skyrim - college of winterhold (faction)
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Whether or not your character is a magic-user, every player benefits from joining the College of Winterhold.  It is the de facto Mage’s Guild of Skyrim.  To prompt the College of Winterhold questline, ask any court wizard or tavern owner: “Where can I learn more about magic?”  After they answer, your journal will add the miscellaneous quest: “Visit the College of Winterhold.”

To find the College, travel to the city of WINTERHOLD, which is located in the northeast section of Skyrim.  Upon your arrival, you’ll discover that the city itself is small and inconsequential when compared to the enormous structure looming at the north end.  A long, stone bridge attaches the College to the town.  Approach it, only to be stopped by a sorceress at the top of the stairs.  Upon meeting Faralda, the first College of Winterhold quest begins:

F I R S T   L E S S O N S  

When Faralda asks what brings you to the College, answer as you see fit.  No matter which answer you give, Faralda will not let you pass until you’ve completed a test.  She will randomly choose a spell for you to cast, and if you don’t have it, she’ll teach it to you for 30 gold.  If you don’t have enough magicka to cast the spell Faralda selects, either equip/drink something that increases your total magicka or return to Winterhold after leveling up that stat.  Alternately, try persuading her to let you pass by demonstrating that you are Dragonborn by using a Shout. 

After passing Faralda’s test, follow her across the bridge and up to the courtyard where your map will update to show a new location discovered, the COLLEGE OF WINTERHOLD.  Faralda tells you to speak with Mirabelle Irvine to get your study and room assignments, apparently enrolling you as a new student whether you wanted to be or not.  After Faralda leaves, seek out Mirabelle.  You’ll find her in the courtyard discussing college business with another mage. 

When the discussion ends, talk to Mirabelle to receive two articles of clothing: a NOVICE HOOD and NOVICE ROBES OF DESTRUCTION.  Though you are not obligated to wear them, equipping any sort of mage attire while attending classes here is helpful.  Mirabelle gives you a quick tour of the College, pointing out that the courtyard branches off into three main halls:

Hall of Attainment = Living quarters for apprentice mages
Hall of Countenance = Living quarters for advanced mages
Hall of the Elements  = Lecture hall (branches to the Arcanaeum and Arch-Mage’s Quarters)

Follow Mirabelle to the Hall of Attainment, where you’ll be shown your bedroom.  You can freely take any items in the room, and there are many nice items to take.  When the tour ends, she tells you to go see Tolfdir in the Hall of the Elements, where classes are about to start.  When ready, head over to the lecture hall to meet your new instructor.

Enter the Hall of the Elements and join three fellow students in listening to Tolfdir’s lecture on safety.  After giving your thoughts on the matter, Tolfdir asks for your help in a magic defense demonstration.  If you haven’t learned the “Lesser Ward” spell, Tolfdir will teach it to you.  Equip the spell then stand directly across from him.  Cast the defensive spell when Tolfdir shoots a fireball at you.  If timed correctly, the ward spell will shield you from the flames.

After successfully defending yourself, class is dismissed.  Tolfdir tells you that lessons will resume in Saarthal, where all students will take part in an ongoing expedition.  This ends the “First Lessons” quest and begins the next one, “Under Saarthal”. 

Fully explore the College before leaving.  Speak with your fellow classmates (Onmund, Z’Jargo, and Brelyna) to learn more about them, and talk to advanced members to see which school of magic they specialize in:

  • Tolfdir – Alteration magic
  • Faralda – Destruction magic
  • Drevis Neloran – Illusion magic
  • Collette Marence – Restoration magic
  • Phinis Gestor – Conjuration magic
  • Sergius Turrianus – Enchanting

In addition to skill training, most sell goods related to their specialty, and two offer miscellaneous quests at this stage:  Talk to Drevis Neloran to begin “Out of Balance” or speak with Sergius Turrianus to begin one of the quests he offers (“Enchanting Pick-Up” or “Restocking Soul Gems”).  The Arch-Mage’s Quarters is locked right now, but you can visit the Arcanaeum to read or buy books.  While there, talk to the Orc librarian, Urag gro-Shub, to pick up a radiant quest: “Fetch Me That Book!” 

U N D E R   S A A R T H A L  

Meet Tolfdir in SAARTHAL, which is southwest from Winterhold.  Since it takes Tolfdir and the other students about four in-game hours to walk there, feel free to explore other areas along the way. Frost Trolls roam the region so be careful.  Upon reaching Saarthal, loot any items of value on the upper walkways then go down to the entrance where Tolfdir and the others are waiting (if they haven’t arrived, just wait at the entrance).  Tell Tolfdir you’re ready to go and follow him into the ruins.  If you brought a follower along, they can join in, too.

As Tolfdir leads the group down to the excavation site, he warns of dangers up ahead.  Despite his words, there are no enemies in the first area so rest easy.  When you reach the bottom, Tolfdir assigns each student a task.  Your task is helping Arniel Gane find some artifacts.  Your map now updates to show the location of Arniel Gane, who is working in one of the alcoves above.  If you haven’t learned “Magelight”, purchase the spell from Tolfdir to help navigate the dark passageways and more easily spot loose treasure.  Of particular interest is an adept-locked chest sitting on a high ledge to the north.  You have to jump across a gap to reach it.

Follow the quest arrow to Arniel Gane’s location and tell him Tolfdir sent you.  The researcher wants you to fetch four artifacts (3 rings and an amulet) and marks their locations on your map.  Luckily, finding the three rings is optional, as they are all lying on floors in darkness and tough to see.  If you decide to fetch them, keep the rings as nothing is gained by returning them to Arniel.

What you need to find is the amulet.  To reach it, head north through the passageways towards a brightly lit archway.  The “Ancient Amulet” will be hanging on a nearby wall.  As soon as you grab it, a spear gate activates, trapping you inside the small room.  Go to the gate and wait for Tolfdir to arrive.  He suggests wearing the amulet to see if it has any effect.  Open your inventory and equip the SAARTHAL AMULET (under Apparel).  The wall where you found the amulet visibly reacts to you wearing it.  Tolfdir then suggests casting a spell on the wall to see what happens.  Use any Shout or Destruction spell (such as “Flames”) to break the magical seal.

Once the spear gate opens, Tolfdir rushes in and asks you to accompany him further inside the ruins.  Follow him into a burial chamber where an apparition appears.  You are the only one that can see Nerien, who explains that his group, the Psijic Order, will be watching your actions carefully to prevent disaster.  Once he vanishes, ask Tolfdir about the Psijic Order.  Tolfdir’s answer prompts coffins in the room to open.  Fight the Draugr that emerge, keeping in mind that Tolfdir’s magic spells may hit any follower you brought along – in which case, your follower will see Tolfdir as an enemy and neither will be of much help.  Likewise, if your follower has magical staffs equipped that do area-effect damage, Tolfdir will relentlessly attack long after the Draugrs are gone.  Just something to keep in mind.

Pass through one of the coffins to reach the next room and fight more undead enemies as they rise.  Once they are defeated, Tolfdir tells you to continue exploring on your own – he will catch up with you later.  Pull two chains, one on each side of the door, to retract the barriers and pass through.  From here, the layout is like any other Nordic tomb, with burial urns to loot and Draugr rising from their resting places.   Watch out for rune traps on the floor as you go.  Try exploding runes in advance by casting a counter spell on them.  After climbing the stairs, unlock an adept-level chest on the west end and gather loose items from a table near the south end.  Loot another chest near the door before passing through.

