; you’ll know you’re getting close by the clicking sounds they make.  At low levels these nasty creatures can kill you, so be careful as you sneak through the camp.  Look for a chest in the Falmer tent on the left.  Follow the corridor down to a huge underground ruin with a fountain in the center.  Kill several Falmers lurking near tents then ascend the curved ramp.

Enter the door on top and snipe the Falmer guarding the tower’s lookout point.  Press the button to lower the tall spear gate below.  Before heading back down, pick the expert-locked door to reach two side halls.  One has a table containing a full set of FALMER ARMOR as well as a chest.  The other side also has a chest.  When ready, leave the tower and head towards the lowered gateway.

Eliminate Falmers in front of another fountain and open the nearby chest.  Before ascending the wide staircase on the right, head left and kill more Falmers that try to ambush you.  Pick the adept-locked door in the corner to discover a room full of treasure, including a non-functional Dwarven Centurion.  After gathering the goods, proceed up the wide staircase and enter the Mzinchaleft Gatehouse.

Up ahead, you’ll see a Dwarven Centurion standing in his docking station.  Shoot it with arrows rather than attacking up close and make sure to loot the remains afterwards.  Upon entering the room, Dwarven Spheres will unfurl.  Kill them then explore the raised sections.  Locate a lever that lowers the northern spear gate containing the boss chest.

The other spear gate contains a Dwarven mechanism that can only be activated using an Attunement Sphere, providing access to the massive underground ruins of BLACKREACH.  Refer to the Daedric quest, “Discerning the Transmudane” for details.

For now, head right and collect GRIMSEVER off the stone tablet as well as a leveled shield.  Enter the door behind the Dwarven mechanism and ride the elevator up to the surface.  Pull a lever on the right when you reach the top and exit to Skyrim.  Deliver Grimsever to Mjoll the Lioness in Riften to receive your well-deserved reward.


  • Brawl Chief Mauhulakh
  • Mine ore for Dushnamub
  • Find the Forgemaster’s Fingers (if applicable)

NARZULBUR is an Orc stronghold southeast of Windhelm.  If you’ve already gained favor with the Orcs (or your character is an Orc), the guard will allow you to enter.  If not, ask the guard what you need to do to get inside and he/she will tell you to return the “Forgemaster’s Fingers”.  Go to the radiant location marked on your map and retrieve the item.  Bring it back to the stronghold to gain entry.  The “Forgemaster” quest is only offered once and can be started at any Orc stronghold.  Once completed, all Orc strongholds can be entered without difficulty.

The stronghold offers all of the standard services including a blacksmith and alchemy shop.  Gloombound Mine is one of the only mines in Skyrim producing ebony ore.  Brawl Chief Mauhulakh in his longhouse to gain his respect.  Once you beat him, the Chief allows you to take many items in his house for free.  In particular, search his bookshelf to get the Heavy Armor SKILLBOOK “The Knights of the Nine”, and explore his cellar to get the Two-Handed SKILLBOOK, “Song of Hromir”.  

N I G H T G A T E   I N N

  • Get bounty quests from the innkeeper (radiant, unlimited)

NIGHTGATE INN is off the main road between Dawnstar and Windhelm, just west of Forsaken Cave.  The inn mainly serves as a rest stop and is associated with a Dark Brotherhood quest.


  • Get “Telrav’s Escort” quest

NILHEIM is a fort located east of Ivarstead.  In order for this quest to play out properly, do not enter the fort before talking to the man sitting next to an overturned cart on the side of the road.  Agree to escort Telrav back to Nilheim.  Lead him across the bridge and go upstairs.  When you reach the top, Telrav exposes himself as an enemy and orders his men to attack.  Kill all of them to end the quest.  Explore the fort afterwards for treasure.

If you enter the fort before finding Telrav, all of the bandits will be generically named “Guard” and remain non-hostile as you loot the area.  When you finally reach Telrav, he’ll ask you to escort him to Nilheim – only to wander back to his spot by the side of the road, telling you to “wait for your reward”.  The quest gets stuck here and nothing happens.  Your only choice at this point is to murder Telrav and fail the quest.

N O R T H W I N D   S U M M I T

  • Find the “source of power”

NORTHWIND SUMMIT is a dragon lair located northwest of Shor’s Stone.  It is most easily reached by going through NORTHWIND MINE.  Fight skeletons in the mine and look for chests as well as a Block SKILLBOOK titled, “Death Blow of Abernanit”.  Emerging outside, defeat the dragon guarding the word wall.  Learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “AURA WHISPER” and open the nearby boss chest.  You’ll also find an adept-locked chest in the shack near the smelter.

O L D   H R O L D A N

  • Fetch a sword for the Ghost of Old Hroldan
  • Get bounty quests from the innkeeper (radiant, unlimited)

OLD HROLDAN is a remote inn located east of Markarth and southwest of Rorikstead.  When you talk to the innkeeper, Eydis, she’ll ask if you want to stay in Tiber Septim’s room.  Agree to rent the room and rest for any length of time.  When you awaken, you’ll hear Eydis shriek as if she’s just seen a ghost.  Go out to the main room where, indeed, a ghost sits at one of the tables. 

Speak with the Ghost of Old Hroldan, who mistakes you for his comrade, Hjalti.  Play along and the ghost will remind you of a sword you (Hjalti) promised to give him.  Question Eydis afterwards to get the whereabouts of the sword.  Go to the radiant location marked on your map (usually one of Skyrim’s Redoubts) and fetch HJALTI’S SWORD.  Bring it back to the ghost in Old Hroldan.  Upon receiving the sword, the grateful spirit increases your One-Handed and Block SKILLS by a point just before disappearing.   Note that you can also find the Two-Handed SKILLBOOK, “Battle of Sancre Tor” on an end table in one of the inn’s guestrooms.


  • Get “Otar the Mad” quest
  • Find the “source of power”

To get this quest, visit the ancient ruins of RAGNVALD, which is nestled in the valley north of Markarth.  Defeat two Draugrs that guard the exterior then enter the Ragnvald Temple.  Pass through the first chamber and descend to the lower level, fighting Draugrs and picking up potions as you go.  Eventually you arrive in a large, two-tiered chamber guarded by three Draugrs.  Kill them then examine the odd-looking sarcophagus on the western end with two skull-shaped keyholes.  Touch the empty slots and read the inscriptions to begin the quest.

In order to unlock Otar the Mad’s sarcophagus, you need to find two skull keys.  One is inside Ragnvald Canal (the door on the right) and the other is inside Ragnvald Crypts (the door on the left).  It doesn’t matter which side you explore first:

The right door opens to a huge water-filled area.  Kill Draugrs then follow the canal as it bends.  About halfway through, surface in an alcove and follow the path to a door.  Touching the door activates a flame trap so stand back after opening it.  Pull a chain to stop the fire and collect the chest inside.  Continue following the canal to an opening with a bridge.  Look for a gap in the woodwork that you can pass through.

Arriving in a lush open cavern, you’ll see TORSTEN’S SKULL KEY sitting on a pedestal.  As soon as you take the Skull Key, guardian boss Torsten bursts out of his sarcophagus to fight, along with a few leveled Draugr.  Defeat the group and explore the room for chests.  Cross the bridge near the pedestal and dash through swinging blades to get back to Ragnvald Temple. 

The left door opens to a typical Draugr-filled crypt.  Cross the wooden bridge and fight a Draugr in the room beyond.  Two paths lead south and both end in the same burial chamber, however the left route contains floor traps.  Inside the burial chamber, fight Draugrs as they awaken and loot the room.  Exploit an oil slick in the next room to damage enemies and untrap a chest in the wall recess.  On a nearby dresser, you’ll find the Restoration SKILLBOOK, “Mystery of Talara, v2”.

Go upstairs to find SAEREK’S SKULL KEY on a pedestal to the east.  As soon as you take it, the boss guardian Saerek bursts forth, accompanied by leveled Draugr.  Defeat the group and loot their bodies then backtrack west, crossing the bridge to return to Ragnvald Temple. 

With both Skull Keys in hand, go over to the sealed sarcophagus.  Save your game before placing the two keys in their slots.  Once you do, Otar the Mad breaks free.  The powerful Dragon Priest uses shock magic that can easily kill you and will summon Storm Atronachs to assist in battle.  Use the room’s architecture to hide and heal when needed, and run away when Otar readies his Disarm Shout.  He rarely follows you, so ranged weapons might be the best way to go.

After defeating the Dragon Priest, loot his body to obtain OTAR’S MASK and his STAFF OF STORM WALL along with plenty of gold.  The path behind the sarcophagus opens now.  Follow it into a chamber with a boss chest and a word wall.  Read it to learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “KYNE’S PEACE”.  Upon completing the quest, you can reclaim the two Skull Keys and sell them for a high price.

