skyrim - the companions (faction)
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When you first approach the city of WHITERUN, you’ll see a group of warriors fighting a giant (or standing next to a dead giant) near one of the farms.  Walk over and one of their members (Aela the Huntress) mocks you for not helping out.  Since you could not have helped even if you tried, answer as you see fit.  You learn that they are all members of an elite fighting squad called “The Companions”.  Ask any of them how to join and they will tell you to find their leader in Jorvasskar.  This interaction adds the objective, “JOIN THE COMPANIONS” to your questlog.

The Companions disburse and head back to Jorvasskr, which is their home in Whiterun.  You can tag along and ask each one questions to learn more about the Companions – or just go up to the city and wait for them to arrive.  Jorvasskr overlooks the eastern plaza and a big white tree.

Upon entering Jorvasskr, you’ll find two members brawling while others look on.  Apart from seeing who wins, there’s nothing to be gained by watching the fight.  Go downstairs and walk to the end of the hallway to find their leader, Kodlak Whitemane, chatting at a table with Vilkas.  Ask Kodlak if you can join the Companions and he’ll ask how good you are in battle.  However you answer, Kodlak tells Vilkas to escort you to the training yard to test your combat skills.  Having completed the prerequisite, the first official Companions quest begins:

T A K E   U P   A R M S  

Follow Vilkas outside.  When you reach the archery targets, he’ll tell you to attack him.  He will only block during this exercise so freely strike Vilkas with any non-magical weapon (or your fists) until he’s satisfied.  Vilkas then hands you his sword and tells you to take it to Eorlund Grey-Mane to get sharpened.

Climb the steps behind Jorvasskr to reach Skyforge.  You’ll find the Companions’ master blacksmith, Eorlund, working there.  Give him Vilkas’ sword and he’ll ask you to deliver a shield to Aela the Huntress.  Agree to help.  Before leaving, pick up some free equipment on the ledge near the forge and read the Smithing SKILLBOOK called “The Armorer’s Challenge”.

Return to Jorvasskr and give Aela her shield. You’ll find her in one of the rooms downstairs.  After some dialog, she’ll ask Farkas to show you where you’ll be sleeping.  Follow Farkas down the hall.  When you reach your bedroom (which is shared), the current quest ends.

Farkas will immediately offer work - however the task he assigns is not predetermined.  Your goal at this stage is to complete at least one miscellaneous quest associated with the Companions.  You can accept his task or talk to another elite Companion to get a different "radiant" task.  Here are the possible choices:

  • HIRED MUSCLE – offered by Farkas
  • TROUBLE IN SKYRIM – offered by Farkas
  • ANIMAL EXTERMINATION – offered by Aela
  • FAMILY HEIRLOOM – offered by Skjor or Vilkas
  • ESCAPED CRIMINAL – offered by Skjor or Vilkas
  • RESCUE MISSION – offered by Skjor or Vilkas

Before dashing off, spend some time exploring Jorvasskr.  The living quarters contain several locked display cabinets (inspect them if only to increase your Lockpicking skill).  One contains a nice elven bow for those just starting out.  In Kodlak’s bedroom, there’s an “unusual gem” (STONE OF BARENZIAH) related to the Thieves Guild quest, “No Stone Unturned”.  You’ll also find a couple of SKILLBOOKS in Jorvasskr: “The Marksmanship Lesson” (Archery) and “Song of Hrormir” (Two-Handed).  Many items can be taken freely once you gain the trust of the Companions.

When ready, complete the radiant quest assigned to you.  Return to Jorvasskr afterwards and speak with the Companion who initiated it.  After receiving a sum of gold, one of two things will happen:  You will either be told to find more work, or you will be told that Skjor was looking for you.  To advance the Companions questline, talking to Skjor should prompt the quest “Proving Honor”.