Fight Draugr as they rise from their wall niches until you come to a chest.  There’s a pressure plate in front, so open it from the side to avoid getting pelted by darts.  Continue killing Draugr and collecting loose items until you reach an area containing six marked stones.  To solve the puzzle, rotate each stone so that its symbol matches the one displayed on the wall behind it:

            On the north side, set the 3 stones to show:  EAGLE / SNAKE / WHALE
            On the south side, set the 3 stones to show:  WHALE / EAGLE / EAGLE

Once you’ve correctly set the stones, pull the lever near the back gate to open it.  Take the stairs down to a door.  Sneak inside and kill the powerful Draugr (possibly a Deathlord) patrolling the upper level.   Loot some urns on the bottom floor if you wish; otherwise, enter the door on top.  Inside the small chamber, you’ll find a chest and a nice weapon near one of the urns.  Wipe away cobwebs and tread carefully, as there are two more rune traps on the path leading to the next puzzle room. 

Inside, you’ll find 4 rotating pillars, each containing symbols.  Walls behind each pillar show which symbol to match, but there’s a catch:  Turning one pillar may also turn others.  Fiddle with the pillars until you’ve identified their pattern (one pillar turns all four, another turns three, another turns two, and one turns only itself).  Starting with the pillar that turns all four, work in descending order to set them correctly.  What you want to end up seeing is:

            Northwest pillar = WHALE / Northeast pillar = SNAKE
            Southwest pillar = EAGLE / Southeast pillar = WHALE 
Once the pillars are set correctly, pull the lever to open the gate.  Move forward and you’ll hear Tolfdir calling out to you.  After speaking with him, he will follow you.  Continue down the corridor with Tolfdir, who invariably steps on a floor trap that spews darts at you.  Pick up loot and take advantage of an alchemy station as you head towards the door at the end.  Make sure you’re fully healed and ready to face a boss before entering.

Arriving on the upper floor, you’ll see a giant spinning orb emitting a blue-green light at the far end of the large chamber.  A Draugr wizard named Jyrik Gauldurson is drawing energy from the orb, and as soon as he spots you, attacks.  While linked to the orb, Jyrik cannot be damaged.  Draw Jyrik away from the orb, providing a distraction so that Tolfdir has time to close the link.  Since you can’t harm Jyrik until Tolfdir succeeds, use that time to get into position and heal.  After Tolfdir breaks the link (the orb will close), fight the boss as you would any other high-level Draugr.  Tolfdir will now be free to help out, as will any follower you brought.

Once slain, loot Jyrik’s corpse to acquire the GAULDUR AMULET FRAGMENT and a Writ of Sealing.  Reading the Writ initiates the “Forbidden Legend” side quest.  If you already triggered this quest by reading another book, your journal will update upon finding the amulet fragment.  

To continue the current quest, speak with Tolfdir, who wants you to inform the Arch-Mage of the discovery.  Loot the room before leaving, gathering items from the altar including the unique STAFF OF JYRIK GAULDURSON.  Exit through the door behind the orb and follow the path into a plant-filled grotto. 

There you’ll find a boss chest as well as a word wall that teaches a new word in the Dragon Shout, “ICE FORM”.  Go through the nearby door and proceed until you reach a gate.  Pull the handle on the left to open a shortcut back to the excavation site.  Leave Saarthal when ready.

Return to the College of Winterhold and find the Arch-Mage. The door to his quarters will now be unlocked, so go upstairs and talk to him.  Tell Savos Aren you found something important in Saarthal.  After rewarding you with a STAFF OF MAGELIGHT, the Arch-Mage tells you that Urag gro-Shub may be able to provide more information on the orb.   This ends the current quest and begin the next, “Hitting the Books.”

If you plan on completing the Thieves Guild quest “No Stone Unturned”, make sure to take the “unusual gem” (STONE OF BARENZIAH) from a shelf in the Arch-Mage’s Quarters.  There is also an arcane enchanter and alchemy lab in the room.  Although there are many nice things to steal, you’ll inherit everything in the Arch-Mage’s Quarters later on.

H I T T I N G   T H E   B O O K S  

Go to the Arcanaeum (which is next door to the Arch-Mage’s Quarters) and speak with the librarian, Urag gro-Shub.  In order to determine what the orb is, you need to retrieve some stolen books from Fellglow Keep.  Should you find the scholar that stole them (Orthorn), you’re given carte blanche to do with him as you please.  Leave the College when ready.

FELLGLOW KEEP is south of Winterhold.  If you’re in a hurry to get there, travel northeast from Whiterun.  The fort is filled with mages so equipping magic resistant gear before entering will prove helpful.  Also, fighting mages with shock-enchanted weapons is always a good idea.

Upon reaching Fellglow Keep, defeat two mages that patrol the grounds, as well as a Flame Atronach.  If you approach the fortress from above, you can snipe them using a bow.  Once cleared, explore the courtyard to see that the main entrance is locked.  Use the optional entry at the base of the tower leading down into the Fellglow Keep Dungeons.

Inside, wade through shallow water to reach a multi-leveled room.  Kill two Frostbite Spiders then walk upstairs and kill an ice mage.  Loot the upper quarters then head southeast to a junction.  There’s a poison dart trap here and two possible routes.  Moving straight ahead, you’ll find an apprentice-locked door at the bottom of the stairs.  Pick it to reveal a chest then backtrack to the junction and continue downstairs.  Avoid (or deactivate) an exploding rune trap as you enter the prison below.

Kill the Conjurer sitting at the table then explore the room.  Three vampires sit in locked cells.  If you free them, they will dash off to fight the mages up ahead.  Loot the room and proceed to the next one, a torture chamber.  The mages inside will either be engaged in battle or standing over the defeated vampires.  Kill whoever remains and loot the bodies afterwards.  Continue downstairs to another prison room.

After defeating the guard, talk to Orthorn in the middle cell.  Ask about the stolen books and Orthorn explains that “The Caller” took them.  At this point, you can free Orthorn by pulling one of the levers behind him, or by lockpicking his cell.  The other two cells contain wolves that can also be released and killed.  If you free Orthorn, he offers to help you find the books.  Accept his offer or tell him you’ll find the books on your own. 

Either way, carry on and unlock an adept-level door to the west.  Inside, you’ll find a locked chest and some weapons on a table.  Stairs to the northwest lead to a door that requires a key, so take the opposite route to a door you can enter.  Sneak inside the training room and kill three mages practicing their fire spells.  After looting the fallen, proceed to the next area where you’ll find more mages as well as a few skeletons.  Defeat the Conjurers before they summon zombies.  At the end of the corridor, grab a “Raise Zombie” spell tome from the pedestal then open the door on the right.  Collect items from the chest inside then go through the door on the left to reach Fellglow Keep.

Defeat two mages inside then loot the room.  Among several items, you’ll find a Conjuration SKILLBOOK on a pedestal titled “The Doors to Oblivion”.  Moving forward, kill a Necromancer then continue down the hall.  The door on the left requires a key, so enter the door up ahead and kill the two enemies inside.  Go upstairs to find two open doorways and a barred door to the south.

The room on the right contains an arcane enchanter, alchemy lab, anvil, and workbench.  Collect some nice loot and another STONE OF BARENZIAH.  Return to the main room and continue upstairs.  On top, head left into a circular room with bookshelves.  Sitting behind the shelves are two mages.  Kill them and loot the room.  On one of the tables, you’ll find the Destruction SKILLBOOK, “A Hypothetical Treachery”. Pass through and climb more stairs. 

Along the upper hallway are doors leading to bedrooms.  In one of them you’ll find a sleeping mage.  Kill her and loot the body to acquire the “Fellglow Keep Key”.  Continue down the hall and unlock the next door using the key you just took.  Inside, you’ll find a Shrine to Julianos.  Activating it cures all diseases and increases your magicka by 25 points for 8 hours.  Another door in the room leads to an adept-locked chest.  Back in the hallway, kill the Flame Atronach guarding the wooden door at the end (try to sneak up on it).  Enter and follow the spiral staircase to the top, where you’ll find a door leading to the Fellglow Keep Ritual Chamber.

