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Once Ridley leaves, you’ll automatically arrive at the castle. When you take control, use the Save Flag behind you (in South Gate corridor) then go up to the 5th floor. Al will escort you to the conference hall where a meeting is already in progress. When the scene ends, you’ll be back outside the castle. Return to Theatre Vancoor and speak to Thanos to learn that someone at the pub has been talking about Ridley. Go to Carl’s Pub to find a distraught Jasne.

After talking to him, speak to the Olacion, Vareth, and Void guild masters. Each has assigned two people to assist you. Also, if you visit the Peaceful Pony’s dining room during the day, you’ll find the 3 bridge builders there now. Recruit the new characters if you want, then go home and rest. Watch a scene involving Ganz, followed by a visit from Al who says your presence is needed in Wind Valley. Form a strong party (leave one empty slot if you want to recruit Dynas later) and head out Echidna Gate.

* AVAILABLE RECRUITS: Achilles, Alvin, Derek, Elef, Felix, Fernando, Hip, Interlude, Ryan, Sonata

Tria Region > Nowem Region

Travel west. At the first crossroad, go north. Cross the bridge into the Nowem region and head east until you reach the next crossroad. Take the northern path up to a bridge. Cross over into Wind Valley.

Wind Valley

Talk to the Guardsman up ahead then cross another bridge to reach a circular platform with 3 totems. Kicking the totem on the right results in a battle. Kicking the others creates a wind gust that allows you fly across to new platforms. On this particular platform, using the totem in the middle takes you to an electrified creature on the far right platform. Loop around if you want to fight it (you’ll end up back on this platform); otherwise, kick the totem on the left then stand in the jet stream to fly across to the western platform.

Once there, speak to the downed Guardsman then cross the bridge next to him. Kick the chest to initiate a battle. After defeating the creature that emerges, you’ll receive a Jinn sword. Go back over the bridge and use the north-facing totem to fly over to the platform where there is an eel-like creature lurking. Kill it then use the totem on the left to fly west again. Open the chest up ahead to get a Growth Stone then use the totem on the right to fly back to the center platform. Once there, use the right totem to fly further north. On the next platform, use the left totem to fly again. After you land, talk to another downed Guardsman then cross the long bridge on the left to trigger a scene. Dynas will join your party in the upcoming battle if you have an empty slot.

BOSS >> Cepheid

Strategy: The boss swirls in circles on the edges of the platform, making it difficult to get a lock on him. Links break easily so don’t bother using any. Just do your best to attack the Cepheid when it gets close so that you can build your Volty meter up. Make sure to keep your party healthy throughout this fight, as there is a tougher one that follows.

Once you’ve sufficiently damaged the Cepheid, it reveals its true form. Gil, its elf protector, accompanies the Wind Dragon.

BOSS >> Wind Dragon, Gil

Strategy: Gil is lightning quick and deals hefty damage if allowed to connect so try to eliminate him first. The boss maintains its auto-regen status, but its reduced size makes it easier to hit. Just run when the Dragon starts to spin as his whirlwind attacks cause a great deal more damage than his previous incarnation. He still has the ability to Bind your characters so pay attention to that as well.

After defeating the powerful foe, you’ll receive Dragon Scale and an Evasion Berry. Watch the scenes that follow, with Jack accompanying Dynas to the fort.


Fort Helencia

Gawain stops the duo from entering and Jack rashly decides to take him on alone.

BOSS >> Gawain

Strategy: Do your best to keep up with Gawain, who is mighty strong. Attack and defend, using Volty only when the timing is right. Gawain eventually unleashes a special attack that causes 900+ damage and will likely end the fight. You will not get Game Over if defeated.

Either way, watch the scenes that follow, ending up in Radiata Castle’s infirmary.