R A N N V E I G ‘ S   F A S T

  • Get “Sild the Warlock” quest
  • Find the “source of power”

To get this quest, travel to RANNVEIG’S FAST, which is in the mountains south of Morthal.  The Nordic tomb is best approached from the southern face of the mountain after heading through South Cold Rock Pass.  When you approach the entrance, three Subjugated Ghosts apologetically attack, apparently lacking control over their actions.  Kill the unfortunate enemies and enter the ruins.

Fight more Subjugated Ghosts as you pass through the overgrown ruins, looting as you go.  Eventually you reach an overlook where you can shoot down Ghosts patrolling below.  Go down and open an apprentice-locked door on the right to access a chest.  Approach the word wall in back but avoid stepping on the grated floor trap in the center.  Instead, jump onto the side ledges to safely reach the wall, where you’ll learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “KYNE’S PEACE”. 

Save your game then intentionally step on the grated floor trap to drop down into a locked cage.  Slid the Warlock paces outside the cage, pleased with your capture.  When he walks off to prepare a poison, find a way to escape.  Either pick the cage door using lockpicks strewn in the water, or get a key off Slid’s dead assistant lying within reach of the cage.  Once free, kill Slid the Warlock and loot his body.

Use the key to unlock the boss chest and loot Slid's alchemy room.  Make sure to take the “unusual gem” (STONE OF BARENZIAH), related to the Thieves Guild quest, “No Stone Unturned” as well as the Destruction SKILLBOOK, “The Horror of Castle Xyr”.  Other cages contain dead bodies and if you stay down there long enough, another one will drop down from the grated floor trap above. 

Two routes allow you to leave Slid’s dungeon.  Both paths are patrolled by Subjugated Ghosts and lead to chests.  After collecting all of the treasure, take the upper path to a door.  Unbar it to reveal a shortcut back to Skyrim.


  • Become Thane of the Rift
  • Get bounty quests from the Jarl’s steward (radiant, unlimited)
  • Get bounty quests from the innkeeper (radiant, unlimited)
  • Fetch Harrald’s sword from the blacksmith
  • Find Sibbi Black-Briar’s fiancée
  • Find Wylandriah’s missing objects (spoon, ingot, soul gem)
  • Find Grimsever for Mjoll the Lioness
  • Deliver mead for Romlyn Dreth
  • Deliver a purchase agreement for Boli
  • Obtain 3 Marks of Dibella for Svana Far-Shield
  • Discover a clue about Brand-Shei’s past
  • Pick up an ore sample from Shor’s Stone for Hafjorg
  • Gather ingredients for Ingun Black-Briar (10 each: Deathbell, Nightshade, Nirnroot)
  • Gather items for Modesi (gold ore, mammoth tusk, 2 flawless sapphires)
  • Bring 5 Ice Wraith Teeth to Marise Aravel
  • Bring 10 Fire Salts to Balimund
  • Bring 3 Flawless Amethysts to Talen-Jei
  • Give a healing potion to Wujeeta
  • Question Wujeeta about the skooma dealer
  • Deliver a dagger for Alessandra
  • Distribute 20 ‘Warmth of Mara’ blessings for Dinya Balu
  • Get married at the Temple of Mara
  • Give Edda a coin
  • Give Sniff a coin

RIFTEN is one of the capital cities in Skyrim, governing the Rift.  Prior to engaging in the Civil War, the city is aligned with the Stormcloaks and is controlled by Jarl Laila Law-Giver.  The Jarl resides in Mistveil Keep, which can be fast-traveled to once it’s discovered.  To become THANE OF THE RIFT, do the following tasks for the Jarl:

        - Report an illegal skooma dealer to the Jarl
        - Infiltrate Riften’s Warehouse for the Jarl
        - Disrupt the skooma operation for the Jarl
        - Assist 5 people in the Rift
        - Purchase a house in Riften (Honeyside = 8000 gold)

Unlike other cities in Skyrim, the Jarl will not explicitly tell you to help people of her hold.  She will not mention a Thaneship until you’ve independently helped at least five citizens and dealt with the illegal skooma traders (see below).

When you first approach the city gates, Riften’s guards will try to charge you for entering.  Persuade them to let you in for free by exposing their obvious shakedown.  Once inside, you’ll overhear a female warrior (Mjoll the Lioness) complaining to her companion about the grip the Thieves Guild has on the city.  Question Mjoll to learn more about the city and its most influential family, the Black-Briars.  Up ahead, a guy named Maul will stop you and ask what your business is in Riften.  If you tell Maul you’re interested in joining the Thieves Guild, he will tell you to seek out Brynjolf in the marketplace.  (Refer to the Thieves Guild Questline for full details).

Surrounding the central plaza, you’ll find a blacksmith, a general store, a meadery, and the Bee and Barb Inn.  When you first enter the inn, a priest will be giving a sermon about Mara, one of nine Divines.  Talk to the priest to learn how MARRIAGE works in Skyrim.  Maramal explains that while wearing an Amulet of Mara (which he sells), certain people you’ve helped will express interest in you.  Propose marriage if you want that person as a spouse then go to the Temple of Mara in Riften and book the wedding. 

Although you can marry your own gender, you cannot always find partners matching your race.  For example, there are no Khajiit or Bosmer characters you can marry in the PS3 version of Skyrim.  On the plus side, if your spouse is naturally a merchant or a skill trainer, they will retain the same goods/services they would normally offer.  Spouses that are also followers will still follow you after marriage.

Once you’ve booked your wedding, return to the Temple of Mara at the designated hour to attend the ceremony.  In addition to your spouse, former followers and others you’ve helped will come to the Temple as guests.  On rare occasions, bandits or thieves bust in and ruin the ceremony.  If this happens, just endure the annoyance until Riften’s guards kill the intruders, or re-load your game and try again.  If you purposely skip the ceremony (or your fiancée dies before the ceremony begins), you automatically fail the “Bonds of Matrimony” objective. 

After exchanging vows, both you and your spouse receive rings and you must decide where to live.  Select one of your properties or choose to move into your spouse’s home.  Once married, your spouse will offer a HOMECOOKED MEAL every day that briefly boosts your regen rate, and sleeping for any length of time grants the “Lover’s Comfort” bonus, allowing all skills to be improved 15% faster for 8 hours.  This effect stacks with the Thief, Warrior, and Mage Stones but not with The Lover’s Stone.  If you are a werewolf, no sleeping bonus is earned.  All spouses will open up a “store” that earns 100 gold per day and will occasionally surprise you with a gift.  Finally, if your spouse dies, you cannot remarry.

Whether or not you get married, talk to Dinya Balu in the Temple of Mara to start “The Book of Love” side quest.  You can also pick up a minor quest from Alessandra by visiting her in the Hall of the Dead directly beneath the Temple.  Visit Honorhall Orphanage, which is near Mistveil Keep, to start (or advance) the Dark Brotherhood questline -- the site relates to a troubled boy named Aventus Aretino.

Back at the Bee and Barb, speak with Louis Letrush near the entrance to trigger the side quest “Promises to Keep”, which involves stealing a horse.  Next visit Haelga’s Bunkhouse to pick up more quests.  At night, an Argonian woman named Wujeeta will be there.  Offer her a healing potion then persuade her to divulge the name of her skooma contact.  Getting this information from Wujeeta is vital if you want to become Thane of the Rift.

Enter Mistveil Keep and introduce yourself to the Jarl. Impart what you learned from Wujeeta and the Jarl will give you the RIFTEN WAREHOUSE KEY so that you can “deal” with Sarthis Idren and locate his skooma source.  Riften’s eccentric court wizard, Wylandriah, has a shop on the main floor of the Keep.  You can help her with her experiments by retrieving 3 missing objects:  a soul gem, a spoon, and an ingot.  Wylandriah’s items can be found in Ivarstead (Boti’s house), Windhelm (the White Phial), and Winterhold (Frozen Hearth Inn).

You’ll find another “unusual gem” (STONE OF BARENZIAH) in the Jarl’s bedroom upstairs and can visit the Riften Jail below.  Talk to Sibbi Black-Briar in one of the cells if you accepted the “Promises to Keep” side quest.  Sibbi also offers a miscellaneous quest related to his ex-fiancée.  She works as a bard in Ivarstead’s Inn.  Either lie to Sibbi about her whereabouts or turn her in.

Back outside, use the door near the blacksmith’s shop to get down to the docks.  In addition to the Riften Warehouse, the docks feature a fishery and a wandering Argonian (From-Deepest-Shadows) that implores you to take a cursed item from her.  Accept the LEXICON to initiate the “Unfathomable Depths” side quest.