Upon entering her ritual chamber, the Caller asks why you’ve come.  Tell her you’ve come to take the books.  If your Speech skill is high enough, she can be persuaded to give you the books without bloodshed.  If Orthorn came with you, you can also trade him for the books.  Alternately, persuade her to let you leave then assassinate her when she’s not looking.  If no neutral arrangement can be made, you must fight the powerful sorceress.

During battle, the Caller will summon leveled Atronachs (Storm, Flame or Frost) to fight at her side.  She also teleports around the room while casting Destruction spells and is capable of healing herself.  If you defeat the Caller in battle or assassinate her, you can loot her body to obtain the “Fellglow Ritual Chamber Key”.  If you chose to leave peacefully, you cannot exit through the back door and will miss out on treasure.  Either way, grab three books off pedestals before leaving the ritual chamber.

Assuming you acquired the key, use it to unlock the back door.  Collect treasure then use the floor hatch to drop down.  Unbar the door below, providing a shortcut back to Skyrim. To complete the quest, return to the College of Winterhold and give the books to Urag gro-Shub in the Arcanaeum.  Doing so automatically triggers the next College quest, “Good Intentions”.

G O O D   I N T E N T I O N S 
After receiving the books, Urag gro-Shug tells you to find Tolfdir, who has just returned from Saarthal.  Go to the Hall of the Elements, where you’ll find Tolfdir studying the giant orb that has been moved there.  Listen to his theories on the orb (now identified as the Eye of Magnus) until Arcano interrupts the lecture.  The high elf tells you that a monk from the Psijic Order has come to the College asking to see you, and that you must immediately follow him to the Arch-Mage’s Quarters.  Despite Tolfdir’s objections, do as Arcano says.

Talk to the Psijic monk waiting inside the Arch-Mage’s Quarters.  He introduces himself as Quaranir and, once again, freezes time so that the two of you can talk privately.  During the conversation, you are told to find the Augur of Dunlain, a seer that resides somewhere in the College.  Moments later, time resumes as normal.

After Quaranir departs, speak with the College mages to learn more about the Augur and where to find it.  Mirabelle Ervine can be persuaded to give the Augur’s location and Tolfdir will offer the information outright.  Once you learn that the Augur of Dunlain is down in the MIDDEN, a quest arrow will point to one of its entrances:  Look for a hatch on the floor of the courtyard (northwest edge), or on the floor inside the Hall of Countenance (near the stairs).

When ready, use one of the hatches to climb down into the Midden.  Head northeast.  At the junction, turn left into a snow-covered room with an Ice Wraith enemy.  There are two tunnels here and both lead to the same place (a waterfall).  If you’re in a hurry, enter the tunnel on the right; otherwise, follow the tunnel on the left into a room with an adjacent forge.  Grab items from the table as well as a book describing the forge.

The ATRONACH FORGE is entirely optional and allows you to create different things (spell tomes, scrolls, weapons, armor, or creatures) by placing certain items in the offering box.  For example, placing Fire Salts and a Ruby in the box summons a hostile Fire Atronach once you pull the lever.  Only items needed for a successful “recipe” will be consumed – you can reclaim the rest – so play around with different inventory items to see what you get.

Heading southwest from the Atronach Forge, open a cell door and proceed to the waterfall room.  If you took the tunnel shortcut earlier, this is where it led.  A Draugr patrols the ledge above.  Go upstairs and kill him then continue following the lower path to the Midden Dark.

Move forward and cross the ice bridge.  Before exiting the cavern, look to the left and hop onto to a ledge with a chest.  After opening the chest, jump down and go through the lower tunnel.  At the next junction, one path allows you to exit the Midden Dark and the other leads to a sewer.  Using the cave exit, you’ll emerge under the bridge near the town of Winterhold.  Stop in town if you wish; otherwise, follow the tunnel lined with torches into the sewers.

Kill some roaming Frostbite Spiders and gather loose items as you head toward the north wall.  Clear cobwebs that block the way forward and pass through into an abandoned ritual room.  A Daedric Relic is displayed in the center, marked by a handprint.  On the left is a table containing a book and an INVESTIGATOR’S KEY.  Read the “MIDDEN INCIDENT REPORT” to learn that students were killed here after prying off 4 rings from the relic.  (Refer to the “Midden Dark Mystery” quest for details). 

Moving forward, climb some stairs to reach a door.  Inside, there are two Draugr enemies and a pit full of skeleton bones.  Look for an alchemy lab just beyond.  On it, you’ll find the Alchemy SKILLBOOK, “De Rerum Dirennis”.  Continue along the path to return to the ice bridge.  Cross over and at the junction, head west.  Approach the sealed door below.  Upon trying to open it, a voice calls out.  Keep fiddling with the door until the voice lets you enter.

Once inside, activate the well to call forth the Augur of Dunlain.  Ask about the Eye of Magnus to learn that you are not the first to seek his council.  To mitigate the threat, one must find the Staff of Magnus.  After gaining this information, leave the Augur’s chamber. 

Backtrack to one of the exits and return to the College of Winterhold.  Once there, locate Savos Aren in the Hall of the Elements.  Ask about the Staff of Magnus and he will tell you to speak with Mirabelle Ervine.  For showing initiative, the Arch-Mage gives you a magical circlet.  With this, the current quest ends and “Revealing the Unseen” begins.

R E V E A L I N G   T H E   U N S E E N

Find Mirabelle Ervine and ask her about the Staff of Magnus to learn that it can be found in MZULFT.  The sprawling Dwemer ruins are located on the eastern edge of the mountains between Winterhold and Riften.  Select a route that allows you to discover new areas of interest and/or complete other quests along the way.

Upon reaching Mzulft, open the ancient gold doors and step inside.  Talk to the dying man up ahead who murmurs something about a stolen crystal just before perishing.  Loot his body to obtain the Mzulft Key and a Research Log.  Use the key to unlock the nearby door.

If this is your first time exploring a Dwarven ruin, know that mechanical enemies, fierce insects, and Falmer – hideous creatures that are the degenerate offspring of elves – will inhabit it.  Proceed down the hall, avoiding a floor trap that drops spears from the ceiling, and loot the dead researcher.  Kill Dwarven Spiders as you continue down the hall towards two gold doors.

The door to the north is trapped, so stand to the side when opening it.  In the room, you’ll find a chest being guarded by a Dwarven Spider, as well as a moonstone ore vein.  Exit the room and head east.  After killing another mechanical spider, enter the door at the end to reach an area filled with rubble and overgrowth. 

Clicking sounds warn you of Chaurus up ahead.  These roach-like enemies spit poison, attack with pincers, and have tough defensive shells.  For low-leveled characters, Chaurus are especially deadly, so run away and heal if necessary.  After successfully killing the giant bug, move forward to find two dead researchers and some moonstone ore veins near scaffolding. As you proceed, avoid a tripwire that causes boulders to fall.  The path opens into a large cavern occupied by two Chaurus insects.  Kill them and pass through into a new section of the ruins.

When you reach the top of the ramp, prepare to face a Dwarven Sphere.  These speedy mechanical tanks disguise themselves as balls and unfurl as soon as you approach. After killing it, unlock the gate it was guarding.  Grab the loot inside then continue north.  After fighting more mechanical enemies, you’ll come to a junction.  Walk down the stone steps to find an alchemy lab and an expert-locked gate.  Pick the gate and loot the room then backtrack to the junction.  Head north and enter the door, where more mechanical enemies await.

Stand near the stone table and lure enemies towards you so that they injure themselves when rolling over the floor trap on the left side of the room.  The trap activates hydraulic pistons that can push you down into a gap.  Time your movement to get past all six of them.  If you fall into the gap, defeat two Dwarven Spiders and climb back up.  Look for a chest in the corridor behind the piston room.  Loot wrecked spiders and dead Falmers as you ascend the ramp.  Search for a chest behind rubble on the left before entering the Mzulft Boilery.