When you take control, go home and save your game (do not sleep yet). Visit Theatre Vancoor to see which new missions have become available. Tackle them in any order you wish:

MISSION #12: Please Stop Lord Star
Go down to B2 and enter the room on the left to trigger a scene with Sebastian. Your crew will see Lord Star on the roof outside wearing a special suit of armor. Time to knock his ego down a few pegs.

BOSS >> Star

Strategy: His armor emits a beam of energy that causes moderately large damage and knocks down anyone caught in front, so attack him from behind as much as possible. Attack heavily when he bending over to pick up his head then run away before he unleashes another energy beam.

Upon defeating him, you’ll receive a Luck Berry and get his Robot Suit. Talk to Thanos afterwards to pick up your reward. When ready, accept a new mission.


MISSION #13: The Real Ultimate Battle
Go to Echidna Gate to duel Ursula’s new and improved golem.

BOSS >> Melissa II

Strategy: The boss is still slow but has acquired a new breath attack that causes significant damage and may freeze you so watch out for that. Melissa’s body slams and shooting bombs remain the same. Both are easy to avoid if you just pay attention. As before, the best time to attack is when the boss is walking away or struggling to get up. A couple of well-timed Volty attacks will rid her quickly.

After the duel, you’ll receive a Life Berry. Ursula suggests visiting Vareth’s storeroom to get a piece of armor since she cannot pay your fee in cash. Enter Vareth’s Star Tower and go down to the storeroom at the very bottom. Kick the chest inside to acquire Absolute Guard armor. Recruit Ursula before leaving the institute. When ready, go home and rest.


If you sleep between any missions, no matter what hour, Al visits your house and summons you to the castle. Just when you’re about to leave, the Large Man who gave you ‘funny money’ before shows up with a request. You’ll automatically arrive at the castle with him and get ‘Really Funny Money’ once he departs. Feel free to use the Save Flag behind you or just go up to Dynas’ room on the 4th floor. Watch the scene inside, during which Dynas reinstates Jack’s knighthood (e.g. you remain a member of the warrior’s guild but have full access to the castle now). When you regain control, return to the castle to recruit and explore or go to Theatre Vancoor and select a new mission.

* AVAILABLE RECRUITS: Astor, Charlie, Herz, Nina, Ortoroz, Patrick, Putt, Walter, Zeranium

Tria Region > Nowem Region

MISSION #14: Letter of Defiance
Form a party (ideally with magic users) then head out Echidna Gate and travel west. At the first crossroad, go north and cross the bridge into Nowem territory. From now on, you’ll encounter hostile elves, goblins, and orcs who can be fairly tough to defeat. At the next crossroad, take the western path to the 3-way split. Follow the northern route to the next intersection then keep heading west until a scene takes over near the waterfall.

BOSS >> Rocky

Strategy: Attack and defend to avoid unnecessary damage. As soon as your Volty meter fills up, blast Rocky with a combo. The idea here is to defeat him quickly so that he does not have a chance to unleash his Dragon Bolt attack. If he does, the battle will end but you will not get Game Over for losing.

If you win, you’ll receive a Life Berry. After Rocky leaves, head east. At the crossroad, go south to get back to Radiata. Check in with Thanos, who will pay you whether or not you beat Rocky. When ready, begin your next mission.

Adien Region > Septem Region

MISSION #15: The Alien Monster
Head west through the Adien region then cross the bridge into Septem territory. Continue traveling west past Septem Cave and Village until a scene takes over. You will encounter Rocky and be given the choice to duel him again. Do so if you want to recruit him.

BOSS >> Rocky

Strategy: Rocky will use his special Volty attack much earlier (and more frequently) now, so try to knock him down before he can cast it. If he gets a chance to pull it off, you may be able to sustain the 900+ hit if you’re at full health. At all other times, use the same strategy as before (attack and defend) then counter with Volty attacks when they become available.

If you defeat Rocky this time, he’ll join your Friend List. Now, backtrack to Septem Village and follow the northern path to the next crossroad. Once there, continue heading north until you reach the entrance to Algandars Castle. Go inside to trigger a scene.