P R O V I N G   H O N O R  

Skjor needs you to retrieve a sacred item that once belonged to Ysgramor, founder of the Companions.  To test your valor, he wants Farkas to accompany you on this mission.  If you currently have a follower, they will automatically leave once you’ve spoken to Farkas.  If you don’t want Farkas following you, tell him to meet you at Dustman’s Cairn.

DUSTMAN’S CAIRN is northwest of Whiterun, not too far away.  While traveling there, a few areas of interest include Redoran’s Retreat, Silent Moons Camp, Hamvir’s Rest, and Halted Stream Camp (where you can get the “Transmute Ore” spell tome allowing you to turn iron into gold).

Upon reaching Dustman’s Cairn, talk to Farkas then enter the tomb.  Inside, you’ll see evidence of a recent raid and Farkas tells you to stay sharp.  Read the Two-Handed SKILLBOOK on the table (“Battle of Sancre Tor”), loot corpses and unlock a chest before proceeding to the next area.

Kill Draugr as you snake through a series of small, interconnected burial chambers.  Enter the door at the end and descend into a large room.  Farkas will stand next to an arcane enchanter while you explore, apparently waiting for you to find something.  After gathering a few loose potions, pull the lever inside the small adjoining room and watch the scene that follows.

When it ends, Farkas casually frees you from the room as if the slaughter you just witnessed is no big deal.  Question Farkas to learn that certain Companions (those who are part of the Circle) can transform themselves into werewolves.  The bodies piled up on the floor are Silver Hands, a group devoted to hunting werewolves.  Loot them to find all forms of Silver weaponry, especially effective against the undead. 

Now that the back gate is open, pass through and defeat Silver Hands as you proceed through the tomb.  Since Farkas is there to see how valiant you are, he will take his cues from you – in other words, don’t expect him to run ahead and clear the path.  Beyond the double wooden doors, there are more Silver Hands to dispatch.  Go up to the second floor and loot urns as you pass through to the next room.  Once inside, pull a chain on the wall to the left, exposing a master-level chest.  Successfully lockpicking it is worth the time and effort.  Look for another chest in the rubble near the stairs. 

Kill more Silver Hands and some Draugr as you move through the burial vaults.  As the path descends, open a chest on the right and continue through another wooden door.  Slay the Silver Hands inside and those within the vine-covered room up ahead.  Watch out for a floor trap as you descend further into the tomb, eventually reaching the entrance to Dustman’s Crypt.

Fight Silver Hands on the lower level then use the side door to reach the bridge above.  Cross over and walk down into another shroud-lined hall.  If possible, kill Draugrs before they awaken to reduce the number of Silver Hands that arrive.  Moving forward, you ‘ll see some steps leading up to a door.  Sneak inside and kill the Silver Hand stationed at the top of the stairs before he has a chance to alert others.  The small room below is attached to a large crypt – one that is exposed and teeming with powerful enemies – so try to stay hidden as you explore the lower area.

In addition to loose items on shelves, there’s a locked chest under the stairs and a locked supply closet on the right containing some nice items.  After gathering the loot, sneak into the main room and kill all enemies.  Note that there will be less Silver Hands inside if you caused a ruckus in the Draugr-filled hall earlier.  Once the crypt is cleared, open the chest on the left to acquire the DUSTMAN’S CAIRN KEY along with treasure.  Use the key to open the iron door straight ahead.

Kill skeevers that roam the path and enter the next room.  Inside, you’ll find an alchemy lab and two doors.  Unlock the door on the left to collect items off storage shelves then enter the door on the right.  Fight more skeevers along the path, ultimately arriving in a cave inhabited by a Giant Frostbite Spider and smaller kin.  Pass through to find two Draugrs patrolling near water.  After killing them, continue forward to an iron door that leads to the main crypt.