Move forward to a T-junction.  Both routes lead to the same spot so go in either direction to confront your first "live" Falmer.  Regarding all Falmer, take advantage of their blindness by sneaking up on them individually.  Falmers blend into their surroundings and often remain motionless until noise distracts them.  Once alerted to danger, they swarm – a scenario you want to avoid.  Having said that, kill any Falmer you come across and loot their bodies as you make your way around the hub into the back room.  Inside are more Falmer, including ones that use ice magic.  After ridding them, unlock a side gate and grab the treasure inside.  Now head east to enter another Falmer and Chaurus infested cave.

Move forward until you can veer right.  Open a chest and mine ore then proceed into a small Falmer camp.  Clear the camp of foes and look for a Falmer chest (made of bones instead of iron) inside one of the tents.  Disarm a tripwire en route to the next camp and kill the foes residing there.   Hidden in the darkness is another Falmer chest.  After grabbing the contents, pass through a broken wall leading up to more Dwarven-built chambers.

Moving forward, unlock a master-level door on the right to access a chest and the Alteration SKILLBOOK, “The Lunar Lorkhan”, near a skeleton.  Further up the corridor is an expert-locked door to pick for more treasure.  Eventually, you’ll reach a large, partially flooded area inhabited by several Falmer.  Once defeated, explore the gallery.  In addition to a locked chest on the north end, there’s a trap door on the south end leading to more treasure.  Stand back after opening the door to avoid injury and kill two Chaurus inside.  After looting the room, head west.  Go upstairs and follow the corridor to the Mzulft Aeodrome.

Move forward and kill the enemies stationed on top.  The Aeodrome consists of three big rooms that are connected by corridors, each containing Falmers.  Pick them off one by one as you make your way into the central chamber.  Once inside, fight swarms of Falmer, including a boss-level foe (either a Centurion Sphere Master, Shadowmaster or Gloomlurker).  Check each body afterwards, as one of them will be holding the FOCUSING CRYSTAL necessary to complete the quest.  The western door requires a key; head east to fetch it.

Follow the eastern corridor to a chamber and fight the mechanical guard inside.  Open a chest to get the MZULFT OBSERVATORY KEY and loot the shelves for other nice items.  Backtrack to the central chamber and use the key on the western door.  Walk up the ramp to a second door.  When you try to open it, a wizard named Paratus unlocks it for you, believing that his partner has returned.  Tell him you have the Focusing Crystal to cure his disappointment.  Follow Paratus into the Oculory, where you’ll find a huge Dwemer mechanism.

Paratus instructs you to place the Focusing Crystal in its container.  After doing so, climb to the top of the spiral ramp.  On a stone table, you’ll find two spell tomes.  Read both to learn Flames and Frostbite (if you haven’t learned them already) and equip the spells in each hand.  Your goal is to line up three lenses on the Dwemer mechanism with three mirrors on the domed ceiling.  When set correctly, beams of light form a connecting pattern.  The blue mirrors are affixed to ceiling rings that can be individually rotated using three pedestal buttons – and the spells are used to adjust the lenses.  Flames move the lenses quickly and Frost slows them down.

To solve the puzzle, cast Flame and Frost spells on the Focusing Crystal (alternating between them to gain or reduce speed) until light is projected on different ceiling rings (top, middle, bottom).  If the light beams aren’t entirely within the border of separate rings, don’t worry; you can tweak them later.  Once you’ve set the lenses, press the pedestal buttons to rotate the ceiling rings until the top, middle, and bottom mirrors reflect light back at the center.  If any of the beams fail to connect, keep casting spells and moving rings until they do.
After correctly focusing the device, a map appears on the wall below.  Walk down and speak with Paratus as he deciphers the map.  Bring the conversation around to the Staff of Magnus.  Despite his increasing paranoia, Paratus ultimately reveals the Staff’s location: Labyrinthian.  Exit the Oculory and walk down the hall until you can turn right.  As you approach the double doors, another Psijic monk, Nerien, appears.  He tells you the College is in grave danger and implores you to head back immediately.  After he vanishes, open the doors using the Mzulft Observatory Key and exit to Skyrim.  Since you’re poised on a ledge, fast-travel back to the College.

Enter the Hall of the Elements to find Savos and Mirabelle standing in front of a magical barrier. Talk to the Arch-Mage then help the duo break the barrier using a fire spell.  Watch the scene that follows.  As one quest ends, another begins: “Containment”

C O N T A I N M E N T  

When you regain consciousness, Mirabelle tells you to find the Arch-Mage.  Go out to the courtyard where a small group has gathered around a body.  Speak with Tolfdir to learn that Winterhold is being attacked by Magic Anomalies and you must go protect the townsfolk.  As you cross the bridge, you’ll pass Faralda and Arniel.  Talk to them if you want their help fighting the magical foes.  Below, you’ll see several Wraith-type creatures hovering around town.  Defeat all ten Magic Anomalies with or without help.

Once the creatures are gone, examine the glowing piles they left behind to get a variety of soul gems.  Return to the College and speak with Mirabelle inside the Hall of the Elements.  After she gives you SAVOS AREN’S AMULET and the TORC OF LABYRINTHIAN, you’re sent off to find the Staff of Magnus.  This ends the current quest and triggers the next one.

T H E   S T A F F   O F   M A G N U S  

Leave the College and travel to LABYRINTHIAN, which is in between Whiterun and Morthal.  As usual, select a route that allows you to finish any miscellaneous quests or discover new places of interest.  Labyrinthian is another sprawling ruin set deep in the snow.  When you reach it, take time to explore the exterior grounds, keeping in mind that many Frost Trolls camp out here.

In the center of the massive courtyard, you’ll see a raised burial mound.  Go underneath it to find a ruined altar containing a WOODEN MASK and a Thug’s Missive.  Equipping the mask will transport you back in time, where you’ll see eight busts on a strange altar.  Each bust is designed to hold a specific Dragon Priest Mask.  To acquire masks, you must locate and defeat Dragon Priests throughout Skyrim.  When all eight masks are in place, the dragon’s mouth opens, and a ninth mask is revealed: KONAHRIK.  To return to Labyrinthian, take off the Wooden Mask. 

Heading east from the circular mound, walk up two flights of stairs to find the entrance to LOST VALKYGG, a Draugr dungeon containing lots of great treasure including ebony gear and the Pickpocket SKILLBOOK, “Aevar Stone-Singer”.  Another optional dungeon called SHALIDOR’S MAZE sits on the eastern edge of Labyrinthian’s grounds.  Inside you’ll find a word wall and several magical items.  (Read the Labyrinthian section in the “Skyrim Miscellaneous Quests” guide for details on the areas mentioned above.)

When you’re ready to continue the “Staff of Magnus” quest, follow the quest arrow up to the Labyrinthian entrance.  As you approach the Ceremonial Door, spirit forms appear; among them, the late Savos Aren.  When they disappear, click on the door to activate the Torc of Labyrinthian and go inside.

Upon entering the foyer, the ghostly mages re-appear.  Listen to their conversation then pick up a random spell tome from the table on the right.  Proceed until you reach a barred gate.  Peering inside, you’ll see several skeletons patrolling a large room.  A lever on the wall raises the bars, however ranged attacks can be fired through the bars beforehand.  Once you pull the lever, the bars remain open very briefly so you’ll need to dash through (or use Whirlwind Sprint). 

As soon as you enter, a skeletal dragon appears.  Fight it and all other enemies then loot the remains.  The dragon does not offer a soul, by the way.  Head east and the ghost mages reappear in front of an etched tablet.  Listen to their comments then go downstairs to a set of wooden doors.  Enter the Labyrinthian Chasm.