Algandars Castle

After Ardoph and Dimitri explain the objective, head east and enter the glistening door. You’ll arrive in a large room with doors on each side and a path leading south. The room on the lower right side contains a chest. Open it to acquire a Lucky Charm accessory. After clearing the other rooms of enemies, enter the southern passageway. Descend the stairs to reach a small room below. Go through the passage on the right. Move forward into another large room. The door on the right leads to enemies and nothing more. Avoid the big door in the center for now and follow the southern path instead.

Go down the hall and descend the ladder at the end. Walk through the cavern until you come to a chest (it’s the one you passed earlier in Septem Cave). Open it to acquire the Book of Angels. Backtrack to the large room and ascend the stairs on the left. Move down the hallway past the first door to a second one. Enter it. Fight off some creatures inside then go through the back door. Follow the path to a ladder and ascend. On top, you’ll find a chest containing Demon Mail. Equip it if you like then backtrack to the large room. Heal your party before entering the big door in the center.

BOSS >> Crystal Ball

Strategy: The idea here is to take out the crystals surrounding the demon king. Stay behind the boss and keep your party healed at all times. If you have magic users with you, the fight will be a lot easier as physical attacks do little damage. Focus on the crystals while the rest of your party works on the minions. If the demon turns towards you, run away to avoid serious injury. The fight ends once all of the crystals are destroyed.

After the battle, you’ll receive a Growth Stone, Hatred Edge, and Algandars Castle recording. Leave the castle to trigger a scene with Ardoph then return to Radiata.

* AVAILABLE RECRUITS: Ardoph, Dimitri, Leona, Rocky


Pick up your fee from Thanos. When you want to advance the story, go home and rest. Watch a scene showing Natalie and Leonard spying on the fort. Afterwards, Al comes to your house to tell you you’re expected at Faucon Gate tomorrow afternoon. Now might be a good time to explore the castle if you haven’t done so already.

If you’ve spoken to Walter about his wife, go to the castle’s B2 dungeon and speak to Sheila in one of the cells. Check out King Jiorus’ 5th floor closet to get a Mystery Berry and spend time recruiting castle occupants if you want. Finally, enter Ridley’s room to see an alien sitting on her bed. After being zapped back to your house, you’ll receive Fayt Leingold’s armor from ‘Star Ocean’. The armor comes with Auto HP Restoration plus you get to sport blue hair while wearing it. Anyways, occupy yourself until your rendezvous at the gate or just go to sleep to speed up the clock.

After resting, Jack automatically goes to Faucon Gate and witnesses a fire dragon engaging the knights there. Watch the cutscenes that follow, during which Larks orders you to Fire Mountain and Lucian gives you an Orb to take along. Prepare a party (someone with fire resistance would help), stock up on supplies, and save your game before heading out Lupus Gate.

Dichette Region

To get to your next destination quickly, warp to Shangri La. If you need to level up party members, select a longer route. Either way, once you reach Shangri La, you’ll encounter hostile goblins et al. Fight them off as you pass through town. Exit the back door and head west. Cross the bridge into a lava-filled area.

Move forward to an intersection. Follow the northern route if you want to kill a Blood Orc (he may drop a Horn), otherwise keep heading west. Pass under the lava arch and continue west until you reach a lava spout. Wait there until a rock platform rises on the left. Cross it and walk to the end of the path. Open the chest to acquire a Life Berry then go back towards the lava arch. Just before reaching it, wait for a rock platform to rise then travel north.

Follow the northern route to an intersection. Take the eastern path to another rock platform. Go across to a Healing Circle and kick the chest to obtain Scale Armor. Equip it if you want extra fire protection; otherwise, backtrack to the intersection and head north. You’ll soon reach a flat rock slab. Climb it and wait for another platform to rise. Cross over then hop onto the petrified wood walkway. Follow it down to a cave opening. Go inside.