Sarthis Idren and his bodyguard will ambush you as soon as you enter the Riften Warehouse so save your game before unlocking the door.  Loot Sarthis’ body to obtain a key and use it to open a locked door in the basement.  Inside the room, you’ll find a bunch of skooma and Moon Sugar that you can take as well as a valuable mammoth tusk.  Look for a satchel on the table that contains a note.  Read it to discover that the skooma trade runs out of CRAGSLANE CAVERN.  Bring this information back to the Jarl and she will ask you to travel there to disrupt the operation.

Talk to the Jarl after you’ve dealt with the skooma traders in Cragslane Cavern and helped at least five citizens in her hold.  Since the Jarl will only offer the title of Thane to those that live in her city, you need to purchase HONEYSIDE for 8000 gold.  Speak to her steward to buy the two-story house then have a final conversation with the Jarl to officially become Thane.  As Thane, you also get the Blade of the Rift and personal housecarl, Iona. Honeyside is conveniently located near the entrance to Riften and comes with its own dock.  For extra money you can outfit the house with an enchanter’s room (includes multiple weapon stands and two armor mannequins), an alchemy lab, an outdoor garden, and all standard rooms. 

Across from Honeyside, you’ll find a staircase leading down to the lower portion of Riften.  At the bottom, there’s an entrance to Beggar’s Row where Edda, Madesi, and Sniff live.  Across from that is Elgrim’s Elixirs, which stays open all night.  Talk to the alchemists inside to get more quests.  Follow the lower walkway around to The Ratway entrance and sneak inside.

Shortly after entering the sewers, you’ll overhear two shady characters talking about harassing anyone that tries to pass.  Either kill them or wait for the conversation to end and sneak by.  There’s a raised bridge up ahead but since you cannot lower it from this side, hop down off the ledge and kill the skeever below.   To the left is a door with an expert lock that leads directly to the Ragged Flagon - headquarters of the Thieves Guild.  Pick it if you’re in a hurry; otherwise explore the rest of tunnel system.

The path on the right leads to a trapped door.  Disarm the cable at the base of the door to safely enter.  Pick up items of interest as you navigate through the rooms and you’ll eventually reach a door facing south.  Inside, fight a brawler named Gian the Fist, while avoiding several bear traps on the floor.  Loot his body afterwards to receive GLOVES OF THE PUGILIST, a unique item that fortifies unarmed attacks.   Use the alchemy lab on the left if you wish.

Moving forward you’ll come to a small staircase with a pressure plate that, if stepped on, releases a battering ram.  Carefully ascend and unlock a gate leading into a circular garden.  Gather insects and ingredients (plus an axe embedded in a tree stump) then continue through to the next room where you’ll encounter a Lowlife.  Kill the enemy then read the Pickpocketing SKILLBOOK on the table (“Beggar”).  There are two tunnels in this room – one leading to a lever that drops the bridge you saw earlier and the other, which leads to the Ragged Flagon.
Enter the tavern and walk over to the bar where some Thieves Guild members are gathered.  If you’ve been collecting “unusual gems” throughout Skyrim, the appraiser you need to talk to (Vex) can be found in the Ragged Flagon – however, Vex will not talk to you about the gems until you complete the Thieves Guild quest, "Taking Care of Business". A door behind the Ragged Flagon leads to the Ratway Vaults.  Starting out on the top floor, you can bypass most of the Vaults simply by jumping down to the lower level and killing anyone that gets in your way.  This guide assumes you’ve avoided the shortcut and remained on the top level.  If so, head left and enter the tunnel at the end.  Watch out for a tripwire as you approach the room up ahead. 

Inside, fight off a few skeevers then continue through the winding tunnels until you reach a floorless alcove with a lantern.  Detach the lantern to ignite the room below.  If timed well, the fire will burn a Vagrant patrolling the lower path.  Continue down into a dark room with an anvil and a workbench.  Grab some magical gauntlets from the bench and open a chest near the anvil.  

Moving forward, kill the Vagrant and Lowlife inside then gather treasure from the table, including two small chests.  There's also a locked chest in the corner of the room containing DRAVIN’S BOW, a quest item, along with the other loot.  To return the bow to its owner, visit Merryfair Farm outside of Riften.

For now, continue through the tunnels, killing skeevers until you emerge on the bottom floor of the very first room.  To the left is a gate attached to bars that expose an oil-filled room.  Ignite the oil before using the gate and grab an Illusion potion on the right before passing through.  Enter the door up ahead to get to the Ratway Warrens.  The Warrens contain small rooms housing various hostile tenants.  One door is locked tight and can only be accessed during the main quest, “A Cornered Rat”.  Unless you are a member of the Thieves Guild, you must leave the Ratway the way you came in.

Riften citizens offer a ton of miscellaneous quests; most count towards helping people of the hold.  The majority are simple tasks (fetching an item, collecting ingredients, etc.) but some quests require a bit more patience.  For example, once you’ve helped enough people, Riften’s protector, Mjoll the Lioness, offers a quest to fetch her sword in the Dwemer ruins of MZINCHALEFT, located southeast of Dawnstar. After returning GRIMSEVER to her, you can recruit Mjoll as a follower and/or marry her.  Since Mjoll is considered an essential character, she will never die. 

R I F T E N   S T A B L E S

  • Convince Sapphire to clear Shadr’s debt
  • Brawl Hofgrir Horse-Crusher

RIFTEN STABLES is right next door to the city.  Brawling the owner, Hofgir, counts towards helping people of the hold.  You can also help his assistant, Shadr, by agreeing to speak with Sapphire about his debt.  She hangs out at Riften’s inn during the day.  Persuade Sapphire to stop hassling Shadr then return to collect a small reward.


  • Get bounty quests from the innkeeper (radiant, unlimited)
  • Help Faendal or Sven win the affections of Camilla
  • Craft armor at the blacksmith’s shop
  • Craft a potion at the inn
  • Chop wood for Hod

The town of RIVERWOOD is normally discovered early on in the game, and is associated with several Main Quests.  Visit the local trader to sell your unused inventory.  His store is across from the blacksmith.  When you first enter, you’ll hear the owner, Lucan, arguing with his sister, Camilla.  Ask him what the problem is to initiate "The Golden Claw” side quest.

Ask the blacksmith, Alvor, if you can use his forge.  He will give you some free materials and talk you through basic crafting and tempering steps that help advance your Smithing skill.  At the end of Alvor’s tutorial, you can keep the items you created or sell them back to him.

At the Sleeping Giant Inn, ask Orgnar, the innkeeper, if you can use his alchemy lab to begin a simple potion-crafting tutorial.  If you don’t have ingredients, you can buy some from Orgnar.   While at the Inn, you may come across a young bard named Sven.  If he is not there, you’ll find him strolling the street outside.  If you ask Sven about music, he’ll mention visiting the Bard’s College in Solitude.  If you talk to him about Camilla (the trader’s sister), you’ll learn that he’s competing for her affections with another man named Faendal.  Faendal is a Wood Elf that works at the lumber mill.  If you talk to Faendal first, he’ll give you the same rap about Camilla.

To complete this miscellaneous quest, you must choose which man to help – Faendal the archer, or Sven the bard.  Your actions determine the outcome of the love triangle and, more importantly, which man offers to follow you.  There are several ways to solve this dilemma.  Here’s an easy method:

Encourage Sven to discredit his rival by forging a letter filled with venomous nonsense.  Bring Sven’s letter to Camilla in the Trader’s shop.  If you want to help Faendal, be truthful and tell her the letter was forged.  If you want to befriend Sven, lie to her.  Camilla will ask you to speak to whichever man you helped.  Return to either Faendal or Sven and they will offer to join you.  Additionally, whichever man you helped will let you take items from their home and rest for free.

Note that Faendal is an Archery TRAINER.  You are allowed five lessons per level and each trainer has a different skill cap.  For example, Faendal offers archery training up to level 50.  If he becomes your follower, pay for his lessons then refund yourself by taking the gold out of his inventory.  If Sven is your follower, you can still get Archery lessons from Faendal without reimbursement. 


  • Get bounty quests from the innkeeper (radiant, unlimited)
  • Convince Erik the Slayer’s father to let him leave town
  • Gather wheat for Lemkil

RORIKSTEAD is a small farming village west of Whiterun.  You can rest at the Frostfruit Inn or pick up small jobs there.  One citizen, Erik the Slayer, wants to become an adventurer but his overprotective father won’t let him leave.  Convince Mralki, the innkeeper, to let his son go then return to Erik with the good news.  Visit Rorikstead at a later date to discover that Erik is selling his services for 500 gold.  Pay his fee if you want Erik the Slayer as a follower.