Look for a chest behind the pillar on the right then walk downstairs.  As you approach the room below, a disembodied voice drains all of your magicka.  Walk inside to find a door blocked by magical ice.  Once your magicka has replenished, cast a fire spell on the door (in the unlikely event that you need to learn Flames, there’s a scroll in the room).  When the ice melts, frost-based enemies appear.  Defeat them then continue forward to the next room.

Kill Draugrs that patrol the room then head south to one guarding a door embossed with a lightning rune.  Cast a counter spell on the door to explode the rune trap, hopefully injuring the guard at the same time.  Enter the room and kill another Draugr.  Inside, sits an arcane enchanter and an alchemy lab, as well as a chest.  Take the spell tome “Equilibrium” off the pedestal as well.  Leave the side room and head down to a door.  Enter the Labyrinthian Thoroughfare.

As you wade through the water, exploit some malachite ore veins on the right.  Moving forward, you’ll pass a shaft with a waterfall.  Unlock the gate just beyond it and kill the distant Draugr with a ranged weapon.  Loot the area then continue down to the bottom, where you’ll find more ore veins and eventually arrive at a door.

Enter and look for a chest on the south end.  As you move through, a Frost Troll emerges from its cubby and attacks.  After killing and looting the creature, go over to the barred windows.  Using a bow from this vantage point you can kill skeletons patrolling beyond.  In the next area, you’ll find a gold ore vein and a lever that opens the large gate.  Before using it, cross the bridge in the middle and go down to a cave, where you’ll face two trolls guarding a chest.  After clearing the cave, backtrack and use the lever.  As soon as you pull it, the disembodied voice drains your magicka again.  If you rely on magicka, wait for it to replenish; otherwise, pass through.

Look for a path on the left leading to the top of the battlement.  There, you will find a chest. Walk back down afterwards and continue forward.  Up ahead you’ll see three Wisp creatures floating around a bonfire in a graveyard.  They are just like the Magic Anomalies you fought earlier.  Behind them is a powerful Wispmother.  Take out the Wispmother to prevent her from summoning more creatures.  Once she’s gone, the others fall.  Loot the piles they leave behind then follow the northeast path to a chest. 

As you head toward the next room, the disembodied voice drains your magicka again.  Enter to find a door sealed by fire.  Extinguish it using an ice spell and fight the fire-based enemies that appear (there’s a Scroll of Ice Spike and a Frostbite tome in the room in case you need them).  Once cleared, pass through and witness another scene with Savos Aren and his ghost buddies. 

Beyond are new “spectral” enemies (Draugr Wights, Spectral Warhounds, etc.).  Loot the ghostly corpses to get some cool Drainheart weapons.  As you proceed to the next room, your magicka is drained once again by the disembodied voice.  More spectral foes are inside so either wait for your magicka to replenish or just barge in and attack.  After looting the room, continue through to another door that drains all magicka.  Defeat the spectral foes inside then head west towards the double doors.  Enter the Labyrinthian Tribune.

Once inside, grab a spell tome from the pedestal to learn “Steadfast Ward” and open the nearby chest.  The hallway beyond contains fireball traps created with soul gems.  Deactivate the traps by knocking the soul gems off their pedestals, or just run up and grab them, knowing that you’ll get torched.  The empty soul gems can be collected afterwards.  Optionally, you can use the “Become Ethereal” Shout to pass through unharmed.  However you manage to get through the hall, you’ll ultimately reach a tower inhabited by Draugr.

The upper floor can be accessed using the nearby door.  Above you’ll find two chests and some loose ingredients.  The pool below contains some malachite and gold ore samples.  Moving onward, the voice drains your magicka just before reaching an intersection.  To the left, is an adept-locked gate leading to some nice gear, including a rare piece, the ANCIENT HELMET OF THE UNBURNED.  The other route leads to a throne room.  Sneak inside and kill the Draugr Deathlord napping on the throne. 

After slaying the Deathlord, head downstairs to a word wall.  Read it to learn a new word in the Dragon Shout, “SLOW TIME”.  Look for a hidden chest on the right side of the room before moving on. Fight enemies as you head down the hallway, searching an alcove on the left for two ebony ingots.  The ghosts of Savos & Co. appear at the end of the hall.  Listen to their conversation then proceed to the double doors.  If you haven’t saved your game in a while, do so before entering.

Inside, you’ll see two wizards casting spells towards a target on the right.  From where you enter on the ground level, sneak up the stairs on the left and kill both wizards on top.  Once they are dead, the Dragon Priest, Morokei, awakens.  Stay on top and use long-range weapons to fight him.  Low-level characters will find Morokei painfully difficult to defeat; even at higher levels, you may have to chug a few health potions to stay alive.  In addition to wielding the Staff of Magnus, he uses high-damage spells, wards, shouts, and converts any creatures you summon against you.  Melee fighters will have trouble getting close enough to cause damage.  Use the room’s architecture to find good spots to hide and heal.  Before long, Morokei will fall.

Once defeated, go over and loot the Dragon Priest’s remains to acquire the STAFF OF MAGNUS as well as MOROKEI’S MASK.  Search the chamber afterwards.  There’s a chest at the bottom of the pool but you’ll have to fight some Slaughterfish to get to it.  From the upper level, stairs to the east lead down to two more chests – one is at the end of a narrow passage and the other is near the exit.  As you leave the chamber, Savos Aren’s ghost appears one last time.  Follow the passage into a room, where you’ll meet a Thalmor mage named Estormo.  His intentions are not good, so kill him before going outside. 

When ready, return to the College of Winterhold and speak with Tolfdir to end the current quest and begin “The Eye of Magnus”.  

T H E   E Y E   O F   M A G N U S  

Equip the Staff of Magnus and lead the others across the bridge.  Use the Staff to clear the maelstrom, forcing your way to the College’s courtyard.  If you have a follower with you, have them wait here, as they will only hinder Tolfdir in the upcoming battle. 

When ready, enter the Hall of the Elements with Tolfdir to find Ancano drawing energy from the Eye of Magnus.  While the Eye is open, Ancano is invincible, so your first job is to close the Eye.  Wait for Ancano to back away then point the Staff of Magnus at the center of the orb.  Keep drawing energy into the Staff until the orb closes (no more colored light emits from it).  While you’re doing this, Ancano may cast “Mass Paralysis” on Tolfdir, rendering him useless.

Once the Eye is closed, chase Ancano around the room and fight him with any weapon you like until the Eye re-opens.  If you’re lucky, he’ll die before that happens.  Ancano is not terribly strong but he’s super quick; unless you can back Ancano into a corner, chasing him will eat up most of your time.  When the Eye opens a second time, it sends forth Magic Anomalies.  Fight the creatures while Ancano recharges himself.  Also use that time to heal if necessary.  Use the Staff of Magnus to re-close the orb as soon as Ancano backs off and keep repeating the process until he’s dead.

After the battle, collect soul gems from the piles left behind by Magic Anomalies then speak with Tolfdir.  During the conversation, the Psijic Order arrives to remove the orb.  Once it’s gone, Tolfdir gives you the ARCHMAGE’S ROBES and a Key to the Arch-Mage’s Quarters.  Having become the new Arch-Mage, the College of Winterhold questline ends.  Congratulations!

Check out your new digs and continue to complete miscellaneous College quests.  Below, is an alphabetical list detailing all College of Winterhold miscellaneous quests:


Some of the quests listed below are “radiant” meaning they can be repeated unlimited times in different locations.  Others are one-time-only affairs.  Note that two quests (“Rogue Wizard” and “Research Thief”) are not available in the PS3 version of Skyrim and are therefor unlisted.  A third quest (“Missing Apprentices”) is also unavailable on PS3, however College mages will talk about the incident and you may stumble upon the apprentices’ dead bodies during your travels.  Finally, two Daedric activities will not show up in your journal (“Atronach Forge” and “Midden Dark Mystery”) but have been added here since they take place at the College.