Fire Mountain

Take the eastern path if you want to kill a couple of enemies; otherwise head west through the cavern until a cutscene takes over, during which an old friend reveals his true form.

BOSS >> Parsec

Strategy: The dragon is relatively easy to defeat if you stay away from its mouth. Its breath of fire will likely kill weaker party members, so revive anyone who falls victim to it. Forming an Attack Link may speed up the dragon’s demise, also. In general, use Volty combos frequently, attack the boss from behind, and heal your comrades when necessary.

Upon defeating the dragon, you’ll receive a Life Berry as well as Parsec’s Match. Watch a cutscene showing Lucian’s response to the event. When it ends, you’ll be back home in Radiata.



When ready, check in with Thanos at the guild to see if a new job has popped up.

MISSION #16: Secret of the Sewer
Enter the sewers from Vancoor’s B2 jail cell and head east. Enter the first door you come to then move forward to the next door. Continue to the fountain room. Head west then south down the stairs. At the bottom, head east and enter the large room to trigger a scene, in which Genius shows you his secret room. After viewing the ancient frescos inside, leave the sewers and report to Thanos.

If you completed all of the other missions, speak to Thanos again and he will join your Friend List. Afterwards, go home and rest. Occupy yourself with shopping, recruiting, etc. the next day then return to your house to trigger a scene. You’ll obtain Ganz’ farewell letter and see what’s been happening with him and others during the past few days. When you regain control, go outside and check your mailbox. After getting an invitation to watch fireworks, speak to Flau, who is sitting in her regular spot at the top of the stairs. You can recruit her now that she knows you’re a friend of Ganz’.

* AVAILABLE RECRUITS: Curtis, Elwen, Flau, Genius, Kain, Nyx, Rynka

When you want to advance the story, go back to bed. During the night, Jack goes off to watch the fireworks display (whichever female has spent the most time in your party will also be there). In the morning, form a strong party and complete any business you have in the world then go home and rest again. Ridley visits during the night, accompanied by Gawain who warns you that Radiata will come under attack in the morning. You’ll take control at Lupus Gate, helping to fend off the non-human invaders.

BOSS >> Galvados

Strategy: Focus on Galvados while the rest of your party takes care of his Blood Orc cronies. The boss will create a Kamikaze Link, which you can break fairly easily. After that, Galvados will unleash a Crazy Slugger attack that will likely kill whoever it is focused on. Try to break his concentration when you see him charge up to prevent this from happening, or revive the slain party member if he happens to pull it off. In general, maintain your party’s health at all times, since a tougher fight follows this one. Just keep whacking away at the boss, using Volty combos when they become available, until he perishes.

You’ll receive a Life Berry afterwards but before you can use it, Zane arrives and you must take on the light elf lord.

BOSS >> Lord Zane

Strategy: Zane and his fairy crew will create a Line Link fairly early on and can freeze your party so watch out for that. You’ll have an easier time breaking their Link with magic spells, as physical attacks do much less damage to the speedy elves. Some regenerate health, so focus on killing one at a time rather than scattering your party’s strength among many. Once his fairy crew is gone, Zane will cast Shining Rain, which hits for 800+ damage. Try to knock him down so that he stops casting it. Gang up on him afterwards and use your own Volty combo as soon your meter fills up.

After the battle, you’ll receive a Defense Berry and end up outside Lupus Gate. Re-enter the city to stock up on supplies, rest, and save before starting your journey to the ‘end of the world’.

* AVAILABLE RECRUITS: Leonard, Natalie

Adien Region > Dysett Region

From Lupus Gate, head west until you reach Septem Cave. At the next crossroad, take the northern route. At the second one, go south. Purchase items from Louis along the way if you need any then cross the bridge into Dysett territory. Kick the cacti for some items and keep going until a scene takes over, in which Jack finally has a showdown with Gawain.