Note that Rorikstead is associated with the Daedric quest, "A Night to Remember".

S A L V I U S   F A R M

  • Deliver a letter for Rogatus Salvius

SALVIUS FARM is located just outside Markarth’s front gate and grows/sells wheat and potatoes.  If you talk to Rogatus Salvius, he’ll ask you to deliver a letter to his son, Leontius, at Old Hroldan Inn.  You’ll receive a small fee for your good deed.

S A R E T H I   F A R M

  • Bring 20 Jezbay Grapes to Avruna Sarethi

SARETHI FARM sits between Ivarstead and Riften, just north of Treva’s Watch.  It is owned and operated by Avrusa Sarethi, an alchemist, and her sister Aduri.  Feel free to harvest Nirnroots in their unique garden.  If you talk to Avrusa and mention that she looks exhausted, she’ll ask you to collect 20 Jezbay Grapes for her.  The little plants grow wild on hot spring rocks near Darkwater Crossing.   Return to Avrusa after harvesting twenty of them to collect your reward.  Note that Avrusa is also associated with the Blackreach side quest, “A Return To Your Roots”.


  • Find the “source of power”

SHEARPOINT is a dragon lair located high in the snowy mountains west of Windhelm.  It is perhaps the toughest of all dragon lairs, since you not only have to fight a leveled dragon, but also the powerful Dragon Priest, Krosis.  Most definitely save your game before approaching the peak.

While fighting the dragon, Krosis bursts out the chest near the word wall as soon as you get close.  Don’t be shy about chugging potions; the duo can easily wipe you out if your health dips too low.  Loot the Dragon Priest afterwards to acquire KROSIS’ MASK (necessary for a quest in Labyrinthian) and open the boss chest.  The wall teaches all three words in the Dragon Shout, “THROW VOICE”.

S H O R ‘ S   S T O N E

  • Deliver a satchel for Sygia
  • Clear spiders out of Redbelly Mine for Filnjar
  • Mine ore for Grogmar gro-Burzag

SHOR’S STONE is a mining village that operates Redbelly Mine.  To reach it, head north from Riften.   Speak with Sylgja and agree to deliver a package to Verner in Darkwater Crossing.  Talk to Filnjar, the town’s blacksmith, and agree to clear spiders out of Redbelly Mine for him.  Inside the small mine, you’ll find a few spiders on top and many more below.  There are two ebony ore veins on the bottom floor and one at the top of the ramp.  After clearing out the spiders, you can also freely take the ebony ore next to the smelter outside.  Return to Filnjar afterwards to collect your reward.

S H R I E K W I N D   B A S T I O N

  • Find the “source of power”

SHRIEKWIND BASTION is a dragon lair located northeast of Falkreath.  To reach the overlook, pass through North Shriekwind Bastion or South Shriekwind Bastion.  Vampires and skeletons inhabit both areas.  Look for chests and avoid traps as you ascend.  Of particular interest, is the Speech SKILLBOOK, “2920, Last Seed, v5”.  Curiously, you’ll also discover a closet full of shoes.  Two pairs are extremely rare (Fur-Lined Boots and Pleated Shoes) though they offer very little in terms of protection. 

Towards the top, you’ll likely face a Master Vampire.  After looting the bloodsucker, go upstairs to collect the boss chest.  A leveled Draugr will pop out of a coffin just before reaching the exit. Defeat the dragon guarding the word wall outside.  Learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “ELEMENTAL FURY” and look for a chest hidden under the arch.

S H R O U D   H E A R T H   B A R R O W

  • Find the “source of power”

SHROUD HEARTH BARROW is right next door to Ivarstead.  Shortly after entering, you’ll encounter a ghost that tells you to leave.  Ignore him and enter the alcove on the left.  Read the Illusion SKILLBOOK on the table titled “Before the Ages of Man”, then turn around to find 4 levers, two on each side of the doorway that raise and lower various gates.  If you flip them incorrectly you’ll get pelted with poison.  To open the correct gates, set the first and third levers to the “up” position.

Pick the apprentice-locked door up ahead.  Be careful of the spike trap inside, as well as a trap on the chest itself.  After collecting the treasure, exit the alcove and look for a chain on the wall.  Stand back after pulling it and wait for fire jets to dissipate before moving through.  Below you'll encounter Wyndelius Gatharian, an ice mage who uses potions to appear spectral.  Kill the “ghost” and loot his body.  Take WYNDELIUS’ JOURNAL off the table. 

Before going any further, return to Ivarstead and give the mage’s journal to the innkeeper in exchange for a SAPPHIRE DRAGON CLAW.  Take the Claw back to Shroud Hearth Barrow and make your way down to Wyndelius’ room.  Across from it, follow the hallway to a circular puzzle door.  Open your inventory and examine the Sapphire Dragon Claw.  Rotate the door rings to match symbols shown on the Claw.  From top to bottom, the door rings should show: MOTH / OWL / WOLF.  Activate the keyhole to lower the door.

Moving forward, take the “Oakflesh” spell tome off a pedestal and fight Draugrs that burst from their coffins.  After defeating them, pull a lever in the alcove on the left to open the back gate.  Attempt to climb the spiral staircase and a floor grate collapses, dumping you into a watery cage.  Swim over to the chain on the wall.  Pull it to raise the floor grate and proceed upstairs.  Ignore the first door and climb higher to a master-locked door.  Inside, is an expert-locked chest.  After gathering the loot, return to the first door and avoid a floor plate that triggers poison darts as you pass through.

At the bottom of the stone stairs, avoid a battering ram trap and kill the skeleton around the corner.  The next door opens onto the balcony of a large room.  Pull two handles near an urn on the left to expel enemies in their resting places.  Peering through gaps in the wooden wall, you’ll see several skeletons gathered in an oil-slicked pit below.  Shoot down the hanging flame pot to ignite all of them.  Before walking downstairs, pull a lever on the right to drop down a black slab.  Collect treasure inside, including a chest. 

Beyond the skeleton pit, Draugrs emerge out of coffins.  Fight through them as you follow the balcony to a door.  Avoid a tripwire that triggers swinging blades, or use it to slash the Draugr patrolling above.  A chain at the top of the stairs stops the blades.  More Draugrs awaken in the next room.  Fight through them and be careful of a spiked wall trap to the east.  One of the Draugr holds a key to Shroud Hearth Barrow.  Use it to unlock the door leading to a room filled with shallow water. 

Before climbing the stairs, pull a chain on the left to open a submerged gate.  Swim through to find a coin purse and drowned Draugr you can loot.  Swim back and follow the lower passage to a stone bridge.  Go across and collect loose treasure in the alcove.  Further ahead, look for a leveled sword behind the waterfall.  Backtrack to the stairs and walk up to the platform where you’ll find a floor button surrounded by totems engraved with animal symbols. 

Enter the room behind the totems and kill the Draugr inside.  If you stand on the floor plate in the center of this room, four wall panels revolve to reveal images of animals.  Keep changing your view until you’ve memorized the sequence.  Return to the first room and rotate the totems until they match.  From left to right, they should depict: WHALE / EAGLE / SNAKE / WHALE.

Once the stones are set correctly, stand on the floor button to lower the bridge.  Go across and kill the Draugr guarding the next room.  An apprentice-locked door on the right leads to a gold ingot.  Removing the object triggers a flame trap.  Back in the main passage, avoid a tripwire that causes boulders to fall.  Follow the passage to Shroud Hearth Depths.

As soon as you enter the huge burial chamber, the door locks behind you.  Fight skeletons and Draugr that come at you in waves until the Draugr Deathlord appears.  Like many Draugr bosses, the Deathlord uses a Shout to knock you off balance.  Apart from that, just keep your health up as you hack through all of the enemies. 

When things calm down, enter the back chamber and untrap the boss chest to collect your reward.  Grab some items from a shelf on the right then approach the wall up ahead to learn a new Dragon Shout word related to “KYNE’S PEACE”.  There’s also an adept-locked chest in the water below the word wall.  Cross the stone bridge on the right and follow the tunnel to a wall chain.  Pull it to reveal a shortcut out of the barrow.

S I L V E R D R I F T   L A I R

  • Find the “source of power”

SILVERDRIFT LAIR is a Nordic ruin between Dawnstar and Whiterun, slightly northwest of Nightgate Inn.  Kill bandits that have taken over the exterior then go inside.  The lair is filled with leveled Draugrs and there’s no direct way through.  Look for small handles that open new paths and be on the lookout for traps.