A F T E R S H O C K  

  • Quest Giver:  Tolfdir
  • Conditions:  Complete “The Eye of Magnus”

Ask Tolfdir if there’s anything you should be aware of and he’ll mention a rupture caused by the Eye of Magnus.  Go to the location he gives you and kill the Magic Anomalies roaming there.  Although he tells you to bring the Staff of Magnus, you do not need it to complete the task.   Return to the College afterwards and speak with Tolfdir to get your reward.  Note that Tolfdir will offer this radiant quest unlimited times, and the place he sends you to varies. 

A L T E R A T I O N   R I T U A L   S P E L L  

  • Quest Giver:  Tolfdir
  • Conditions:  Attain Level 90+ in Alteration skill

After mastering the Alteration skill, ask Tolfdir if there’s anything new he can teach you.  Tolfdir tells you he needs some dragon Heartscales, which can only be collected using a special dagger.  The dagger (KAVOHZEIN’S FANG) is located in a “radiant” dungeon, so the place Tolfdir sends you to is randomized.  Prepare to fight many enemies (and possibly a Dragon Priest) once you get there.

Note that it is possible to find Kavohzein’s Fang before speaking with Tolfdir, so you may already have the quest item in your inventory.  After acquiring the dagger, use it to harvest HEARTSCALES off a dead dragon.  Naturally, this means you have to locate and kill a dragon.  You do not need to use Kavohzein’s Fang during battle.  Equip it once the dragon is dead and examine its body to obtain Heartscales.

Bring the Heartscales back to Tolfdir and he will teach you a new spell, DRAGONHIDE (ignores 80% of all spell damage for 30 seconds).  You also get to keep the dagger.  Additionally, Tolfdir sells a new master-level Alteration spell, MASS PARALYSIS, after completing this quest.

A R N I E L ' S   E N D E A V O R

  • Quest Giver:  Arniel Gane
  • Conditions:  Complete “Hitting the Books”

To start this 4-part quest, ask Arniel Gane if there’s any College business you can help with.  To advance his secret project, Arniel needs ten (10) DWEMER COGS.  To find the Cogs, explore any Dwemer ruin in Skyrim - Mzulft, for example.  Since the items are heavy, you might want a follower to haul them for you.  Take Dwemer Cogs off floors, shelves, and the remains of mechanical enemies.  Once you’ve obtained ten, return to the College and give them to Arniel to receive a reward.

After finding the Dwemer Cogs, ask Arniel if he needs anything else done.  This time he wants you to retrieve an item from Enthir.  Speak with Enthir and he offers a trade.  Bring him the STAFF OF TANDIL to get the item Arniel wants.  The Staff is located in a “radiant” dungeon, so the place Enthir sends you to is randomized.  Prepare to fight many enemies (and a boss-level mage) once you get there.

After obtaining the Staff of Tandil, return to the College.  Give it to Enthir to receive a WARPED SOUL GEM.  Bring the warped gem to Arniel to complete phase two.  The third part of “Arniel’s Endeavor” only becomes available after completing the main College of Winterhold questline.
Ask Arniel how his project is going.  He complains that it is not going well and finally divulges his secret.  Ultimately you learn that while trying to simulate a Dwemer device, Arniel broke the Warped Soul Gem you gave him.  Agree to help him re-charge it.  He explains that you need to find Dwemer Convectors that will hold the Gem and use a special spell to charge it.  Arniel gives you the Warped Soul Gem and teaches you the spell, ARNIEL’S CONVECTION.  Your map now shows the locations of all Dwemer Convections in Skyrim.  Travel to one and examine the device:
            Druadach Redoubt – in an unmarked ruin across the river
            Deep Folk Crossing – in an unmarked ruin across the bridge
            Shor’s Stone – in an unmarked ruin southwest of the village
            Mzulft – inside a room just before the second incline
            Dwarven Storeroom – in a freestanding structure near Mzulft
            Ruins of Bthalft – in an exterior bandit camp

After placing the Warped Soul Gem into a Convector, cast Arniel’s spell until the device is depleted.  Depending on which Convector you used, the gem will either be partially or fully charged.  Repeat the process using other Convectors until the Warped Soul Gem is filled to capacity (your questlog will update to reflect this).  Return to the College of Winterhold and give the fully charged Gem to Arniel.  To trigger Arniel’s final endeavor, you must wait a few days.

After a few days, ask Arniel how his project is going.  Once again, he asks you to retrieve an item from Enthir.  Track down Enthir and ask for the item.  After displaying his irritation, Enthir tells you he gave the KEENING blade to a Courier and marks his last-known location on your map.

The precise location of the Courier varies so just follow your quest marker to find him and discover why he was unable to complete his delivery.  Take the Keening blade from the Courier’s body and return to Arniel.  Give him the blade and watch the scene that follows. 

When it ends, Arniel will be gone and the Keening blade is yours to take.  Additionally, you gain the Conjuration spell, SUMMON ARNIEL’S SHADE, which allows you to summon the mage’s spirit for 60 seconds to aid you in combat.  This ends the quest and all it’s parts.

A T R O N A C H   F O R G E

  • Quest Giver:  N/A
  • Conditions:  Gain access to the Midden

The Atronach Forge is located beneath The College of Winterhold, and is usually first discovered during the quest “Good Intentions”.   To reach it, enter the Midden via one of the floor hatches in the College.  Head northeast and at the fork, go left.

Upon reaching the Forge, you’ll find an offering box, a lever, and a setting.  Placing certain components in the box allows you to craft magical items, summon hostile creatures, etc.  Determining which components to use in order to achieve the results you want is the toughest part.  The easiest way to discover “recipes” is by trial and error.  You could, for example, put your entire inventory in the offering box to see what happens.  Any unused items will be returned to you.

All recipes require at least two components.  The most advanced creations require four components plus a SIGIL STONE.  You can acquire a Sigil Stone by completing Phinis Gestor’s “Conjuration Ritual Spell’ quest.  Below, are recipes organized by type:

To summon hostile Atronachs, use:
            1 Gem (Ruby / Sapphire / Amethyst)
            1 Salts (Fire / Frost / Void)

To craft Scrolls, use:
            1 Roll of Paper
            1 Charcoal
            1 Salts (Fire / Frost / Void)

To craft Salts, use:
            1 Salt Pile
            1 Soul Gem (any)
            1 Gem (Ruby / Sapphire / Amethyst)

To craft a Conjurer’s Elixir, use:
            1 Empty Wine Bottle
            1 Ectoplasm
            1 Soul Gem (any)      

To craft Spell Tomes, use:
            1 Ruined Book
            1 Salt  (Fire / Frost / Void / Salt Pile)
            1 Natural item (Dragon’s Tongue / Frost Mirriam / Deathbell / Torchbug Thorax)
            1 Animal item (Bear Pelt / Ice Wolf Pelt / Mammoth Tusk / Soul Gem)

To craft Staff weapons, use:
            1 Broom
            1 Soul Gem (Greater or higher)
            1 Salts (Fire / Frost / Void)
            1 Ingot  (Corundum / Refined Moonstone / Orichalcum)

To craft a Daedra Heart, use a Sigil Stone, plus:
            1 Human Heart
            1 Black Soul Gem

To summon a hostile Dremora, use a Sigil Stone, plus:
            1 Skull
            1 Daedra Heart
            1 Raw Meat (Dog / Horker / Horse / Goat / Mammoth)

To craft random Daedric Weapons, use a Sigil Stone, plus:
            1 Daedra Heart
            1 Ebony Ingot
            1 Greater Soul Gem (filled)
            1 Silver Sword

To craft random Daedric Armor, use a Sigil Stone, plus:
            1 Daedra Heart
            1 Ebony Ingot
            1 Greater Soul Gem (filled)
            1 Void Salts

To craft specific Daedric Weapons, use a Sigil Stone, plus:
            1 Daedra Heart
            1 Centurion Dynamo Core
            1 Black Soul Gem
            1 Ebony Weapon (non-magical and of the desired type)

To craft specific Daedric Armor, use a Sigil Stone, plus:
            1 Daedra Heart
            1 Centurion Dynamo Core
            1 Black Soul Gem
            1 Ebony Armor (non-magical and of the desired type)

That’s pretty much it.  Enjoy forging!