BOSS >> Gawain

Strategy: Use an attack/defend strategy to build up your Volty meter then unleash a combo as soon as it’s full. One well-timed blast should take Gawain out. If not, continue attacking and defending until it fills up again. Gawain is strong but not terribly quick so you should have plenty of time to heal in between attacks.

When the duel ends, you’ll receive a Mystery Berry. Watch the scene that follows. When it ends, you’ll be standing next to a pig statue. Use it now to warp back home and save your game, as this will be one of your last opportunities to do so. When you’ve finished up all other business in the world, warp back to Dysett and move forward to trigger a scene involving Cross. Afterwards, enter the City of White Nights.


City of White Nights

Note that this area is full of falling sand. If you get caught under it, you’ll drop down a level or more. This guide does not take into account any falls you may experience but I’ll try my best to warn you when sand may be up ahead. Start by moving forward to a ladder. Climb up then slowly head east to avoid sand. Ignore all of the ladders you see until you reach one at the end of the path. On top, head west and climb the first ladder you see.

On the next level, climb the ladder on the right then climb the next two on the left. When you reach the top, wait for sand to clear then head west to a chest containing a Tsuchinoko Dumpling. Now backtrack down 4 ladders (right, right, right, left). After doing so, carefully head east to avoid falling sand. Ignore the first two ladders you see (one up, one down) and climb the 3rd one instead.

At the top, slowly head west to find a Healing Circle. After using it, travel east until you see a pair of ladders with sand falling in between them. Stand in between the ladders and let the sand drop you down a few levels. From where you land, slowly head east past all ladders to find a chest. Kick it to initiate a fight, after which you’ll receive a Falvern sword. Equip it if you like, then travel west past 3 ladders. Climb up the 4th one you see. On top, wait for sand to fall then climb the ladder on the right.

At this point, there will be sand falling everywhere so just take it slowly. Climb the next series of ladders as follows: Right, right, left, left, right. After climbing the 5th ladder, slowly head east past the first ladder and climb the second one you see. On top, slowly head east again. At the end of the path, you’ll find a chest containing a Monk Bangle. Backtrack and climb down one ladder. Now, slowly head west and climb the 2nd ladder you see. Stop when you reach the top, as the next part is tricky.

There are two waves of falling sand on the left and you need to pause in between them in order to reach the door beyond. If you try to rush through, the sand will drop you down to the bottom of the labyrinth and you’ll have to start over. After successfully navigating past the sand, enter the doorway facing north.

Gold Dragon Castle

Thankfully, there’s a Healing Circle and Save Flag in the lobby. If you want to accomplish other things in the world before facing the final boss, do it now, otherwise save your game and ascend the stairs. Enter the doorway at the top to trigger a cutscene. When it ends, continue up the spiral path until another scene takes over.

FINAL BOSS >> Aphelion

Strategy: Aphelion regenerates his health throughout the battle, so you need to work quickly (e.g. shave off more health than he can heal). Physical attacks do little harm, so stick with Volty combos as much as possible (Army of Shadows works, but Limit Break seems to be more effective). In addition to his regular attacks that cause 250-plus damage, Aphelion can cast a host of status ailments (Curse, Petrifaction, etc.) Act quickly to heal these effects or your party will be dead in a matter of seconds. The boss will break most every Link you try so don’t bother. Stay behind him as much as possible, especially when he gears up for his special attack. Just keep circling around him so he can’t get a lock on you and use Volty attacks the moment they become available. If you are having trouble defeating Aphelion, have Klein act solely as healer while the rest of your party does the dirty work. If Klein has learned commands for increasing the party’s strength and defense, ordering one or both of them may help also.

Watch the bittersweet wrap-up scenes then stick through the end credits. You’ll be prompted to save your completed game data. Doing so allows you to replay the game ‘strong from the start’ (meaning you’ll have most of your items and skills available right away). You can also reload your saved game data and select ‘Continue’ in order to explore a massive bonus dungeon.