Loot a few dead bandits as you pass through the kitchen and explore offshoots for treasure.  The barred door ahead provides a shortcut later.  For now, head north and enter the iron door.  After killing the Draugr inside, gather potions on the table as well as the Two-Handed SKILLBOOK titled “Words and Philosophy”.  Two openings lead to the upper level of the chamber.  Fight the Draugrs above and cross the northern bridge to reach ramps leading down to the bottom floor.

The first ramp takes you to a room with a throne and a fire pit.  Look for two chests here; one sits behind the wooden barrier.  West of this barrier, on the bottom floor, look for a small opening in the wall.  Follow the secret passage into a puzzle room where you’ll see two marked pillars with levers.  Pulling the SNAKE lever activates fire.  Pulling the WHALE lever opens a stone panel (the solution is hidden behind the hanging lantern, btw).

Pass through and kill Draugrs in the crypt beyond.  Look for an expert-locked chest to the east then head north into another Draugr-filled tomb.  Pull a handle on the center post that opens the door straight ahead.  Kill the leveled Draugr inside then look for another post handle that opens the eastern door.  Inside, you’ll find a chest and bunch of loose items worth taking.  A third handle (to the south) opens the final door.  Follow the passageway to a barred door.  Unbar it to return to the lowest level of the central room.

Make your way up to the top level and cross the eastern bridge.  Be careful of the swinging gate traps at the end.  Fight past more Draugrs as you approach two stone posts.  To the south is a pedestal holding an enchanted helmet.  Grabbing it triggers a nasty floor trap.  The stone post on the right has a handle that activates the spiked wall straight ahead.  Pull it to get through and enter the room beyond. 

Kill the patrolling Draugr and loot the table.  A nearby chain opens the southern gate but also triggers a battering ram.  Continue upstairs and follow the path around to a room with more Draugr.  After defeating them, collect a chest and grab the Pickpocket SKILLBOOK (“Thief”) out of the hands of a skeleton on the right side of the room.

Follow the southern passage over to a caged walkway high above the central room.  Kill the Draugr guarding the other side and proceed up the stairs to an iron door.  Enter the large chamber and kill the boss-level Draugr inside, along with his minions.  After looting the bodies, approach the word wall above, being mindful of fire traps.  Examine the wall to learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “DISARM”.

Enter the room on the right to find the boss chest, as well as a chain that opens the gate to the north.  Go through and unbar the door you passed earlier to take the shortcut out of the ruins.

S K Y B O R N   A L T A R

  • Find the “source of power”

SKYBORN ALTAR is a dragon lair high in the mountains east of Morthal, near the Shrine to Mehrunes Dagon.  Climb to the peak and fight the dragon guarding the word wall.  After defeating it, quickly absorb its soul before its carcass falls down the cliff.  Read the wall to learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “FROST BREATH” and look behind the column on the right to get the boss chest.

S L E E P I N G   T R E E   C A M P

  • Get “Ulag and Ysolda” quest

To get this quest, visit SLEEPING TREE CAMP, which is southwest of Whiterun and northwest of Riverwood.  Giants and mammoths inhabit the camp so arrive prepared. 

On your way there, investigate the circle of tall stones just southeast of camp.  Rotate three pillars until the correct symbols face the center lever.  The north pillar should show an EAGLE, the eastern pillar should show a SNAKE, and the western pillar should show a WHALE.  Once set correctly, pull the center lever to open the big floor grate.  Walk down to find a chest that contains the Destruction SKILLBOOK, “A Hypothetical Treachery”.

When ready, sneak over to Sleeping Tree Camp and kill the inhabitants.  Avoid the purple tree in the center.  Touching it blurs vision and slows movement.  After clearing the camp, enter the nearby cave and kill the single giant inside.  Examine the dead Orc to find YSOLDA’S MESSAGE.  Reading it activates the miscellaneous quest.  Take the dose of SLEEPING TREE SAP next to Ulag’s corpse and collect items from the chest before exiting the cave. 

Travel to Whiterun and ask Ysolda about the note.  She’ll offer you 150 gold for every dose of Sleeping Tree Sap you bring her.


  • Become Thane of Haafingar
  • Get bounty quests from the Jarl’s steward (radiant, unlimited)
  • Get bounty quests from the innkeeper (radiant, unlimited)
  • Kill a vampire leader for Sybille Stentor
  • Kill a bandit leader for Ahtar
  • Solve a debt issue for Octieve San
  • Deliver rum for Sorex Vinius
  • Convince Vittoria Vici to release Evette San’s Spiced Wine shipment
  • Find a helmet for Noster Eagle-Eye
  • Bring a copy of “The Mirror” to Captain Aldis
  • Model Taarie’s outfit for the Jarl
  • Discover the fate of Angeline Morrard’s daughter
  • Help Svari convince her mother to visit the Temple of the Divines
  • Find Finn’s Lute for Inge Six-Fingers
  • Find Pantea’s Flute for Pantea
  • Find Rjorn’s Drum for Giraud Gemane

SOLITUDE is the largest capital city in Skyrim, governing Haafingar hold.  Jarl Elisif the Fair remains neutral in the Civil War even though the Imperial Legion is headquartered there.  She resides in the BLUE PALACE, which can be fast-traveled to once it’s discovered.  To become THANE OF HAAFINGAR, do the following tasks for the Jarl:

        - Complete “The Man Who Cried Wolf” side quest
        - Complete “The Wolf Queen Awakened” side quest
        - Take Torygg's War Horn to the Shrine of Talos for Jarl Elisif
        - Assist 5 people in Haafingar Hold
        - Purchase a house in Solitude (Proudspire Manor = 24,000 gold)

Once you become Thane, the Jarl gives you a special weapon and appoints a personal housecarl to serve your every need.  Housecarls wait in the Jarl’s residence until you buy property in the hold.  They can never die and will follow you anywhere.  As Thane, you can bribe guards into ignoring minor crimes.  Note that PROUDSPIRE MANOR contains an “unusual gem” (STONE OF BARENZIAH) in the upstairs bedroom.  You’ll find another one in the Jarl’s bedroom at the Blue Palace. Both are associated with the Thieves Guild quest, "No Stone Unturned". Speak with the Jarl's steward, Falk Firebeard, to initiate the side quest, "The Man Who Cried Wolf".

The city offers every imaginable service and is home to the Bards College, Castle Dour, and the Temple of the Divines.  Inside the Temple, you’ll find shrines dedicated to all of the Divines except Talos.  If you are an alchemist, the city’s lush gardens will provide ample foraging opportunities.  Solitude’s citizens offer several miscellaneous quests; most count towards helping people of the hold.  Note that Svari's quest is buggy. No doubt you witnessed her father's execution when you first arrived in Solitude. In order to complete the child's quest, agree to speak with her mother, Greta, about returning to the temple. Tell Greta about her child's concerns to trigger dialog mentioning Talos. Retreve the AMUET OF TALOS from Roggvir's body and offer it to Greta to end the quest. If you take the amulet from Roggvirs body before speaking with Svari, the quest might not play out properly.

Talking to the Argonian loitering near the shops initiates the side quest “Lights Out!”  Speaking with Degaine, who wanders the streets near Bards College, triggers the Daedric quest, “The Mind of Madness”.  Visit Bards College to begin the side quest “Tending the Flames” and agree to help three bards (Inge, Pantea, and Giraud) who have lost specific musical instruments:

To find FINN’S LUTE, search STONY CREEK CAVE, which is located between Riften and Windhelm, just north of Ansilvund.  Bring the instrument to Inge Six-Fingers and she’ll boost all Thief Skills by a point. To find PANTEA’S FLUTE, go to HOB’S FALL CAVE, which is east of Winterhold near Frostflow Lighthouse.  Bring the instrument back to Pantea and she’ll boost all Mage Skills by a point. To find RJORN’S DRUM, explore HALIDIR’S CAIRN, which is southwest of Falkreath. Bring the instrument to Giraud Gemane and he’ll boost all Warrior Skills by a point.

S O L J U N D ‘ S   S I N K H O L E

  • Clear Draugr out of mine for Perth

SOLJUND’S SINKHOLE is a moonstone ore mine nestled in the mountains just north of Old Hroldan inn.  Speak with the owner, Perth, and agree to clear out Draugrs that have infested his mine. 

As you clear enemies in the upper part of the mine, look for the Light Armor SKILLBOOK, “Jornibret’s Last Dance” on a table.  At the end of the eastern tunnel, you’ll find a big sinkhole leading to the ancient catacombs below.  Once you jump down, you’ll have to find another way out.  The Draugrs below are much stronger, so save your game before taking the plunge.