Before picking up the quest item, loot the huge room and read the wall behind the altar to learn a new word in the Dragon Shout “FIRE BREATH”.  As soon as you collect the FRAGMENT OF WUUTHRAD, hoards of leveled Draugr awaken and come at you in waves.  If you’ve learned the “Healing Hands” spell, cast it on Farkas every so often to keep his health up; otherwise, he’ll keel over pretty quickly, leaving you to fight waves of Deathlords alone.  Naturally, you’ll want to keep your own health up, too.  If you know any summon spells, use them to gain extra fighting power or just to create a distraction.  This is a lengthy battle so keep at it until all undead are taken care of.

Loot bodies afterwards to claim some nice ebony weapons then exit the crypt via the stairs.  Unbar the door on top to return to Dustman’s Cairn and follow the path out to Skyrim.  Return to Whiterun and head up to Jorvasskr.  Once there, Farkas will leave your company and Vilkas will ask you to follow him.  Walk with Vilkas to the training yard where you’ll be formally inducted into the Companions.  This ends the quest, “Proving Honor”.

Once again, you are told to ask the Companions for work.  In order to trigger the next major quest, you need to complete at least one more miscellaneous quest offered by a Companion.  Given the nature of Skyrim’s radiant system, don’t be surprised if a Companion offers the same quest repeatedly. Though the quest-giver may send you to a new location, the goal of the quest will remain the same.  Having said that, accept and complete one of the miscellaneous quests below to advance the Companions questline:

  • HIRED MUSCLE – offered by Farkas
  • TROUBLE IN SKYRIM – offered by Farkas
  • ANIMAL EXTERMINATION – offered by Aela
  • FAMILY HEIRLOOM – offered by Skjor or Vilkas
  • ESCAPED CRIMINAL – offered by Skjor or Vilkas
  • RESCUE MISSION – offered by Skjor or Vilkas

Return to Jorvasskr afterwards to get your reward from the quest-giver.  Ask for more work and one of two things will happen:  Either the Companion will give you a new task, or tell you that Skjor was looking for you again.  When offered that dialogue, speak with Skjor to trigger the next major Companions quest, “The Silver Hand”.

T H E   S I L V E R   H A N D  

Skjor wants you to meet him at the Underforge at night.  The Underforge is embedded in rock near the stairs leading to Skyforge. When night comes, meet Skjor at the secret entrance.  Follow him inside.

A member of the Circle is already present, ready to assist in an induction ritual that will allow you to join their rank.  If you choose not to become a werewolf, you cannot complete the Companions questline – so go for it; you can reverse the effects later on.  Tell Skjor you accept and watch the scene that follows.

After the transformation process, you’ll be outside of the Underforge wearing nothing but fur.  While in beast form, run through Whiterun until you black out again.  Since no one recognizes you, no bounty will be incurred if you maul or kill citizens.  You’ll wake up naked in a grove, with Aela standing next to you.  Concerning your new status as werewolf, here’s a brief rundown:


  • You can transform once per day by selecting “BEAST FORM” in the Magic>Powers menu.  The effect lasts for 150 seconds (feeding on human corpses slightly extends the duration). 
  • While in Beast Form, your health, speed, and attack damage increase.
  • While in Beast Form, you will not incur bounties after committing crimes.
  • Your blood is now resistant to all diseases.


  • While in Beast Form, you cannot loot, talk, use inventory items, or consult the map.
  • While in Beast Form, your health will not regenerate passively.
  • While in Beast Form, you cannot level up.
  • You have a weakness to Silver weapons, or any that harm undead.
  • You no longer receive “Rested”, “Well Rested” or “Lover’s Comfort” bonuses upon sleeping.

Skjor left Aela to look after you while he went off to scout a nearby Silver Hand camp.  Now that you’re awake, Aela wants your help raiding the camp.  She will replace your follower (if you had one) during this mission.  Get dressed, re-equip weapons, etc. then take a look at your map to see that you are east of Whiterun, near GALLOWS ROCK.

Your goal is to clear Gallows Rock of all Silver Hands using any route or method you like.  Head west and defeat those guarding the exterior.  If you obtained “Treasure Map VII” during your travels (found in Traitor’s Post), you’ll discover the chest it points to under an overhang in the courtyard.  After exploring the courtyard and turrets (one contains an adept-locked chest), enter the fort.