ENDGAME (Human Path)

After loading your completed game, select ‘Continue’ to find yourself at home in Radiata. You can still travel the world to recruit people, finish sidequests, etc. When you’re ready to explore the bonus dungeons, stock up on supplies (as many as you can afford), save your game, and head out Lupus Gate. Kick the pig statue to bring up the world map. You’ll see a new area to the east called Dragon Lair Cave. Warp there now.

Dragon Lair Cave

When you take control, you’ll be inside a circular room with 4 paths to choose from. Each leads to a dragon. Moving clockwise from the entrance, they are earth, wind, water, and fire. I’ve listed them in order of difficulty here but you can tackle them in any order you wish:

UPPER LEFT PATH: Head west past the southern route and two northern openings. Open the chest at the end of the path to acquire an Ancient Axe. Backtrack to the southern passage and enter. Follow the new path until you reach Cepheid, the wind dragon.

BOSS >> Cepheid

Strategy: Cepheid is exactly like when you fought him in Wind Valley, except Gil will not be helping the boss this time. Attack Cepheid as he swirls around the edge of the battle area, until he sheds his cloud layer. Once he’s in his second form, watch out for the whirlwind attack and use a Volty combo when it becomes available. After the battle, watch a scene then return to the circular foyer.

LOWER RIGHT PATH: Head east past the first opening. At the end of the path you’ll find a chest containing a Revival Stone. Backtrack to the northern opening and follow the new path until you get to an opening at the end. Enter and head east until you reach another opening. Pass through it then go west until you reach a path facing south. Follow it to Parsec, the fire dragon.

BOSS >> Parsec

Strategy: Parsec is exactly like when you fought him in Fire Mountain. Attack while trying to avoid his mouth and tail. Use a Volty combo when it becomes available. After the battle, watch a scene then return to the circular foyer.

LOWER LEFT PATH: Head west past the green opening. Enter the passage at the end of the path and continue west past two more openings. Kick the chest at the end of the path to acquire a Warrior Bangle then head east and enter the first green opening you see. Follow the new path into the earth dragon’s cave.

BOSS >> Baade

Strategy: Baade is stronger than the previous dragons you’ve faced. Like the others, you’ll want to stay away from its face and tail. In addition to his tail sweeps, Baade can bind party members and has an auto-regen. His most lethal attack comes from his mouth, where he knocks everyone down with an earthquake-like smack that affects the entire battle arena. This is especially deadly because once you’re down he’ll keep using it, offering no time to heal. Send a tank in to take the hits while you stand back and keep everyone alive. When your Volty meter fills up, use it. More than most, this battle relies on teamwork. After defeating the dragon, you’ll receive a Defense Berry and oodles of Exp. Watch a scene then return to the circular foyer.

UPPER RIGHT PATH: Head east and enter the first passage facing north. Move west to the next screen. Once there, you’ll be standing in front of a crossroad with a passageway on the right. Enter the passageway and travel west to find a chest containing a Tsuchinoko Dumpling. Backtrack to the previous crossroad and head west to face Kelvin, the water dragon.

BOSS >> Kelvin

Strategy: You may remember seeing Jack’s father kill this two-headed dragon at the very beginning of the game. Now it’s your turn. First, protect your party from Kelvin’s freeze attack then run directly under him. If you stay near his stomach, you’ll avoid his tail and head, with the ability to inflict some real damage to him. The boss will create waves of water that affect the entire party, but the damage should be sustainable if you keep your party’s health up. Just keep going for his heart and eventually the dragon will fall.

You’ll get a Luck Berry and tons of Exp afterwards. Following the demise of the 4th dragon, you’ll see a new path appear within the circular entrance room. Go back and follow it now.

FIFTH DRAGON PATH: Move down the path until you trigger a scene showing a very flat creature.