Use the beam in the center of the hole to break your fall.  Upon landing, two Draugrs burst out of coffins, with a third enemy arriving from the north.  Kill the trio then proceed to a room with a closed gate and three levers.  Ignore the center lever that activates poison darts.  Instead, pull levers on the eastern and western walls to open the gate.  Ascend the spiral ramp and avoid a floor plate that triggers spears just before reaching the set of doors.  Inside, fight leveled Draugrs and loot the room.  The small pool on the left contains an unlocked chest.

Go through the next door and climb the stairs.  On top, look for a chest at the end of a short, dark passage then proceed to the final chamber.  Defeat the boss-level Draugr standing between two statues.  When the right statue glows green, it heals the boss. When the left statue glows red, it shoots fireballs at you.  The boss also uses a Shout to disarm you, so be careful when fighting at close range.

After defeating the Draugr, the statues turn off.  Loot his body then go up to the balcony and follow the passage back to the mine’s sinkhole.  Along the way, open the boss chest and pick up loose treasure, including a random enchanted weapon resting on a pedestal.  Return to Perth and tell him the Draugr are dead to collect your reward.

S O U T H F R I N G E   S A N C T U M

  • Get “Selveni Nethri” quest

To get this quest, visit SOUTHFRINGE SANCTUM, located south of Helgen in the snow-covered hills.  Before entering the cave, head north towards the cliffs.  Look for a skeleton lying next to a novice-locked chest under a tree.  Next to the chest you’ll find the Conjuration SKILLBOOK, “The Warrior’s Challenge”. 

At the entrance to Southfringe Sanctum, kill the Spellsword enemy working at an alchemy lab.  A rune trap blocks the first gate so be careful when moving forward.  Two parallel paths run through the large, overgrown cavern.  The upper path leads to a coven full of mages and the lower path leads to a giant frostbite spider’s lair. 

Take the lower path down into the spider’s lair.  Clear every spider in your way and defeat the giant one near the end.  Walk behind the lair to find a mage named Selveni Nethri trapped in the webs.  Free her from the webs then help Selveni escape the cave, going the same way you came in.  She is too weak to fight so protect her as you head back to the entrance.  Once outside, Selveni thanks you and the quest ends.

Feel free to explore the upper portion of the sanctum before or after helping Selveni escape.  Above, you’ll find a Spellsword working at an anvil with a little fox called Pumpkin.  Unfortunately, the fox is just as vicious as the mage, so kill both and move on.  On top you’ll find mages mixing potions and beyond, the coven’s leader, Bashnag, working at an arcane enchanter.  Sneak inside and kill him.  Loot Bashnag’s body to get a copy of the Destruction SKILLBOOK, “The Art of War Magic” and open the boss chest in the corner.


  • Sell ore to Gestur Rockbreaker
  • Deliver a message for Pactur

STONEHILLS is a small mining camp east of Morthal.  Pactur and his wife, Sorli the Builder, manage Rockwallow Mine.  You’ll find a Speech SKILLBOOK ("2920, Second Seed, v5”) in their cottage.  Agree to deliver a message for Pactur (the recipient, Bryling, lives in Solitude).

Note that Sorli becomes Thane of Morthal if you side with the Stormcloaks during the Civil War.  Explore the mine to find a Heavy Armor SKILLBOOK titled, “Orsinium and the Orcs”.  Selling iron ore to Gestur Rockbreaker counts towards becoming Thane of Morthal.

S T O N Y   C R E E K   C A V E

  • Find Finn’s Lute

STONY CREEK CAVE sits on the edge of a pond between Riften and Windhelm, just north of Ansilvund.  Wade through the water to reach the entrance.  Inside, you’ll see a dead Breton hanging over a wooden beam and a dry path on the right.  

Flammable gas permeates the tunnel.  Ignite it to take care of two bandits around the corner or snipe them from afar.  A ramp on the right leads to a platform guarded by a third bandit.  After killing him, follow the side route past a mace trap into the bandit chief’s room at the end.  Defeat the boss and loot him to acquire TREASURE MAP X.  Inside the big chest, you’ll find FINN’S LUTE (a quest item for one of the bards in Solitude) along with other goodies.  Take the “unusual gem” (STONE OF BARENZIAH) near the alchemy lab and read the Illusion SKILLBOOK, “Mystery of Talara, v4”.

After looting the bandit chief’s room, walk back down to the stream and follow it to the end where you’ll find a bandit mining ore.  Kill the foe and explore the watery chamber.  In addition to moonstone ore veins, you’ll find an apprentice-locked chest on the left.

Within this chamber is a secret entrance to KAGRENZEL.  To reach it, climb the rocks near the waterfall then use Whirlwind Sprint to get to the top.  Behind the waterfall is a corridor leading to the Dwemer ruins.  Open a Falmer chest on the left and climb up the small waterfall on the right to find a Centurion Dynamo Core.  There’s also a flawless diamond sitting on top of the stone arch.  Use a ranged weapon or Shout to dislodge it.

Continue into a large cavern with an L-shaped bridge.  As you cross over, Falmer will emerge out of wall hives.  Avoid falling into the water as you clear the foes.  Look for an adept-locked chest behind the big fire vessel.  Leveled Falmer will ambush you further down the tunnel so try sneaking up on them to avoid being surrounded in the cramped space.

Open the Falmer chest at the end of the tunnel then jump into the large pool of water littered with mammoth bones.  Swim towards the western pillar (supporting the bridge) and search the bottom of the pool for an expert-locked Dwemer chest.  Backtrack through the cave to exit.

NOTE:  Heading east from Ansilvund leads to the top of Kagrenzel.  At the base of the ruins you’ll find an unmarked hunter’s camp.  One of the tents contains the Archery SKILLBOOK, “Father of the Niben”.  Climb multiple flights of stairs to reach the entrance.  Inside, you’ll find many dead bandits and a big orb humming in the center.  Touching the orb ensnares you in a cage and drops you all the way down to the pool at the bottom.

S U N D E R S T O N E   G O R G E

  • Find the “source of power”

SUNDERSTONE GORGE is a mage-filled cave located north of Falkreath, just west of the big lake.  Fire mages guard the entrance so be careful when approaching.  Once inside, be on the lookout for traps; some can be used to your advantage in killing enemies.  Avoid a spiked wall trap as you enter the room up ahead.  Kill the mages inside and explore an alcove on the right to find an adept-locked chest.  Go upstairs and unlock another chest before crossing the wooden bridge.

At the intersection, head left.  Follow the winding path to a door.  Enter and dislodge the soul gem trap at the bottom of the slope to stop the flames.  The door on the right is also trapped.  Jump back after opening it to avoid getting pelted with poison.  Collect the chest inside along with random loot then proceed to the mages’ living quarters.

After killing the enemies inside, feel free to use the alchemy lab and investigate the eastern alcove to find a half-buried, master-locked chest.  Heading south from the living quarters, you’ll eventually arrive at an iron door.  Sneak inside the multi-leveled room and kill the mages inside.  A Flame Atronach guards the upper level.  Kill it and loot the remains to obtain fire salts.  The lectern in between two soul gems holds the Conjuration SKILLBOOK, “2920 Frostfall, v10”. 

After looting the area, approach the wall in back to learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “FIRE BREATH”.  Take the “unusual gem” (STONE OF BARENZIAH) off the sacrificial altar if you plan on completing the Thieves Guild quest, “No Stone Unturned”.  To the north is a boss chest and arcane enchanter.  Pull a chain to lower the spear gate and take the shortcut out to Skyrim.


  • Find the “source of power”

VOLSKYGGE is a Nordic dungeon located far west of Solitude near Lost Echo Cave.  At the base of the ruins, stairs lead down to an excavation site.  Enter the door on the left and explore a small tomb containing two coffins.  Avoid a swinging trap as you pass through and kill a Draugr that awakens as you collect loose treasure.  Climb the stairs and exit to a courtyard occupied by bandits.  Fight through them as you make your way up to the main entrance.

Upon entering Volskygge, kill more bandits while avoiding a poison dart trap near the throne.  As you enter the next room, stick to the right to avoid a swinging wall trap. Continue downstairs and kill the bandit near an apprentice-locked chest.  Follow the path until you reach a T-section. 

Take the left path first into a room with two bandits.  Search the bookshelf to get “Surfeit of Thieves”, a Lockpicking SKILLBOOK, then pick the adept-level gate to access a lever.  Pull it to reveal a secret passage.  Collect a chest and some loose potions below then backtrack to the T-section.  Heading east now, enter a large dining hall.  The two doorways on the left lead to smaller rooms with nothing of value.  The iron door is trapped.  Jump back after opening it to avoid getting hit by a log.