In the first room, pull a chain near the severed werewolf head to open the way forward.  Below, you’ll find two Silver Hands and some dead werewolves, the victims of cruel experiments.  Of the two doors here, one is blocked so use the other to proceed.  Kill a skeever or two en route to the stairs.  On top, you’ll find more Silver Bloods to defeat, as well as captive werewolves that need to be put out of their misery.  Proceed through the wooden door into a large chamber.  After killing the Silver Bloods inside, loot the area.  Look for a master-locked chest on the lower level and a One-Handed SKILLBOOK called “The Importance of Where” on a shelf above.

Continue into a small workroom and slay the lone Silver Hand stationed there.  Near the workbench, read another SKILLBOOK (“The Last Scabbard of Akrash”) to increase your Smithing skill.  Loot the adjacent bedroom then go downstairs.  As you approach the door, Aela tells you not to underestimate the Silver Hand leader – a hint that you should probably save your game before entering.

When ready, sneak inside and fight three Silver Hands along with their leader, Krev the Skinner.  Try landing a good sneak shot on the boss before going all-out (full plate armor distinguishes him from the others).  Aela’s ranged attacks prove helpful, so long as you draw enemies away from her.  Heal frequently and summon helpers to even the odds.

After the battle, Aela discovers Skjor’s dead body and vows to seek revenge.  Talk to her to complete the quest.  Aela stays behind so you must find your way out of the fort alone.  Loot the room then exit through the northeast door, providing a quick route back to Skyrim.  Return to Jorvasskr and speak with Aela when she arrives.  She will give you one of the following quests:


All three are radiant and can be repeated unlimited times (although “Retrieval” can only be repeated up to a certain point).  To advance the Companions questline, you must finish two Miscellaneous Companions Quests, and at least one must be for Aela. 

Talk to Aela after completing the miscellaneous quests.  Once you’ve met the criteria, she will tell you that Kodlak is aware of your recent activities and wants to see you.  Speak with Kodlak to begin the next main Companions quest, “Blood’s Honor”.

B L O O D ' S   H O N O R  

When Kodlak asks what you’ve been up to, you can answer honestly or remain vague.  Either way, he’s disappointed that you embraced the bloodlust of the Circle so readily.  Regretting that he ever drank the blood, Kodlak asks you to retrieve the only known cure for lycanthropy: a Glenmoril Witch Head.  Your map will update showing the location you need to go to.

GLENMORIL COVEN is southwest of Whiterun, and northwest of Falkreath.  If you haven’t explored that city, now would be a good time.  In addition to new quests (one involving a werewolf), Falkreath offers a blacksmith, general store, alchemy shop, and an inn. 

The path to Glenmoril Coven is marked with mutilated bodies, giving you a taste of what’s in store.  As soon as you enter the cave, your questlog will add the optional task of collecting all five GLEMORIL WITCH HEADS and arrows point the way to each of them.  If you want to cure your own lycanthropy, collect at least two (the other, being for Kodlak). The witches whose heads you need are a variety of Hagraven – lethal fire mages that can heal themselves.  Sneaking up on them helps a great deal.

Proceed to the central chamber where you’ll find the first Glenmoril Witch along with a random enemy (wolf, spider, skeever, or hag).  Kill both and loot the witch’s body to obtain a creepy Glenmoril Witch Head.  Having completed Kodlak’s task, you can now leave the coven – or stay to collect the rest. 

The central chamber has four offshoots leading to smaller rooms, each inhabited by a Glenmoril Witch and low-level crony.  Explore all of them if only to collect treasure.  The northwestern offshoot has a tent containing the Destruction SKILLBOOK, “The Horror of Castle Xyr”, as well as a nearby chest.  The northernmost offshoot leads to another SKILLBOOK, “A Tragedy in Black”.  Read it to increase your Enchanting skill.  After collecting treasure and witch heads, leave the coven and return to Jorvasskr.