B O O K   F E T C H I N G  

  • Quest Giver:  Urag gro-Shub
  • Conditions:  Complete “First Lessons”

Ask Urag gro-Shub if there's any College business you can help with.  He will ask you to find a rare book for the library.  The title of the book varies, as does the location he marks on your map.  Prepare to fight enemies wherever he sends you.  The book will always be found in a boss-level chest.   Bring it to Urag gro-Shub for a reward.  This quest is radiant and can repeated as many times as you wish.

B R E L Y N A ' S   P R A C T I C E  

  • Quest Giver:  Brelyna Maryon
  • Conditions:  Complete “Under Saarthal”

Ask Brelyna about the new spell she’s developing and agree to be her test subject.  After Brelyna casts her flawed spell, your vision becomes clouded.  Wait a few hours for the effect to wear off then return to Brelyna to discuss the results. 

Allow her to cast more spells on you and watch as Brelyna transforms you into various animals.  After several castings, she gives up on the spell and returns you back to normal.  For your help, Brelyna gives you a Resist Magic Necklace (its name and resistance depends on your level) and she can now be recruited as a follower.

C O N J U R A T I O N   R I T U A L   S P E L L  

  • Quest Giver:  Phinis Gestor
  • Conditions:  Attain Level 90+ in Conjuration skill

After mastering the Conjuration skill, ask Phinis Gestor if there’s anything new he can teach you.  Phinis says that to learn more, you need a SIGIL STONE.  To get one, you must bind a Dremora and force it to do your bidding.  Phinis teaches you the Conjuration spell “SUMMON UNBOUND DREMORA” and tells you to use it at the top of the Hall of Attainment.

Enter the Hall of Attainment and climb to the top.  Once outside, stand on the circle and cast “Summon Unbound Dremora” to call forth a humanoid creature from the gates of Oblivion.  Attempt to convince the Unbound Dremora to serve you.  When it fails, kill the creature.

After killing the Dremora, summon it again.  The Dremora still refuses to be controlled, so slay it once more.  Summon a third time, and it will finally submit.  Tell the Dremora to bring you a Sigil Stone and he will agree to fetch it.  After he banishes himself, summon the Unbound Dremora once last time and it will return with the Sigil Stone.

Bring the Sigil Stone to Phinis Gestor and he will reward you with the Conjuration spell “FLAME THRALL” (allows you to summon a Flame Atronach permanently).  Phinis also lets you keep the Sigil Stone, which allows you to unlock the full potential of the Atronach Forge beneath the College.  Upon completion of this quest, Phinis now sells other master-level “Thrall” spells.

D E S T R U C T I O N   R I T U A L   S P E L L  

  • Quest Giver:  Faralda
  • Conditions:  Attain Level 90+ in Destruction skill

After mastering the Destruction skill, ask Faralda if there’s anything new she can teach you.  Faralda gives you a book titled “POWER OF THE ELEMENTS” that offers clues on where to gain knowledge.  Decipher the first riddle to figure out where to go, and what to do once you get there:  “Northward, haunted northern coastline...And south, Dwemer live and toil...” 

The phrase points to WINDWARD RUINS, which is south of Dawnstar and east of Mzinchaleft.  Prepare to fight enemies once you get there.  Inside, you’ll find a pedestal that you need to activate.  Place the book on it then cast any FIRE spell to cause a small explosion.  Read the book afterwards to see that text has been added: “Under Greybeards’ morning shadow...At this northern watch, long lost...”

The phrase points to NORTH SKYBOUND WATCH, a stone lookout that is northeast of Helgen on the slope below High Hrothgar.  Clear the area of enemies as you look for another pedestal.  Place the book on it then cast any FROST spell to cause a small explosion.  Read the book afterwards to see that more text has been added:  “Over western river waters...By Karth bounded, south and north...”

The phrase points to FOUR SKULL LOOKOUT, which is located in the mountains between Karthwasten and Karthspire Camp.  If you haven’t discovered either of those places yet, head east from Markarth or west from Rorikstead.  Clear out bandits and locate the pedestal.  Place the book on it then cast any SHOCK spell to cause a small explosion.  Read the book afterwards to learn the Destruction spell, “FIRE STORM”.  Learning the master-level spell completes the quest. If you check in with Faralda, you’ll see that she now sells other master-level Destruction spells.

E N C H A N T M E N T    F E T C H I N G    

  • Quest Giver:  Sergius Turrianus
  • Conditions:  Available after “First Lessons”

Talk to Sergius about work and he’ll ask you to fetch an item that needs enchanting from one of his clients.  The client who has the item can be anywhere in Skyrim, but is usually found in one of the major cities.  Go to the location marked on your map, find the client, and obtain the object.  Bring it to Sergius and receive gold as a reward.  Since this is a radiant quest, you can fetch new items for Sergius as many times as you wish.

Note: This radiant quest does not have an official name.  Also, one client in Markarth (Aicanto) cannot give you the item you need after finishing the Thieves Guild quest, “Hard Answers”.

 I L L U S I O N   R I T U A L   S P E L L

  • Quest Giver:  Drevis Neloren
  • Conditions:  Attain Level 90+ in Illusion skill

After mastering the Illusion skill, ask Drevis Neloren if there’s anything new he can teach you.  Drevis says that to learn more, you must find four master texts hidden within the College.  He teaches you a spell, “VISION OF THE TENTH EYE”, that allows you to see the invisible texts.  While the spell is active, you can pick up texts in the following locations:

- The Arcanaeum:  On a table near the western wall
- Hall of Attainment: Under a bench at the top of the stairs
- Hall of Countenance:  On a barrel in the 2nd floor storage room
- The Midden:  On a table next to the Atronach Forge

Once you have all four texts, return to Drevis and wait for him to translate them.  When he’s finished, Drevis gives you one of four master-level Illusion spells (HARMONY, CALL TO ARMS, HYSTERIA, or MAYHEM).  The other three can be purchased from him now.

J ' Z A R G O ' S   E X P E R I M E N T  

  • Quest Giver:  J’Zargo
  • Conditions:  Complete “Under Saarthal”

Speak with Z’Jargo and agree to help him test a new kind of scroll.  He puts ten samples in your inventory and explains that they are only effective against the undead.  Go to any tomb in Skyrim that contains Draugr enemies and use J’Z’JARGO’S FLAME CLOAK SCROLLS to kill them. 

Don’t use J’Zargo’s Scrolls on other types of enemies.  If you exhaust the supply, you fail the quest.  Once you’re in close contact with a Draugr, equip one hand with a weapon and the other with J’Zargo’s Scrolls.  Activate the scroll to cloak yourself in fire.  While cloaked, attack the Draugr until the scroll explodes.  If you managed to kill the undead enemy while under the effect of the scroll, you get credit for a successful “experiment”.   Note that the fiery explosion not only injures the Draugr but harms everyone caught in the blast radius – including yourself.  Knowing this, avoid using J’Zargo’s Scrolls when allies are near and heal before using another one.  You only need to kill three undead enemies using J’Zargo’s Scrolls to complete the experiment.  Any remaining scrolls can be sold or kept.   

Return to J’Zargo after successfully using his scrolls and mention the explosive side effects.  As an apology, he offers to help you when needed and can now be recruited as a follower.