BOSS >> Radian

Strategy: Don’t let the silly music fool you. Radian is fast, hits pretty hard, and causes a host of status ailments. On the upside, Radian falls down easily, allowing you to build up your Volty meter rather quickly using regular combo attacks. Before you do anything else, shield your entire party from status ailments, either by using items or the Heaven’s Gate command, assuming you’ve learned it. Recast whenever the protection runs out. It’ll take about 3 full Volty combos to down the boss, assuming your party pitches in and remains free of afflictions.

After the battle, you’ll receive a Mystery Berry and Dragon Radian recording. After you witness Radian’s comical exit, return to the entrance room. Go inside the circular opening to bring up a menu choice. Selecting ‘Leave’ allows you to return home to save, rest, and restock supplies. When ready, warp back here then select ‘Proceed’ to enter the Distortion Corridor.

Distortion Corridor

You’ll zap inside a maze that looks very much like an M.C. Escher painting. The red square you are standing on warps you back to the Lair, in case you need to return home for any reason. Start by taking out the two enemies on this level then ascend the staircase on the right. On the 2nd screen, go up the right stairs again. On the 3rd screen, take the left staircase up to a platform with a chest. Kill the creature there then open the chest to get a Tsuchinoko Dumpling. Now return to the previous screen. Once there, take the center stairs down two levels, so that you’re back at the red square screen.

Now, ascend the left staircase. On the 2nd screen, climb the stairs on the right. On the 3rd screen, climb the right stairs again. Open a chest on top to get a Strength Berry then return to the previous screen. Take the left staircase up and on the 6th screen, take the right stairs up. When you reach the top, a scene takes over showing Jack’s father, Cairn, who wants to test his son’s strength.

BOSS >> Cairn

Strategy: Cairn is fast and uses a powerful sweeping sword attack that hits anyone close to it. Keep him knocked down or gang up on him in a corner so he doesn’t get a chance to perform his special Volty attack. If he happens to pull it off, heal or revive whomever Cairn hit and then just go at him again. Blocking his attacks doesn’t really do much so just beat on him from behind until he falls.

After the battle, you’ll receive a Strength Berry and hefty Exp. When you regain control, you’ll find yourself inside what appears to be a picture frame surrounded by staircases. Examine the tableau to pinpoint a short staircase towards the center of the screen with an archway underneath. Run up and down the various staircases until you pop out next to the arch. Pass through it to reach the next area.

Defeat the enemy up ahead then continue along the promenade until you reach the next screen. Take out the crystal creature on the platform then descend the stairs on the left to reach a large room. Move forward to a wall with symbols. Step on the tile under them to see the 7 symbols close up as you glide across to the other side. These symbols offer the solution to the puzzle up ahead. Once you reach the other side, ascend the stairs and enter the well-concealed door on top.

You’ll arrive in a room with a bird’s eye view of 4 symbols on the floor. The idea is to go through the door matching the first symbol you saw on the wall, which is the one facing north. Entering any other door takes you back to previously visited areas. As you may have guessed, you’ll be matching doors with the order of the symbols on the wall 7 times, as follows:

Room #1 – Use north door
Room #2 – Use east door
Room #3 – Use north door
Room #4 – Use east door
Room #5 – Use east door
Room #6 – Use south door
Room #7 – Use east door

After passing through the 7th room, you’ll arrive in another Escher-like area. Defeat the enemy up ahead then use the Healing Circle on the left. Afterwards, descend the southern staircase to trigger a scene where you will meet an androgynous person named Valkyrie.

BOSS >> Valkyrie

Strategy: Valkyrie uses a special attack that causes over 1700 damage and will likely kill anyone who isn’t at full health. The boss continually tries to cast it so keep the party’s health up and try your best to keep Valkyrie knocked down. Beyond that, the boss can inflict a few status ailments (Curse, Paralysis, etc.) so pay attention to curing those as well.