As you approach Jorvasskr, you’ll see several people gathered near the stairs and Companions standing next to dead Silver Hands with weapons brandished.  Go inside and Vilkas will ask where you’ve been.  Answer however you wish.  He explains that while you were gone, the Silver Hands attacked and killed Kodlak, who is now lying dead on the mead hall floor.  They also stole the Fragments of Wuuthrad, which you now need to retrieve with Vilkas.  This ends the current quest and starts the next: "Purity of Revenge".

P U R I T Y   O F   R E V E N G E 

If you had a follower, Vilkas now replaces that person.  Your destination is DRIFTSHADE REFUGE, a small fort that is southeast of Dawnstar.  Again, if you have not visited that city, do so now to shop, gain quests, etc.  Whichever route you decide to take, head up the mountain to reach Driftshade Refuge.  Your journal adds the optional task of destroying all Silver Hands.

Kill those guarding the exterior then enter the fort.  Descend a long flight of stairs and kill Silver Hands in the room below.  After looting the room, go through the western door since the northern door is blocked.  Take out a guard and explore a couple of side rooms as you head further into the fort.  Eventually, the passage leads west to a wooden door.  Go inside.

Starting on the top floor of a two-tiered room, defeat more Silver Hands and loot the area.  Below, head west to find an adept-locked chest containing gold and potions.  Continuing north through the passage, unlock a door on the left and kill the guard inside.  Gather treasure from the chest and table then continue through the passageway.  After killing two more Silver Hands, use a lever on the right to lower the gate spears.  Pass through into Driftshade Cellar.

There’s a spiked wall trap up ahead; avoid it by veering left, sneaking behind the barrels towards a Silver Hand guard.  Among the barrels, look for a chest containing leveled gear.  After killing the guard, look for a pullbar on the right that activates the spiked wall.  Try to position Vilkas away from the wall when you pull it.  Enter the area behind the spiked wall to find another chest.  After collecting its contents, use a similar pullbar to reset the wall and exit.  Proceed downstairs and enter the cellar.

Kill two guards then loot the shelves.  On one, you’ll find the Light Armor SKILLBOOK, “The Rear Guard”.  The cellar opens into a snowy cave with cages.  Two Silver Hands patrol the lower region and an archer is stationed on the upper ledge.  After defeating them, examine the large cages.  One contains a dead horse and the other, a live werewolf.  Feel free to unlock the cage and kill the werewolf to put it out of its misery.  Pass through a torture chamber, killing the lone guard inside.  The next chamber contains a couple of Silver Hands and another dead werewolf.  Loot the room, grabbing a coin purse and apothecary satchel off shelves behind the fireplace.  Go upstairs to return to Driftshade Refuge.

Ascend to the final chamber and kill three remaining Silver Hands.  One of them wears boss-style armor.  Afterwards, explore the room.  Along with the quest item, FRAGMENTS OF WUUTHRAD, you’ll find a big chest and two SKILLBOOKS: “Warrior” increases Block, and “2920, Morning Star, v2” increases One-Handed.  Unbar the southern door for quick access out of the fort.  Once outside, fast-travel back to Whiterun.

Upon returning to Whiterun, Vilkas suggests going up to Skyforge to attend Kodlak’s funeral.  This conversation ends the current quest and begins the next: “Glory of the Dead”.

G L O R Y   O F   T H E   D E A D  

After Vilkas leaves your company, hike up to Skyforge where you’ll see all of the Companions gathered.  Other citizens, including the Jarl, will also be in attendance.  Respectfully watch the ceremony.  When it ends, give Eorlund Gray-Mane the Fragments of Wuuthrad so that he can reforge the weapon.  Eorlund asks you to retrieve the last shard from Kodlak’s bedroom.