Follow the passage into a puzzle room with four animal carvings next to pedestals with handles.  To solve the puzzle, read “The Four Totems of Volskygge” book sitting on a pedestal to the north.  Riddles hint at the order you need to pull the levers:  SNAKE / BEAR / FOX / WHALE.  After pulling the levers in the correct order, a door opens. 

Pass through and descend the spiral staircase.  Open the chest below and look for a lever on the right that opens a secret passageway.  Follow it to a room protected by a dart trap.  After gathering the loot, go down another spiral staircase and follow the path to a door.  Enter Volskygge Passages.

Descend into a room with a soul gem.  The lever next to it lowers bars leading to an alcove.  Proceed to an iron door and fight the Draugr inside.  Loot the altar and disarm the chest in back before opening it.  Pull a lever on the right to lower the gate bars on the left.  Take care passing through, avoiding the floor plate that activates swinging blades. 

In the next room, you’ll find a metal floor grate covering a spiked pit.  Avoid stepping on it and walk over to the dead bandit.  Pull the lever behind the dead bandit to reveal a hidden room with another lever.  Pull that one to open a second path leading to an adept-locked chest.  The pedestal with the potion is trapped; grab it from behind to avoid getting speared.  Backtrack to the room with the metal floor grate afterwards.

Once there, intentionally step on the grate and use wooden beams to drop down safely.  Below, fight a lone Draugr then head south.  At the top of the stairs, three Draugrs await.  Kill them and loot side crypts if you like.  Continuing south from the main room, there’s a spiked wall trap up ahead.  Behind it, you’ll find an apprentice-locked chest.  Continue fighting Draugrs as you proceed through the crypts, facing more powerful versions as you enter the third chamber.

Go through the iron doors on the right and avoid a floor plate on the stairs that activates a battering ram.  Kill the Draugr above and proceed to a cave filled with Frostbite Spiders.  Cut through webbing to reach the dungeon again.  Climb stairs and disarm the chest on top to avoid getting slugged by a log.  Walk down the ramp into an opening with a stream and two arched bridges.  Kill Draugrs as you head right, following the stream to a chest.  Return to the bridges afterwards.  Sneak upstairs and kill the Draugr Deathlord sitting on the throne.  Loot the room then climb stairs behind the throne to reach Volskygge Peak.  Save your game before going outside. 

Climb the stairs on the left to reach a word wall guarded by the Dragon Priest Volsung.  Fight the powerful ice master plus any creatures he summons, making sure to keep your health up at all times.  After defeating the Dragon Priest, loot VOLSUNG’S MASK (required for the Labyrinthian shrine quest) and read the wall to learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “WHIRLWIND SPRINT”.  Gather some loose emeralds near the wall, too.


  • Become Thane of Whiterun
  • Get bounty quests from the Jarl’s steward (radiant, unlimited)
  • Get bounty quests from the innkeeper (radiant, unlimited)
  • Deliver Frost Salts for Farengar
  • Enchant an item
  • Recover Andur’s Amulet of Arkay
  • Deliver a sword for Adrianna Avenicci
  • Bring a mammoth tusk to Ysolda
  • Find Amren’s family sword
  • Give a coin to Brenuin
  • Steal Argonian Ale for Brenuin
  • Convince Braith to stop bullying Lars
  • Persuade Mikael to stop pestering Carlotta
  • Brawl Uthgerd the Unbroken
  • Purchase Breezehome after becoming Thane (5000 gold)

WHITERUN is one of the capital cities in Skyrim, governing Whiterun hold.  Prior to the Civil War, the city is aligned with the Imperials and is controlled by Jarl Balgruuf the Greater.  He resides in DRAGONSREACH, which can be fast-traveled to once it’s discovered.  To become THANE OF WHITERUN, do the following tasks for the Jarl:

        - Complete the main quest, “Before the Storm”
        - Complete the main quest, “Bleak Falls Barrow”
        - Complete the main quest, “Dragon Rising”

Once you become Thane, the Jarl gives you a special weapon and appoints a personal housecarl to serve your every need.  Housecarls wait in the Jarl’s residence until you buy property in the hold.  They can never die and will follow you anywhere.  As Thane, you can bribe guards into ignoring minor crimes.  Talk to Jarl Balgruuf’s steward, Proventus, when you are ready to purchase a house.  For 5000 gold, he will give you the keys to BREEZEHOME.  For additional gold, Proventus will furnish rooms and hands you a “Home Decorating Guide” book that explains your options.

There are many display cases to lockpick and items to loot in Dragonsreach if you can spare the time. Make sure to take the "unusual gem" (STONE OF BARENZIAH) from the Jarl's bedroom if you plan on completing the Thieves Guild quest, “No Stone Unturned”.  In the lower pantry, you'll find a sealed door related to the Daedric quest, "The Whispering Door". If you talk to the Jarl's court wizard, Faregar, about magic he'll ask you to deliver some Frost Salts to Arcadia, the city's alchemist. Upon delivery, Arcadia allows you to freely take most ingredients in her shop. Arcadia is a master Alchemy trainer and in her side room, you'll find the Alchemy SKILLBOOK, "An Herbalist's Guide to Skyrim". 

Many Whiterun citizens offer simple quests that involve finding or delivering certain items. Talk to Adrianne Avenicci about her forge and she will ask you to deliver a sword to her father, Proventus.  Adrianne runs Warmaiden’s with her husband, Ulfberth War-Bear.  When she is outside working the forge, she sells equipment and smithing materials that may be different than what her husband sells inside.  When she is inside the shop taking a break, her inventory (and available gold) will be identical. 

If you're an archer, definitely visit The Drunken Huntsman across from Warmaiden’s to stock up on bows, arrows, and light armor.  Inside, you’ll find a couple of MERCENARIES for hire and an Archery SKILLBOOK ("The Black Arrow, v2") behind the counter.  Further up is the marketplace with a few outdoor vendors, as well as Arcadia’s Cauldron and Belethor’s General Goods store. To trigger the "Missing in Action" side quest, speak with Fralia Gray-Mane at her stall.  If you need to rest, visit the Bannered Mare.  While there, ask the innkeeper if she’s heard any rumors.

On the next level of Whiterun you’ll find several houses, a temple, and a big white tree called the Gildergreen.  Talk to the priestess (Danica Pure-Spring) inside the Temple of Kynareth to initiate a side quest (“The Blessings of Nature”) involving the tree.  Inside the Temple, you’ll also find a Shrine of Kynareth that increases your Stamina by 25 points for 8 hours. 

Walk behind the Temple to reach the Hall of the Dead.  Go inside and talk to Andurs, who is missing an amulet.  Agree to fetch it then enter the catacombs connected to the hall.  Fight a few skeletons inside and inspect every surface.  ANDUR’S AMULET OF ARKAY is sitting on a table in one of the smaller rooms.  Within the catacombs you’ll also find the Block SKILLBOOK, “Death Blow of Abernanit” and an “unusual gem” (STONE OF BARENZIAH).  Return to Andurs and give him the amulet to earn 15 gold for your good deed.  Before leaving the Hall of the Dead, you can receive a blessing from the Shrine of Arkay.  Doing so increases your Health by 25 points for 8 hours. 

Outside, you’ll find the Shrine of Talos, which boosts your Shout rate.  The stairs to the right of this shrine lead to JORRVASKR, home of the COMPANIONS.  Seek out Kodlak Whitemane if you intend to join; at the very least, explore the lower living quarters to find three SKILLBOOKS boosting Two-Handed, Heavy Armor, and Archery.  The latter is contained in an expert-locked case with an Elven Bow.  Collect another “unusual gem” in Kodlak’s bedroom, too.

Heading left from Jorrvaskr’s entrance, you’ll find a thin stairway leading up to Skyforge, which is considered the best forge in all of Skyrim.  Talk to Eorlund Gray-Mane, the Companions’ master blacksmith, if you want to shop or train.  Note that Eorlund’s inventory expands to include rare armor once you become a member of the Companions.  Grab the Smithing SKILLBOOK “The Armorer’s Challenge” from the slab next to the forge. 

A Redguard citizen, Amren, offers a quest to retrieve his family’s sword.  More often than not, the location he sends you to is REDORAN’S RETREAT, which is in the hills across the river northwest of Whiterun.  Inside the bandit cave you’ll find much treasure, including the Sneak SKILLBOOK, “2920, Last Seed, v8” and TREASURE MAP IV.  AMREN’S FAMILY SWORD will be inside a boss chest near the bandit leader.   Upon returning the sword, Amren boosts your One-Handed and Block SKILLS.  He also offers One-Handed training lessons from now on.