Afterwards, you’ll receive a Growth Stone. Valkyrie also joins your Friend List and gives you a Holy Sword Gram weapon. Before standing on the circle up ahead, backtrack to the 6th symbol room. You’ll find a chest containing Valiant Mail inside. Equip it if you like then return to Valkyrie’s room. Stand on the circle to warp to a new area.


Shrine of Fray

Kill the enemies up ahead then enter the door in the center of the room. In the next area, examine the hieroglyph on the northern wall then return to the previous room. Once there, go over to the western wall to find a swirl mark. Kick it to reveal a door. Enter and kill the creatures inside. Afterwards, kick the swirl mark on the western wall to reveal another door. Go inside.

Once the room is cleared of enemies, examine the sun-shaped hieroglyph on the back wall until it glows then kick the swirl mark on the eastern wall and enter the next chamber. After killing the big ice bird inside, you’ll notice swirl marks on both the eastern and western walls. Kick the western one first and enter the next area. Locate swirl marks in the next three rooms and pass through until you arrive in a room with a big pink creature. Slay it then open the chest to receive a Boundary Crest. Backtrack to the room where you killed the big ice bird.

Once there, kick the eastern swirl mark and enter the next area. Inside, you’ll find a moon-shaped hieroglyph already illuminated. Pass through it to reach a room with a chest. Open it to acquire a Growth Stone then return to the previous room. Locate a swirl mark to the left of the moon glyph and enter the door you create. In the next room, move forward then head west. Kick the wall at the end of the path to create a door. Kill enemies inside the large room then open the chest to acquire a Paradigm spear. Return to the previous room. Now kick the eastern wall to reveal and door and enter the next area.

Kill another pink creature inside then examine the globe-shaped hieroglyph on the back wall. Before passing through it, revisit the sun-shaped hieroglyph you passed earlier. You should be able to pass through it now. If so, grab a Defense Berry from the chest inside then return to the globe room. Once there, pass through the globe hieroglyph to trigger a scene.

BOSS >> Lezard

Strategy: Lezard gears up for his special attack right away so do what you can to break it. He also casts a host of status ailments, as do the Shrine Knights that accompany him. Use Heaven’s Gate to protect the party for a short period of time and recast it when it runs out. If you haven’t learned that command yet, use Cleansing Stones instead. Lezard periodically casts a protective bubble around himself, making it impossible to damage him, so just wait it out and use Volty combos as soon as they become available.

If you beat Lezard, you’ll receive a Mystery Berry and over 80,000XP. After he disappears, use the circle on the right to warp to a new area.

Space of Imperium

Ascend the stairs and walk down the Corridor of Peril. Enter the door at the far end to trigger a scene, in which you’ll meet Gabriel Celesta. Your party will start the battle in a confused state.

BOSS >> Gabriel Celesta

Strategy: Let Celesta hit you to remove your confusion then heal the rest of your party. Celesta is rocket quick and will consistently knock down anyone who gets too close. Keep your magic users healthy, as they will be your main attackers. Try to attack him from behind using only quick sword thrusts. Any other moves will be too slow. As usual, when your Volty meter fills up, use it on him.

If you beat Celesta, you’ll get a Growth Stone and the Gabriel Celesta recording. When you regain control, you’ll be in a dark place called the Space of Chaos.

Space of Chaos

Ascend the stairs and walk down the Corridor of Delusions. Enter the door at the far end to trigger a scene, in which you’ll meet the Ethereal Queen.

BOSS >> Ethereal Queen

Strategy: Protect your party from status ailments right away and continually recast Heaven’s Gate when it runs out; otherwise you’ll spend the whole battle healing people. The boss is ridiculously fast and will break any Link you try to form so don’t even bother. Stay behind her at all times. If you get caught in front, her energy spray may kill you. Additionally, the Queen creates enormous energy circles that encompass most of the battlefield. Run to a safe spot when you see them start to appear. I used up virtually all of my healing items in this fight, blasted her with a Volty combo 3 times and lost anyway… so I have no idea what you get (or where you’ll end up) after defeating her.


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