Enter Jorvasskr and go down to Kodlak’s bedroom.  Take the SHARD from his end table and optionally read Kodlak’s journal to discover his high hopes for you.  It is well worth reading in full.  Return to Eorlund who will either be at Skyforge or in his house, depending on the time of day. 

Upon receiving the shard, Eorlund says the Circle is waiting for you inside the Underforge.  Go there and listen to the discussion concerning Kodlak’s final wish.  During the conversation, Eorlund arrives with the newly forged WUUTHRAD.  He hands you the weapon, explaining that it will open the way to Ysgramor’s Tomb, where you will be able to cure Kodlak’s lycanthropy posthumously.

YSGRAMOR’S TOMB lies deep in the ice fields northwest of Winterhold.  You can travel with the Circle (Aela, Vilkas, and Farkas) or choose to meet them there.  Either way, make sure you bring at least one Glenmoril Witch Head with you in order to complete the quest.  If you bring a follower, they will not be removed from the party when you arrive.

Enter Ysgramor’s Tomb and place Wuuthrad in the statue’s hands.  After opening the way forward, you can remove the weapon and keep it with no ill effects.  Vilkas elects to stay behind, fearing that his anger will compromise the mission, so proceed with Aela and Farkas into the burial chamber.

Along the way, ghosts of former Companions will test the party.  Fight them as you move through the tomb, looting any items of value.  Eventually, you’ll come to a web-filled area, cluing you to the presence of spiders.  Farkas admits his fear of spiders and leaves the party at this point.  Moving forward with just Aela now (plus any follower you brought), clear the webbing and kill all of the Frostbite Spiders inside.  Cut through more webbing to reveal a Giant Frostbite Spider along with some smaller ones.  Pull the chain near the door to enter a large burial chamber.

Once inside, the ghosts of many Companions test your resolve.  Fight through them to reach an iron door.  Enter and flip the lever on the altar to open a new path.  Follow it into a chamber with more ghosts to fight.   Once cleared, explore the room.  Look for a Two-Handed SKILLBOOK, “The Legend of Sancre Tor”, on the table.  After reading it, proceed to the main chamber.

Approach the vessel burning with a magical flame and the ghost of Kodlak appears.  To free his spirit, drop a Glenmoril Witch Head into the flame and defeat Kodlak’s inner beast (a spirit animal) when it emerges.  Aela will help you fight the translucent creature; if you have trouble seeing it, cast fire to outline its shape.  To show his gratitude, Kodlak appoints you the new leader of the Companions.  As his ghost fades away, the quest ends.

If you brought an extra Glenmoril Witch Head, you can cure your own lycanthropy by dropping it into the flame now.  Upon re-activating the flame, defeat your own beast form when it appears to rid your body of the unholy blood.  I opted to cure myself since the benefits of being human (sleep bonuses, for example) seemed more useful.  Plus I wanted to honor Kodlak.  The choice is entirely yours, of course.

Speak with Aela to get her reaction.  If you do not ask her to continue following you, she will remain behind.  Either way, climb the spiral ramp on the right and open the chest above to get the SHIELD OF YSGRAMOR, a unique item that boosts magic resistance and health.  Pull the nearby chain to open a new gate at the entrance.  Farkas and Vilkas will be waiting there: like Aela, both are available as followers from now on.  As their harbinger, most all Companions will follow you if asked, and you can now access their inventories to remove/add items – for example, reimbursing gold paid for a Companion follower’s training lessons.  While wearing an Amulet of Mara, you can even propose marriage.

Do not exit Ysgramor’s Tomb from the way you entered.  Instead, take the newly opened west exit out to Skyrim.  Once outside, turn right and take the stairs up to a word wall.  Read it to learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “ANIMAL ALLEGIANCE”.