M I D D E N   D A R K   M Y S T E R Y

  • Quest Giver:  N/A
  • Conditions:  Gain access to the Midden Dark

The Midden Dark is located beneath the College of Winterhold, and is usually first discovered during the quest “Good Intentions”.  To reach it, enter the Midden via one of the floor hatches in the College and follow the passageways to the ice bridge.  Hop down and continue through the spider-infested sewers to reach a circular ritual chamber.

A Daedric Relic is displayed in the center, marked by a handprint.  On the left is a table containing a book and an INVESTIGATOR’S KEY.  Take the Key and read the “MIDDEN INCIDENT REPORT” to learn that students were killed here while attempting to perform a ritual and that evidence gathered during the investigation was locked away in the Arcanaeum.

Leave the Midden Dark either by backtracking or by using the nearby Winterhold cave exit.  Go to the Arcanaeum and sneak over to the INVESTIGATOR’S CHEST on the left side.  When Urag gro-Shub is not looking, use the Investigator’s Key to open it and steal the four RINGS inside.  If he catches you stealing from the chest, he will become hostile and take all of the rings, causing you to fail the quest. 

After successfully stealing the rings, return to the Midden Dark ritual chamber. Once there, go over to the Daedric Gauntlet and place the four rings on fingers in the following order: 

            Little Finger = PITHI’S RING 
            Ring Finger = BALWEN’S RING 
            Middle Finger = TREOY’S RING
            Index Finger = KATARINA’S RING

When the Gauntlet closes, VELEHK SAIN is summoned.  The Dremora pirate will try to bargain with you for his freedom.  Through dialog, choose whether to kill or release him:

Killing him nets you very little (a Daedra Heart, two Scimitars, and clothes).  The better option is to release Velehk Sain.  Once released, he will vanish but not before giving you VELEHK SAIN’S TREASURE MAP.  Look at the map to get an idea of where the treasure is located.  If you don’t recognize the landmark, it is the Shrine of Talos - although there are several statues dedicated to Talos in Skyrim, this is the only one situated on top of a frozen island. 

Exit the Midden via the Winterhold cave and start heading west.  Scan the frozen coastline as you descend and you should be able to spot the Talos monument atop a small island just south of Ysgramor’s Tomb.  Swim over to the island and follow the “chime” sound that will lead you to Velehk’s magically hidden stash.  The loot you get varies, but usually includes a valuable ring and gems.

O N M U N D ' S   R E Q U E S T  

  • Quest Giver:  Onmund
  • Conditions:  Complete “Under Saarthal”

Talk to Onmund about a bad trade he made with Enthir.  He asks you to convince Enthir to give the item back.  Locate Enthir and try to persuade him to return ONMUND’S AMULET.  If you have a high enough Speech skill, he will give you the quest item outright.  If not, he’s willing to trade the amulet for a GRAND STAFF OF CHARMING.  Although the Staff can be found in multiple locations, go to whichever place Enthir marks on your map.  Expect to fight enemies once you get there.

After retrieving the Grand Staff of Charming, give it to Enthir in exchange for Onmund’s Amulet.  Bring the amulet to Onmund.  To show his gratitude, he offers to help you when needed and can now be recruited as a follower.

O U T   O F   B A L A N C E  

  • Quest Giver:  Drevis Neloren
  • Conditions:  Complete “First Lessons”

Ask Drevis Neloren if there’s any College business you can help with.  The mage tells you that certain focal points around the College need to be purified.  Agree to help and he’ll give you a pair of MYSTIC TUNING GLOVES.  Go to three focal points marked on your map and activate them while wearing the Tuning Gloves:  The first is inside the Hall of Countenance, the second is near a statue in the courtyard, and the third is inside the Hall of Attainment. 

Various effects may occur while “tuning” each spot (health might decrease temporarily, an object might break, etc.) but you also receive Soul Gems after each spot is purified.  Return to Drevis Neloren afterwards to complete the simple quest.

R E J O I N I N G   T H E   C O L L E G E

  • Quest Giver:  Tolfdir
  • Conditions:  Kill a member of the College

Whether you accidentally or purposefully kill a member of the College, you’re journal will immediately update to tell you that you’ve been suspended.  All College quests will be put on hold until you rectify the matter.  To have the suspension lifted, speak with Tolfdir and pay a fine.  The first incident costs 250 gold and rises with each major crime committed thereafter.  After paying the fine, you are reinstated to the College and may resume all quests.

R E S T O C K I N G   S O U L   G E M S  

  • Quest Giver:  Sergius
  • Conditions:  Complete “First Lessons”

Ask Sergius if he needs help with any College business and he’ll tell you his stock of Soul Gems is running low.  He then tells you what type he needs (Petty, Lesser, Common, etc.) and how many to collect.  What Sergius doesn’t tell you is he needs EMPTY Soul Gems (you can empty any Soul Gem by dropping it on the ground, by the way). 

Note that this nameless radiant quest never shows up in your log – at least it didn’t for me.  The only dialogue option offered to me was something like, “I can’t do this. Anything else you need?” even when I had the correct type and amount of empty non-stolen soul gems in my inventory.  I repeatedly tried to turn them in, to no avail.  If you succeed where I failed, Sergius gives you gold as a reward.

R E S T O R A T I O N   R I T U A L   S P E L L  

  • Quest Giver:  Colette Marence
  • Conditions:  Attain Level 90+ in Restoration skill

After mastering the Restoration skill, ask Colette Marence if there’s anything new she can teach you.  Colette says that to learn more, you should visit the Augur of Dunlain.  If you recall, there are two floor hatches leading down to the Midden – one in the courtyard and the other inside the Hall of Countenance.  Use either of them and head over to the Augur of Dunlain’s chamber.

Talk to the Augur.  In order to gain his knowledge, you must first pass his test by stepping into the light.  As soon as you do, all items are removed from your inventory and three ghosts attack.  To pass the test, stay alive using nothing but Restoration spells.  You cannot harm the ghosts so don’t waste time trying.  Try to dodge their attacks and/or use the “Become Ethereal” shout to buy some time. 

If you are still alive when the test stops, the Augur of Dunlain will return your inventory and give you the master-level Restoration spell, “BANE OF THE UNDEAD”.   Having completed the quest, Colette now sells another master-level spell, ‘GUARDIAN CIRCLE”.

S H A L I D O R ' S   I N S I G H T S  

  • Quest Giver:  Urag gro-Shub
  • Conditions:  Complete “First Lessons”

Ask Urag gro-Shub if there's any special books he needs and he’ll ask you find some writings from the Arch-Mage Shalidor.  Urag marks a location on your map, which is randomized.  Go there and find a book titled, “SHALIDOR’S INSIGHTS”.  It will be inside a boss-level chest within the dungeon, so prepare to fight enemies once there. 

Once you’ve obtained a copy of the book, return to the College and give it to Urag.  He will tell you he needs time to decipher it.  Come back in a day or two and ask Urag if he’s had any success.  Once he has, he’ll either give you three “Insight” Scrolls or boost one of your magic skills by a point.   

T O L F D I R ' S   A L E M B I C  

  • Quest Giver:  Tolfdir
  • Conditions:  Complete “Hitting the Books”

Once Tolfdir returns to the College, ask him if he’s missing anything and he’ll mention an Alembic.  Agree to find it for him.  TOLFDIR’S ALEMBIC will turn up in one of three places inside the Hall of Countenance:

- On top of a barrel near the dining room bench (top floor)
- Underneath a display case in the enchanting room (top floor)
- On a crate in the barrel storage room (bottom floor)

Note that you can find Tolfdir’s Alembic before getting the quest.  Either way, return it to Tolfdir for a reward.  He loses his Alembic once per day so you can repeat the quest as often as you like.  You will always find it in one of the three locations.


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