  • Become Thane of Eastmarch
  • Get bounty quests from the Jarl’s steward (must complete Civil War first)
  • Get bounty quests from the innkeeper (radiant, unlimited)
  • Deliver a potion for Hillevi Cruel-Sea to Wuunferth the Unliving 
  • Find Queen Freydis's Sword for Oengul 
  • Kill a bandit leader for Brunwulf Free-Winter
  • Kill rogue crew members for Captain Kjar (radiant, unlimited)
  • Plant a ring on Viola for Revyn Sadri
  • Steal Double-Distilled Skooma for Stands-In-Shallows 
  • Settle a dispute for Scouts-Many-Marshes
  • Deliver a book for Adonato Leotelli
  • Retrieve a stolen amulet for Shahvee
  • Give an Amulet of Arkay to Torbjorn Shatter-Shield
  • Locate the Thalmor assassin for Malborn (conditional)
  • Brawl Rolff Stone-Fist
  • Give a coin to Silda the Unseen

WINDHELM is one of the capital cities in Skyrim, governing Eastmarch hold.  Prior to the Civil War, the city is aligned with the Stormcloaks and is controlled by Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak, head of the resistance.  He resides in the PALACE OF THE KINGS, which can be fast-traveled to once it’s discovered.  To become THANE OF EASTMARCH, do the following tasks for the Jarl:

        - Complete the Civil War questline
        - Assist 5 people in Eastmarch Hold
        - Purchase a house in Windhelm (Hjerim = 8,000 gold or higher)

Once you become Thane, the Jarl gives you a special weapon and appoints a personal housecarl to serve your every need.  Housecarls wait in the Jarl’s palace until you buy property in the hold.  They can never die and will follow you anywhere.  As Thane, you can bribe guards into ignoring minor crimes.

The Jarl’s court wizard, Wuunferth the Unliving, resides on the 2nd floor of the Palace.  Wuunferth buys/sells magical items and offers Destruction training.  In his quarters, you’ll find an “unusual gem” (STONE OF BARENZIAH) as well as an arcane enchanter and alchemy lab. While upstairs, search the bedrooms to find a Heavy Armor SKILLBOOK, "The Knights of the Nine".

The highly segregated city offers every imaginable service and has it’s own dock, run by the East Empire Company. Windhelm’s citizens offer several miscellaneous quests; most count towards helping people of the hold.  The town beggar, Silda the Unseen, offers Pickpocket training. Torbjorn Shatter-Shield offers Two-Handed training after completing his minor quest. One of the dock workers, Scouts-Many-Marshes, will ask you to persuade Torborn to pay better wages. If you succeed, the grateful Argonian will give you two fortify-skill potions. If you accept Captain Kjar's repeatable quest, he'll send you to a radiant location to kill a rogue crew member.

Three side quests can be initiated in Windhelm: “The White Phial”, “Rise in the East” and “Blood on the Ice”.  The latter quest can only be started at night after entering the city four times prior.  Entering Aventus Aretino’s residence triggers the Dark Brotherhood quest, “Innocence Lost”. If you spoke to Riften’s court wizard, Wylandriah, about her missing objects, you’ll find WYLANDRIAH’S SOUL GEM inside the White Phial alchemy shop.  Her satchel is sitting on top of a barrel underneath the stairs.

If Malborn survived after the main quest, "Diplomatic Immunity", talk to him in the New Ghinis Cornerclub. Agree to find the Thalmor assassin contracted to kill him then track down a Khajiit named J'datharr whose traveling with Ri'saad's caravan. Expose J'datharr as the assassin and let him attack first so that you don't incur a bounty. Return to Malborn afterwards to collect a reward. To assure that Malborn makes it out of Skyrim safely, follow him and clear the path of hostile creatures as he makes his way to REFUGEE'S REST. Once there, search the watchtower's roof for an adept-locked chest containing leveled loot.


  • Become Thane of Winterhold
  • Get bounty quests from the Jarl’s steward (radiant, unlimited)
  • Get bounty quests from the innkeeper (radiant, unlimited)
  • Steal the Staff of Arcane Authority for Malur Seloth 
  • Convince Ranmir to pay his bar debt for Haran
  • Locate Ranmir’s lost love, Isabelle, for Dagur
  • Give Ranmir a drink

WINTERHOLD is one of the capital cities in Skyrim, governing Winterhold hold.  Prior to the Civil War, the city is aligned with the Stormcloaks and is controlled by Jarl Korir.  To become THANE OF WINTERHOLD, do the following tasks for the Jarl:

        - Recover the Helm of Winterhold for the Jarl
        - Assist 3 people in Winterhold (College members count)

Once you become Thane, the Jarl gives you a special weapon but does not appoint a housecarl since there is no property available in the ruined hold.  As Thane, you can bribe guards into ignoring minor crimes.

The city’s main feature is the COLLEGE OF WINTERHOLD, the mage’s guild.  Apart from that, Winterhold has an inn and a general store.  Citizens offer a few miscellaneous quests; most count towards helping people of the hold.  Assisting College members counts toward the goal but you must enroll in order to speak with them.

One quest that does not appear anywhere in your journal involves Ranmir’s lost love, Isabelle Rolaine.  Help Ranmir pay his bar debt then ask Haran (the innkeeper) if there’s anything you can do to help the poor drunk.  Haran explains that Ranmir’s true love, Isabelle, ran off to Riften with a thief named Vex. Vex will not talk to you until you’ve completed the Thieves Guild quest, “Taking Care of Business”.  Once you’ve done so, go down to the Ragged Flagon and ask Vex about Isabelle to learn that she was headed towards HOB’S FALL CAVE.  The mage-infested cave is located between Dawnstar and Winterhold.  Near the entrance, you’ll find Isabelle’s dead body leaning against a rock.  Loot ISABELLE’S LETTER and give it to Ranmir in Winterhold to end the quest.

If you spoke to Riften’s court wizard, Wylandriah, about her missing objects, you’ll find WYLANDRIAH’S INGOT on a shelf inside the Frozen Hearth Inn.

W R E C K   O F   T H E   P R I D E   O F   T E L   V O S

  • Discover clues about Brand-Shei’s past

The WRECK OF THE PRIDE OF TEL VOS is a partially sunken ship located east of Winterhold.  Upon reaching the site, kill bandits camped outside and pick a novice-locked chest.  Board the collapsed vessel and slay the bandit chief in his cabin.  Loot his room then look for a waterlogged chest on the northern end, where the ship’s hull has separated.  Take LYMDRENN TELVANNI’S JOURNAL from the chest and read it.

Travel to RIFTEN and speak with Brand-Shei at his stall in the marketplace.  If you completed the Thieves Guild quest, “A Chance Arrangement”, you’ll find the Argonian merchant in the city’s jail.  Agree to help Brand-Shei discover clues about his ancestry then mention the journal you found.  The grateful merchant will give you the key to his strongbox in the marketplace.  Go to his stall and open the strongbox behind the sliding panel to collect your reward. 

Y N G O L   B A R R O W

  • Get “Yngol and the Sea Ghosts” quest

YNGOL BARROW is an ice-filled tomb northeast of Windhelm.  To fully unlock the mysteries within, you’ll need a CORAL DRAGON CLAW.  The Claw can be found inside the cave or purchased in advance from Birna in Winterhold.

When you arrive at the barrow, harmless balls of light surround you and act as guides through the cavern.  Fight Draugrs as you follow the twisting path into a puzzle room.  Next to the lever, you’ll find a Dead Scholar.  Search his body to acquire NOTES ON YNGOL BARROW.  Reading the notes starts the quest and offers the solution to the puzzle.  The pages describe three species in their natural habitats:  WHALE in water, SNAKE in grass, and EAGLE in sunlight.  Three stone pillars are set in alcoves that reflect those environments.  Rotate them until the correct animal faces the center of the room then pull the lever to open the gate.

Follow the path to a room with a bridge.  Look for a chest in the shallow water below, then hike back up and cross over.  Unlock a gated side room to collect minor treasure and watch out for the swinging wall trap up ahead.  Just past it is a chest.  After grabbing the goods, head right to find a circular puzzle door.  Take a look at the Coral Dragon Claw in your inventory.  Rotate the door rings to match symbols shown on the Claw.  From top to bottom, they should show: SNAKE / WOLF / MOTH.  Activate the keyhole to lower the door and watch as the blue orbs rush inside.

When you enter the mist-filled tomb, a ghost-like Draugr (Yngol’s Shade) rises from the throne and attacks.  Upon defeating the boss, the little blue orbs vanish.  Claim the unique HELM OF YNGOL to end the quest.  Taking the Helm unseals the gate, providing a shortcut back to Skyrim.  Make sure to get the boss chest near the throne before leaving.



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