Having completed the main Companions questline, return to Jorvasskr to hear everyone’s reaction to you becoming harbinger.  Also visit Skyforge to see that Eorlund Gray-Mane has some new items for sale.  With a high enough blacksmithing skill, you can now use his forge to create Nord Hero weapons and Ancient Nord Armor.  And, of course, you can continue to perform radiant quests for the Companions, including two or three new ones:

  • PURITY – offered by Farkas or Vilkas
  • DRAGON SEEKERS – offered by Farkas or Vilkas
  • TOTEMS OF HIRCINE – offered by Aela if you remained a werewolf


When miscellaneous Companions quests first become available, they are generically added to your log as: “Talk to the Companion leaders for work”.  Once you accept a job, the quest is given a name.  All are “radiant” – meaning that leaders offer tasks in no set order and they can be completed multiple times. Though leaders may offer the same quest repeatedly, the location they send you to may change.  Only one job can be active at a time.  At certain points during the Companions questline, new jobs become available and are added to the mix.  Below, is a description of all miscellaneous Companions quests, listed by name:

A N I M A L   E X T E R M I N A T I O N   I

  • Quest giver:  Aela
  • Conditions:  Complete “Take Up Arms”

Kill a wild animal that has invaded a citizen’s home.  Bring a few lockpicks with you before traveling to the location marked on your map (usually a city or town).  Once there, follow the quest arrow to find the home.  You may see the frightened owner sitting outside, and will have to unlock the door to enter.  Kill the creature inside (often a Sabrecat) then return to Jorvasskr.  Talk to Aela to get your reward.

A N I M A L   E X T E R M I N A T I O N   I I

  • Quest giver:  Aela
  • Conditions:  Complete “Take Up Arms”

A variation of Aela’s extermination job is clearing out beasts from a random den.  Travel to the location and kill all creatures inside.  The location might be filled with bears, spiders, or skeevers – or tougher enemies such as Falmers, Trolls, or Spriggans.  Return to Jorvasskr afterwards to get your reward from Aela.

D R A G O N   S E E K E R S  

  • Quest giver:  Farkas or Vilkas
  • Conditions:  Complete “Glory of the Dead”

Agree to hunt down a dragon with Farkas or Vilkas.  Travel to the location marked on your map and kill the dragon with your shield-brother.  Naturally, look for a dragon wall, a chest, and absorb the dragon’s soul after slaying it.  Your shield-brother stays behind, giving you gold for completing his quest.

E S C A P E D   C R I M I N A L  

  • Quest giver:  Skjor or Vilkas
  • Conditions:  Complete “Take Up Arms”

Track down and kill a Criminal that has escaped from jail.  Although his/her current location will be marked on your map, by the time you get there, he/she may have moved to a new location.  Fast-travel around Skyrim until you’re close enough to chase the person on foot.  He or she looks like a regular citizen but is named “Criminal”. Once you have identified the Criminal, kill him/her.  Return to Jorvasskr and collect gold for your good deed.

F A M I L Y   H E I R L O O M  

  • Quest giver:  Skjor or Vilkas
  • Conditions:  Complete “Take Up Arms”

Retrieve a stolen item from a random location.  Since the item is usually located in a bandit hideout or giant’s camp, prepare to fight enemies once there.  Head toward the quest marker and you’ll likely find the stolen object in a chest.  Bring the object to Skjor or Vilkas (whichever one gave you the quest) to receive your reward.

H I R E D   M U S C L E

  • Quest giver:  Farkas
  • Conditions:  Complete “Take Up Arms”

The goal of this quest is to punish a citizen’s bad behavior.  It might be a guy who works at Whiterun Stables, or a farmer, or – believe it or not – Faendal from Riverwood.  Imagine my surprise when I learned I had to beat up my own follower! Nevertheless, locate the troublemaker and try to persuade him/her to stop causing trouble.  Unless your Speech skill is extremely high, persuasion will not sway the person, nor will intimidation.  The only option left is to brawl.

Using only your fists as weapons, you can punch your opponent, dodge attacks, and perform power attacks by holding down the attack button.  Chances are you’re much stronger and will knock the person down pretty quickly.  If your character is a Khajiit, your claws will take him out almost immediately.  Once your opponent is down, talk to him until he concedes.  Return to Jorvasskr afterwards to collect your reward from Farkas.

P U R I T Y  

  • Quest giver: Farkas or Vilkas
  • Conditions:  Complete “Glory of the Dead”

Your shield-brother wants to be cured of lycanthropy and asks for your assistance.  Both Farkas and Vilkas will eventually offer this quest if you keep doing odd jobs for them.  If you don’t have a Glenmoril Witch Head in your inventory, get one before going to Ysgramor’s Tomb.

Enter the tomb with your shield-brother and take the eastern path to the chamber with the fire vessel.  Perform the cleansing ritual by dropping a Glenmoril Witch Head into the flames and defeating the spirit beast that emerges.  Collect your reward from Farkas or Vilkas afterwards.

R E S C U E   M I S S I O N

  • Quest giver:  Skjor or Vilkas
  • Conditions:  Complete “Take Up Arms”

Rescue a citizen from a cave or dungeon and escort them to safety.  Prepare to fight enemies in the location you are sent to.  Once there, head towards the quest marker to find the captive person.  After being rescued, the person will follow you.  Keep them alive as you head back out to Skyrim.  Once outside, escort the person to their home.  If their home is a known location, you can fast-travel there.  After the citizen leaves your company, return to Jorvasskr to collect your reward.


  • Quest giver:  Aela
  • Conditions:  Complete “The Silver Hand” (unavailable after re-forging Wuuthrad)

Locate a Fragment of Wuuthrad in some random location.  The place you are sent to will be filled with Silver Hand enemies so prepare to fight once you get there.  The quest item will be in a boss chest.  Grab it and return to Aela for a reward. The quest will not be offered after reforging the weapon.

S T E A L I N G   P L A N S

  • Quest giver:  Aela
  • Conditions:  Complete “The Silver Hand”

Search a Silver Hand hideout for information on the location of their headquarters.  Although your primary goal is to retrieve the SILVER HAND STRATAGEM (quest item) prepare to fight several Silver Hand enemies when you get to the location marked on your map.  Return to Aela afterwards to receive your reward.

S T R I K I N G   T H E   H E A R T  

  • Quest giver:  Aela
  • Conditions:  Complete “The Silver Hand”

Assassinate a Silver Hand leader that is hiding out in a random location.  Although your principle goal is to kill the leader, prepare to fight several Silver Hands when you get there.  Return to Aela afterwards to receive your reward.

T O T E M S   O F   H I R C I N E  

  • Quest giver:  Aela
  • Conditions:  Complete “Glory of the Dead” and remain a werewolf

While searching through Skjor's belongings, Aela has discovered the location of a Totem of Hircine and wants you to go with her to retrieve it.  Agree to travel with Aela to the location.  The place you are sent to will usually be filled with nasty enemies so prepare to fight once you get there.  After retrieving the first Totem, Aela will want to bring it to the Underforge. 

Return to Whiterun and enter the Underforge with Aela.  Place the Totem in its proper receptacle.  While in beast form, you can now pray to the Totem to gain a new power.  There are three Totems of Hircine to collect so depending on which one you found, here are the possible results:

- Totem of the Hunt:  While in beast form, “howl” to detect life in the surrounding area.
- Totem of Fear:  While in beast form, your Scent of Blood howl is more powerful
- Totem of Brotherhood:  While in beast form, summons two red spirit wolves to fight at your side

Keep doing odd jobs for Aela until she tells you she’s found another totem.  Travel with her to the next location, and repeat the process until you’ve collected all three Totems of Hircine.

T R O U B L E   I N   S K Y R I M  

  • Quest giver:  Farkas
  • Conditions:  Complete “Take Up Arms”

Clear out troublemakers from a random location.  The “troublemakers” are usually bandits, mages, or vampires that have taken over a cave, pond, or dungeon.  Go to the location and defeat all enemies.  Return to Farkas afterwards to collect your reward.


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